Monday, February 09, 2009

We are Kept in A state of perpetual Confusion for selfish gain!

I was going through the days stories wondering what important subject I thought had to be discussed. Absolutely 100% everything today is purposely shrouded in a state of confusion so a biased selfish agenda can be followed! I have written on it often in fact the cover of my first book stated "any grey area is manufactured to follow a hidden agenda! That was in regard to President Bush as uncovering the truth became my mission and it became incessant! The lying lowlife underhanded style of Politics Rove taught him (3D Politics! Deceitful Deceptive, Divisive Politics) has become the new standard in American politics. Worse the entire world has followed the example in private life and in Politics!

You see and live the horrible results every day! Anyway I stumbled in to an Andy Rooney story. I must say I find him a bit feeble minded at his age but he really hit the nail on the head on this one! He said what we all experience every day in every instance today and that is every time he picks up a newspaper or story he was starting to worry as he felt stupid because he just couldn't understand anything! He said in relation to dropping Auto sales, lost jobs, growing numbers doubting Obama that the numbers are there to confuse us If he only knew how dead on he is!

Anyway before I get into this he touched on something I predicted the other day! That was that Republicans were being set up by Obama and the Democrats: Like you I have been following with much interest the debate and events surrounding President Obama's stimulus package! It passed the House as you know without a single Republican vote and in fact without total support from Democrats. The stimulus Bill in fact was further bloated with Pork Projects and when it reached the Senate had gone from $750 Billion to $819 Billion. Now I hear $900 Billion or as much as a $1 trillion.

I was getting madder by the second until it dawned on me what was going on! MSM jumps on any possible short coming they can and as usual if there is not one they create it for a story! In the Main Stream Media all the talk is about President Obama being snubbed by his own party. Nothing could be farther from the truth! MSM says President Obama has turned on his own party and is siding with Republicans. Again nothing could be further from the truth!

The plan as it stood was correctly portrayed by Republicans as a spending spree at taxpayers expense! It was a spending spree and on purpose. At its core it is President Obama's rescue plan and a damn good one designed to rebuild our failing infrastructure while putting Americans back to work! It also allows for more money to banks only strict oversight! What the MSM or the Republicans do not realize is that they are victims of their own game! They have been set up in a standard Bush style facade used to get what you want and it will work again this time for President Obama! I have to laugh because rebuilding the infrastructure is a prime concern of President Obama's. Republican's originally said it would not work but now they want the pork gone and want $Billions more spent on infrastructure.

From the outset President Obama insisted on no pork but it was purposely put in to be used as a bargaining chip to get the Bill President Obama wants. There will appear to be compromise but the Bill will pass largely as President Obama wants! President Obama is not abandoning Democrats he is working with them to get Republican's on his side! He has successfully manipulated Republican's and Bipartisanship. Once again President Obama has proven to be the Uniter! We will have unity or a reasonable facsimile there of! Obama is not snubbing Democrats he is playing the Republicans!

Well! How right I was as the pork has now been removed and it is down to around a $780 Billion stimulus Bill and it is scheduled to be passed Tuesday. It still will do nothing to help but at least Obama will get his money.

Anyway just think about this! Absolutely 100% of every single situation in American, in the middle east, South America, Russia China, everywhere in the world not just on a political level but on a business and personal level the argument or issue is clouded and confused creating a gray area so a selfish agenda can be followed and is. The truth today is whatever you want people to believe so you can follow your selfish agenda. Israel Syria, anywhere in the middle east, Eurasia, Russia, China, Tibet, Myanmar, every instance the issue is confused so one side or the other can get their way. No more honesty and let the chips fall where they may. Lie "the new truth of modern man" and have your way. Man are we in trouble!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

You have to ask, what's in it for Russia? I don't think they care about al-Qaeda. I think they are leveraging us to back them against their so-called war on terror. Chechnya and other potential breakaway republics are their concern. Maybe they want to manipulate our assistance in those little quagmires.

Any way you look at it, it's always about the big guys subduing the little guys. We are more like Russia and China than we'd admit.

Dave Dubya said...

Oops, the above comment went to the wrong post. Or did it? Talk about confusion. ;)

One Fly said...


an average patriot said...

Funny Dave
But you know you are right. You really have to wonder what they are up to as you must with us and the rest of the world today.
I just wish they would grow up and realize they better unite, cooperate and do this together because when the so called terrorist are done with us in Afghanistan they will go after them next!

an average patriot said...

One fly
You are not kidding! What stinks is the only ones that care and know the brevity of our situation do not matter. Us!

Dusty said...

You spend time breaking through the bullshit James and I heart you for that m'dear. ;)

Putting this up on Sirens ok?

Hugs to you my friend.

an average patriot said...

All right Dusty, Great! Do me a favor and check out cagle. I just sent the link to you. You can punch in a subject and presto!

Wally da Weasel said...

"Man are we in trouble!"

Can't say it any simpler than that!

But 'pork' is in the eye of the beholder. I consider the TARP Bailout to be 'pork'. Tax-cuts to the already obscenely wealthy are 'pork'.

Any monies that are put on the street are good. It doesn't matter if it's building libraries, bridges, or highways. They make a big fuss about $130M+ for Reproductive Services. The far-Reich screams, "It's all for condoms!!!!" Even if that were true (which is not) it's still putting money into the economy; from raw material suppliers, to production and distribution.

Only the Bankers and the Insurers and their shareholders profited from TARP funds. They got the money and are hoarding it.

And what else does the 'too big to fail' Banks do with the money? They buy the smaller banks, and get even bigger.

Obama better get this right. His first 3 weeks have been extremely lackluster.

Man, we are sooooooooo screwed!

an average patriot said...

Brother, brother, brother, brother!
I do not know what to say anymore! You know we are screwed and Bush guaranteed it. We are now an estimated $10 trillion into this frigged up phony stimulus and none of will make a difference as I keep saying except in furthering the bankrupting of America.

This is still just starting and I have been warning for years now to no avail that this will dwarf the Great Depression.
I am sick of hearing no one predicted this. We all did but they were too stupid to listen because we and the truth do not matter. Only partisan political interests do!
Warnings of a dire future if these worthless stimulus packages are not past was a given when Greenspan and Bush were setting this up. No one will stop it now. Once again we are going to drag down the entire world.
I am sick of warning to remember it was not stimulus or the new deal that got us out of the great depression the Republicans also caused. It was WW2. Guess what?