Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President Obama looks ahead but now is time to look back first!

With the passing of his stimulus bill the work now begins but first a look back at the history we are following!
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Use Stimulus Funds Wisely This makes me think of so many parallels! We keep hearing daily of comparisons to President Lincoln and now we keep hearing also comparisons to President Roosevelt in 1932! Being compared to two of the best in two of our most trying times makes me think that superstition works in threes. Also that President Obama constantly says no one wants to be President during good times and I do disagree with him.

However he is right that you want to be President during trying times as you can accomplish much! With the two Presidents he is most often compared too having proven that true I have to hope Obama proves things happen in threes and also succeeds. First though he must beat down the divisive disinformation Republican Juggernaut. Then there are so many comparisons to FDR and 1932 that President Obama would be wise to step back regroup and look at the lessons learned by President Roosevelt.

As usual there are two schools of thought and neither one is right in itself, the two are part of the whole"the new deal and WW2". Once again a meld of the two I am afraid is what worked to put an end to the Great Depression. The right wants to argue that the new deal did not work but stop the childish games, it did! President Obama rightly said he inherited the most dire economic crisis since the Great Depression and pundits of the right say that is bunk. I am sick of the damn political games. Make believe the country and the world matters not your party. This is no damn picnic!

In reality this is much worse because of the time in our and the planets life cycle this is occurring. Because of unprecedented food supplies and prosperity the worlds population has grown to bursting. In good times the prosperous of the planet were strapped and unable to feed the needy of the world. The poor are the first ones to feel the strain of economic stress and they are starving in greater numbers than ever and it will get much worse.

At the current time here in the United States millions have lost their homes and their jobs but as of yet are still able to eat though sometimes with help. It is up to Obama to learn the lessons of the Great Depression and do this right before we suffer like the worlds poor. What stinks is to succeed we must first fight the lying right and hope the masses realize once again they are the enemies to our successful move into the future!

First another reminder that it was the Republicans that were in power the last time we had a crisis like this and it was the Democrats that fixed it but enough of that! I keep hearing from the right the new deal did not work and that WW2 is what put an end to the Great Depression. That is only half true! W e know of course that President Obama is modeling his economic recovery plan after FDR's New Deal and I think he has the right idea putting Americans back to work and rebuilding our infrastructure that was allowed to fail under Bush.

The new Deal did work! Jobs climbed steadily until they relapsed in 1937. That was only normal. Just look at something you may not understand but can comprehend and that is the stock market. It may be obvious which way it is going to go but it ebbs and flows until it follows the direction it is going. The same with FDR's new deal and it will be the same with Obama's new deal. It is not going to right over night and it is not going to just get better without any corrections.

During the great depression there were ebbs and flows but the new deal did work, it did rebuild the country and it did put people back to work just like Obama's plan will pork and all if the right lets it. With that said, the other school of thought that WW2 is what got us out of the depression, yes it brought it to an absolute end and allowed us three decades of prosperity before we had a relapse in the 70s. This is a little more than a relapse. This is the second greatest depression and we have to hope President Obama is allowed to work his magic as I do not want to see this Republican mess too to have to depend on a war, WW3 to bring the worlds economic crisis to rest!!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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