Monday, February 02, 2009

With Iran and the US the more things change the more they remain the same!

Iran welcomes change both sides demand the other to unclench fist??? Forget it!
Obama White House may send letter to unfreeze US-Iran relations

Analysis: Ahmadinejad on the attack
Nobody was expecting a long and warm honeymoon but the vitriol in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks to the new US administration was remarkable.

Iran's Ahmadinejad to seek second 4-year term

Obama ready to extend hand in Peace if Iran will unclench fist and talk

Iran anticipates "practical," "fundamental" changes in US policy

A day after Obama's offer to extend his hand Ahmadinejad spurns Obama overtures in a show of weakness

Ahmadinejad demands US apology Apologies all around but for which event? For being? I understand for 60 years of American Abuse!


But Iran welcomes change in US foreign policy: Ahmadinejad Why? What is up? Obama will talk and be diplomatic but his policies in the middle east will be no different than Bush's. They are sadly mistaken if they think they are going to railroad Obama!

Demands Iran: Obama Must "Unclench" America's Fist Didn't Obama do that offering to talk?

Then Obama is advised to 'Treat Iran as key player'

Iran is a key player but as Bush did not want to be a player but a decider so too does Ahmadinejad!

White House: Obama not ruling out military strike against Iran

White House says it knows of no draft letter to Iran

US overtures divide Iran's policymakers

US reiterates all options on table with Iran

* Just take a look at the stories from Iran and the US since President Obama's inauguration and the relationship is more convoluted than ever. Once again "the more things change the more they remain the same" Quite honestly when Bush started insisting that Iran shut down its centrifuges and cease its nuclear ambitions I said and you know that as far as Iran is concerned, possessing a nuclear ability is their right and no one is going to tell them what they can and can not do including President Obama! Each side at least has succeeded in confusing the other as to the others stance. Obama seems to be using Diplomacy to divide and "conquer"? however with superlative discretion compared to Bush!

Ahmadinejad expecting an apology is a no go. I believe we did wrong but Obama was not even alive then but that will never happen. What I think it has to boil down to is us accepting Iran as is and start with a clean slate.

We very well may owe Iran an apology for past interference but Dwelling on the past at this point will only guarantee living in the past and we want to move into a peaceful unified future. I have repeated for years that at this point in man's and the planets life cycles we must be happy like it or not with whatever thee past has dealt us If not, with the weapons of today we are in serious trouble. The entire world better realize that! Like a clock time only works one way forward. We are past the maturing stage of out life cycle and are in the nurturing stage. Failing to acknowledge that will be to all our demise! I believe with President Obama we now have a chance at taking the right road. We must we already have too much on our plate and the world better get together right now and seriously start working at our problems!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Ahmadinejad is Iran's Rush Limbaugh. He is nothing but an obnoxious windbag who can't be taken too seriously.

He may crow about an apology but the rest of Iran would be happy if we'd just stop telling them what to do. Calling them terrorists because they support Hamas is as foolish and unproductive as calling the Palestinians terroists for voting for Hamas.

Now that our obnoxious windbag is out of the White House, maybe some sanity will be restored.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave!
I agree! The thing that concerns me is that if Israel attacks them then the people will rally around Ahmadinezad mad man or not or maybe because of but you can be sure they will!

Karen said...

Thank goodness Barack is our prez with all the unrest going on. At least he has a sane brain.

an average patriot said...

I really count our blessings! I even have my hard core Republican son convinced Obama is the best hoe we and his daughters have for a future!


If the lil Iranian man insists on an apology, I suggest Obama send it with a missile. (Just hope that the missile will be on target -- we don't want collateral damage. Many Iranians don't like their lil leader anyway.)

an average patriot said...

You and I both know there will be no apology. That is a no go!

If the US or Israel go after Iran they will ensure Iranian unity regardless of their felings!

Naj said...

America OWS Iran an apology!

Sorry to disappoint you about your cartoon!

Iran really did launch the missile!

Jim, I object to your post, it's just superficial.

I agree with Dave Dubya!

an average patriot said...

It is a cartoon nothing serious just making light of things! I agree with Dave too! the links are just to show both sides continue to play games and this is no game! Iran did launch the missile and now North Korea is going to launch one capable of reaching the US!
All that does is justify Bush the war monger and his excuse of putting the missile defense system up to stop missiles from Iran and North Korea! I have hope things will work out but peace must be the goal not preparations for war!

Naj said...


Cartoons are fun, as long as they are not factually distorting.

This cartoon you have posted in misinforming as it is attributing the act of beheading (which is particular to Wahabi Arabs) to the Iranian president!

This is the problem with it! It is misinformational.

If the executee was being hanged, I would not have complained ;)