Sunday, February 08, 2009

Joint operations with Russia against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Finally some sense from America! Joint operations with Russia against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan!
I prepared a counter argument yesterday for my story on Russia entrapping us in Afghanistan. As you know by now Russia has offered their country as a base for resupply operations into Afghanistan but only on a civilian humanity crisis level. They proposed that the US and Russia work together to defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. A novel idea! Actual cooperation in the so called war on terror. Today I am pleased to update that long overdue Idea with an offer from Vice President Biden. We had to be trapped into what we should have been doing all along. You know McCain, Bush or anyone other than an Obama Administration still would fight the only obvious answer!
Biden offers joint operations with Russia against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan
Russia wanting to cooperate in the fight in Afghanistan is another golden opportunity that should not be passed up! Russia continues to entrap us in Afghanistan. In the end this will not be good!
Kyrgyzstan's Decision to Close US Base 'Final'
The Manas air base played a critical role in getting soldiers and supplies to and from Afghanistan. This will now be even more complicated and at a time when the US plans on adding another 30,000 troops to the war effort in Afghanistan! The $2 billion dollars Russia guaranteed Kyrgyzstan if they closed the base to us did the trick! Russia will now have some control over our efforts in Afghanistan unless another way in is found!

Russia and the US have reached agreement on moving supplies to Afghanistan
Tajikistan ready to help US with Afghanistan supplies
U.S. seeks remedy for pending closure of military base in Kyrgyzstan maybe Uzbekistan
As of yet I see no way around using the growingly volatile routes in Pakistan to bring in troops and military supplies. That seems to be the pincer goal of Russia. You know they are voicing the desire to help us while clandestinely helping us fail. Payback for helping the Mujahedeen defeat them in their war with Afghanistan.
I have to wonder to what degree the Russian's are helping or will help in the effort to disrupt military supply lines? They have already openly gone pretty far. It is what as usual goes on underhandedly behind the scenes that will be denied that concerns me!
without Manas resupplying landlocked Afghanistan is going to be tricky
Tajikistan says only food and medical supplies can be moved from their land. After the way Russia stepped on Georgia fearing too much US interest and fearing loss of their own influence no country there is going to risk an attack by Russia. They know damn well they can not count on us! We are way the hell over our head! With all the instigating and war mongering designed to create future wars in what I call a Forever War I have to wonder what is next?
I have 3 of my sons in this mess and I am very concerned as to their future and how they will be abused and misused in the future. I am afraid that Obama as I have said a million times now, has been set up for failure so the right can get back in and finish off us and their war agenda. Obama has had his bed made for him and will have to prosecute many wars like it or not. Coupled with the crisis Bush left him here as to our financial collapse I am increasingly concerned that President Obama is over his head and is already cracking.
He is well intentioned but his success will only happen if he receives cooperation here and around the world. The right is doing their damnedest to see that Obama fails so they can get back into power. It sickens me that the childish Political games continue while the country is allowed to fail. What those asses fail to realize is if Obama fails we fail, America fails, the world fails. The well intentioned moral Obama is the only hope I see for a successful future and the right is doing their damnedest to slim those hopes. Not just Afghanistan and the middle east but here too has me very concerned because of the destruction Bush purposely caused and he calls success!
Anyway now Russian leaders have recently expressed a willingness to cooperate in the fight as the U.S. military plans to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to try to halt a resurgence of the Taliban. Wait a minute! Cooperate in the fight? How closely? I admit I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes but I do catch on! Russia regardless of your opinion of them has given us golden opportunities for cooperation and unity in the past. In particular offering to help with the missile defense shield. That would have brought joint cooperation and would have allowed both sides to watch each other if there was nothing to hide.
This can be another golden opportunity that should not be passed up! Think about it! Eat crow! Suck spit! Swallow your pride! Use a little sense! Talk won't hurt. Feel each other out! We should be cooperating in Afghanistan. What happened to "all nations are at war with terror? All Nation's should do their share? We are not supposed to be there to impress our values but to repress so called Islamist dominance in the name of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
We watched Russia fail in their war in Afghanistan and we even helped. We are bragging about gains in Iraq that I still refuse to believe are permanent while the war in Afghanistan has only gotten much worse because of Iraq and will continue to get a lot worse! If Russia honestly wants to cooperate in the fight in Afghanistan call them out. Take them up on it! Give them enough rope to hang themselves! This really is a golden opportunity I hope President Obama is smart enough to explore, foster, and cultivate! However it takes two to Tango!
Afghanistan as we know has never been defeated militarily. Russia could not do it and we will not succeed either. Well remember the adage "united we stand divided we fall" I do believe if the real goal is defeating Islamist extremist this can be the perfect opportunity! I do believe if Russia and the US were to join forces in Afghanistan we can put an end to the true statement that Afghanistan has never been successfully defeated militarily. United we can do this and even China can help at least financially. We should truly make this a concerted united effort. This is not a NATO problem, a UN problem, Russian Chinese, etc, this is a world problem and we must unite and act accordingly to persevere!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Hi Jim and other visitors,

I just saw this and have not seen it on other sources I look at.

Barack wants a game plan in Afghanistan before he allows the surge. This is big news and have to assume it's true.

an average patriot said...

Interesting! Things are changing rapidly there. It is going to be tough to guage what they will be up against not just Taliban wise but in every respect.
Now Russia sees a new dawn with Diden saying we should work together and thankls to Rusia the Kyrg base used to supply our forces is closing.
Like everything else since Obama got in things are changing rapidly. I will eventually be by your place!

Wally da Weasel said...


You're funny, Jim. Help from Russia? Russia learned the hard way, just like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, The Persians, et al; Afghanistan will NOT be conquered.

What Russia wants, is to ensure our bankrupcy by keeping us involved in an unwinnable war.

Am I the only one seeing this?

an average patriot said...

Hey Wally
How's your health? It really is getting interesting. I am sure they have been clandestinely been helping the so called terrorist.
I know they want to see us go down but it would be nice if they or us would realize when one goes down they are coming after the other!

Snave said...

I see Afghanistan as a rabbit hole. Get Bin Laden ASAP... Use a troop surge to beat the Taliban back... Those are noble goals, but I don't know how on earth we will be able to extricate ourselves from there once we get more firmly entrenched.

Getting help from Russia would be pretty cool, but I don't know that they would be excited about helping us unless there was some ulterior motive.

an average patriot said...

Hi Snave
Glad to see you! I am really suspect as to Russia's motives as we sank them there. I wish to hell they would all just smarten up and cooperate in this so called war on terror because once they are done in Afghnistan they will come after everyone else. That includes Russia as well as us!

Dusty said...

You seem to find excellent graphics to accompany your posts dude..kudos.

I am not enamored of Obama's Afghanistan plan..not one friggin bit.

an average patriot said...

Hey Dusty
Whoa you are out and about. Glad to see you! go to cagle cartoons You will love them. There is thousands and thousands with a lot of artists and every news subject. There are shit loads of damn good ones!