Sunday, February 01, 2009

They were overwhelmed at the World Economic Forum!

It is far worse than they thought! They obviously have not looked at the big picture. Our situation is far more critical than they realize. The world better get in gear! We may be in critical condition but we should be in the Intensive Care Unit!

Two years ago in response to the growing world crises I put a little list together! Besides the problems listed below the two crises that were developing at the time wire Georgia and Pakistan. Like all the rest of them on this list they have only gotten worse and the list is growing! Pick a crisis, we're full of them, The world in crisis, without a doubt you can add to the list too!

World refugees due to war numer more than 35 million and counting

'World water crisis

World energy crisis Global oil, nautural gas, global warming, false promises, this is interesting!

Growing World economics crisis

emerging world liquidity crisis

The coming first world Debt crisis

World aids crisis widens and spreads don't forget the growing, old and hideous new Diseases!

World Hunger Crisis

World poverty crisis

The Book, the worlds Real environmental crisis

** It all adds up to future world crises, something we have discussed numerous times. we watch powerless as we watch this crisis develop and unfold and we are powerless to stop it. Instead of fixing the problems we ignore and worsen them as the world races to war once again. Believe in him or not Nostradamus gave us two roads to choose from as we travel into the future. One to peace and prosperity and one to war, chaos, and world destruction. Now that we have Obama I believe we have a good chance at taking the right road but the entire world must get on board or we are in serious trouble. We already have more on our plate than we can handle!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Unknown said...

As you know, in the past, the French economic model has always been criticised and until the December bank bancruptcies, bee villified but it seems that in the current global economic crisis, France is seen as the last model standing.

Despite the less worrisome state of the economy in France, we are not sitting pretty, and believe that we are all in this together. We are all genuinely worried about the global economic crisis.

At the WEF, Christine Lagarde, French minister of the economy, says she fears there will be "social upheavals" if things do not change radically.

According to Mrs Lagarde, "La situation actuelle comporte deux risques majeurs: des troubles sociaux et le protectionnisme". (The current situation consists of twor major risks: social upheavals and protectionism.)

There is already a growing economic nationalism in Britain; British workers are going on wild cat strikes to protest the hiring of foreign workers over British nationals. If this economic nationalism spreads across the West, I'm afraid Mrs Lagarde's prediction might come true.

In the 30s preceeding WW2, cconomic nationalism was Hitler's rallying cry to his fellow Germans.

Middle Ditch said...

Hillblogger is right about the wildcat strikes here. In France it's more organized.

I like Nostradamus and his forecasts. He has been very right so far.

jmsjoin said...

You are always timely! I just got through responding to 91 year old Jerome Grossman the Relentless Liberal and you touch on part of my response:

So far President Obama has done a cracker jack job! His first priority was and is two fold, to save the economy while rebuilding America and putting Americans back to work and undoing all Bush's damage including 200 anti American laws and Executive orders.

He is well on his way with the latter but needs Republicans to achieve the former. Rush Limbaugh has a lot of company! They want to see him fail and will do what they can to achieve that.

Republicans want President Obama to go down in flames so they can get back in power and finish us and their new (dis)order agenda off.
Bush created this mess and Greenspan was the tool! Americans are not stupid. They know Bush and his Legacy of destruction is responsible. Also one term is not going to fax this. Obama will get a second term!

That will not be enough though! This will continue for generations like it or not. The entire world is hoping President Obama succeeds. We were responsible for the world collapse in 1929 and we are responsible for the collapse in 2009!
We know who was in control both times and who it took to save us. The worst part to me is FDR and his new Deal did not do it. Ultimately it was WW2!
HB I have said it numerous times but ultimately it will take the people to en masse take to the streets and not just here in France and Britain, all around the world. This is still just beginning and it will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined! Hope all is going well with the house! Take care!

jmsjoin said...

Hi Monique!
I know HillBlogger is right! It has been going on for a while now. About 6 months ago a friend in Wales brought it to my attention But you saw my response to HB, this is just beginning!
I have to tell you, I think you know I quote Nostradamus often. In particular he gave us two roads into the future.
One to chaos death and destruction and one to peace prosperity and unity. Bush had the world on the former and we now have a chance at the latter with Obama!