Friday, February 27, 2009

Bernanke says crisis could be over in a year! Yeah get a grip!This is still just beginning!

Obama to Congress we will rebuild we will recover!

Bernanke says crisis could be over in a year! Yeah get a grip!

Bernanke Warns Home Prices Could Fall Too Far

January existing home sales fall by 5.3 percent to lowest level in nearly 12 years

Bernanke says some markets have eased, 2010 could be a rebuilding year Just what markets are those and rebuilding what?

Wall street tumbles to new low not seen since 1997 Today it continues to get much worse!

This is not going to start getting better in a year! Yeah take two aspirins and call me in the morning! First a little reiteration: Anyway knowing what is happening right now with the coming of the second Great Depression and that it is no surprise but a culmination of hard work by Ronald Reagan and George Bush my thought process once again began taking a longer twisted road Reagan, Bush, Legacy, Security, choking Debt, security? We are more secure? I am afraid you are just beginning to find out how "secure" you are! So I can get off on another tangent and finish this, this could be very long so I did a query of past stories on the subject and it was overwhelming! I decided that I would supply the link and allow you to surf and just look at the titles. There are many stories and links in The Bankrupting of America

Okay speaking of Bankrupting America, keeping us "safe", and the dire financial situation the Republican's worked hard for and is just beginning to come to fruition, I have to go back to a parallel story line before I can go forward. We are today just starting to "bask" in the real rewards of Reagan and Bush's Presidency.First I am reminded that yesterday I saw a list of likely suspects to blame our financial disaster on. Greenspan was on it and should be. However I dismissed the list as bunk when Bill Clinton was number 13 on the list and ahead of Greenspan. Reagan was not on it nor was Bush who Is solely responsible not for the debt but for the collapse and he should have been number one on the list!

* Allow me a little Debt and Republican "success" history! It was President Reagan's "success" in keeping us "safe" that made it necessary for us to start the "Debt Clock" as due to Reagan's success our debt was climbing so fast a clock keeping track of its rapidly changing total was a necessity! Due to Bush's "success" last year the Debt clock had to be refitted as it could only handle a $9 trillion figure. it was refitted to handle $10 trillion. It is now moving so rapidly it makes your head spin.

Okay let me step back! Most know Bush all by himself had created more debt than every single President of the United States combined. What is never spoken and most do not know is that due to their "success" Three Republican President's are responsible for 74% of the country's debt, Reagan, Daddy Bush, and little Bush, At least until our current situation. I was just researching our debt and noticed so called experts say the true cost of the stimulus Bill is $3.27 trillion. $10.6 trillion is prior worthless stimulus packages, $2 trillion for Treasury Secretary Geithner, The auto Industry wants more, States are starting to fail.

That reminds me of something I say too often now. Of course I am talking about California and you know the saying, as California goes so goes the Nation. We are in serious trouble the hell with what is developing on the Afghan Pakistan Border. All these bailouts are worthless and this mess is just beginning. We will choke our kids with their debt! I ask you is that "success"? Is that security? That is being kept secure by Republican's? We can't afford any more security! You can see their true legacy the Bankrupting of America and Bush with Greenspan's guidance set this up and the second Great Depression is just taking shape. It is up to you to relax and be prepared. There will be no staving this off, that is just reality!

At a bare minimum this mess has been 25 years in the making! Jindal continuing to blame it on The Democrats is asinine. That childish idiocy has to stop or we are screwed. President Obama says we will come back better than ever, stronger than before. I don't see it unless we are talking smaller and more stream lined but better. However bernanke saying 2010 could be a rebuilding year is also asinine! This second Greatest Depression is still just beginning and has yet to hit bottom.

We can do this but we must stop being unrealistic. This is far from the bottom and will get much worse! We can do this but it is unrealistic to think of us being better than before at least not the way many of us think of it! How bad can the housing market get? How bad will the economy get? How bad the credit market? How bad the domestic violence? The job market? With home values in the cellar and getting worse looking for city, county, State tax bases to hit critical lows causing all States to declare Bankruptcy and look for Bailouts. The right is trying to blame this on Democrats but it is their fault and we may get out of it but not in a year or two!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

bernanke and the rethugs don't want to get the sheeple all riled up- at them. best to let them think that the rethugs' obstructionism is what got us out of a recession than have them focus back on the last decade or more of rethug rule.

an average patriot said...

I am so sick of the Partisan lying and childish games while the country goes down the tubes.

It is gut wrenchingly obvious now that not even President Obama and his righteous goal of saving us and our America matters only the two party's.

Our two party system has become our biggest enemy as their desire is all that matters not the American people who as you know are on their own!

Jolly Roger said...

We're in a hell of a lot of trouble on OUR southern border. So far, the MSM has kept sort of mum about the Mexican Civil War, what with Octo-Mom and all, but that war has crossed over into Arizona and Texas several times now.

We are going to have to get used to the idea that Chimpy has left us unable to project outwards, bring our soldiers home, and prepare for what may well be land battles on our southern border.

Sriram said...

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One Fly said...

The media will continue to give the right the mouthpiece they need to spew their shit without calling them on it.

On our our three war fronts massive amounts of money flushed down the shitter with only escalation on the horizon no matter what they say.

Noone is buying shit only what they need and many have no funds for even that.

There will be some jobs created from the stimulas quickly in respect to road projects but that won't be enough.

There is nothing on the books here for building and some projects that have been started have been put on hold.

Spring generally is the time for the feeling of renewal but that won't be present this year.

an average patriot said...

Bush fucked us big tome but as the scum said for 8 years I did it for your own good. The Mexican Border is now no more.
Most do not realize it but under Bush we were securing the southern Border. Mexico's southern Border! In preparation of the North American Union!
I was pretty amazed to hear how bad it is here with the drug cartels and most of the weapons come from the US.
The Border is Border Explorers forte so I gave this link to her!>04/ Drug war becoming National threat

an average patriot said...

Hi, welcome and thanks. I will be by. Take care!

an average patriot said...

You keep hearing MSM loves Obama and are helping them. The same thing we heaqrd under Bush. The complicit MSM has not changed.

We are in serious trouble and people are beginning to realize it but after years of trying in vain to warn people it is now too late to turn around!

Brother Tim said...

Bernanke needs to stay away from the bong during working hours.

........and would you please quit calling the Greatest Depression, the 'second Great Depression'.:)

an average patriot said...

Bernanke has to be on something! It is not the second depression it is the second "Greatest" Depression. Michael Whitney called it the second Great Depression but this is going to dwarf the first one and as I keep saying, this is no coincidence including the timing!