Monday, February 16, 2009

The Stimulus Bill was a defeat for our form of Government, our Democracy, and our future!

Stimulus Passage called 'Major Milestone'

Five Top Fears (Other Than al Qaeda) of US Spy Agencies
The economic crisis around the world is on the top of their list but they better revise or we are all screwed. The two Party system is proving to be our biggest enemy. They better put Partisanship on the top of their list and do something about it or we and the entire world are screwed!

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

In reality The Stimulus Bill was a defeat for our form of Government, our Democracy, and our future!
Senate OKs $787 billion stimulus bill

Obama planning ambitious road ahead

Passing the Bill was no success! It was yet another failure for our form of Government and the future of America and average Americans. I understand when you add in the interest it is 1.2 trillion and we borrowed it from China, the EU, and other countries of course. I don't know if we should thank them or they should thank us. With them getting the most benefit from producing our goods thus putting their people to work and benefiting their economy I think us going bankrupt means they should thank us!

After watching the sorry display in the House and the Senate and seeing all the pork that was put into the bill along with the fact that despite President Obama's efforts to make passing the Bill Bipartisan it was a porky partisan fiasco! This is not the time to declare victory and take a road trip. It is time to out the fools in both party's! That was a disgusting display of making believe average Americans and our America was the focus and showing from beginning to end what I keep saying and that is that we do not matter.

It is all about the party's period! Short-Circuiting Bipartisanship Is Nothing New for Congress

I am sick to see that even President Obama does not matter! He better wake up and recognize that undeniable fact! He is going around the country telling people how much he cares and that he is going to do the right thing for them. He wants too and he thinks he will but Democrats are not on his side. They want to do the right thing for the party period. I have been sickened by Pelosi since she became speaker of the House. She talks a good game and then consistently folds her hand and declares victory for average Americans and our country. I am sick by her performance and refuse to believe she is still speaker of the House. Please write her and voice your disgust

With a third of that package going to tax cuts which in itself peeves me because if they really want money back in your hands screw the stupid worthless tax cuts and give the people cash they can spend on what they know they need to survive. A tax cut is worthless if you do not have a job a place to live or food to eat! Knowing school construction was cut, State funding was cut and VA needs to say the least this was no victory!

I will refrain from being graphic but after watching the total Partisanship and lack of concern for average Americans and our America and future Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid (let him know how you feel too! His email and Minority Leader John Boehner give him a piece of your mind too Anyway the three of them deserve the same treatment Mussolini got by Italian citizens after WW2!

This so called successful stimulus Bill will fail like all the rest as they are all about the 2 Party's and furthering them and their selfish interests not average Americans and theirs. As I keep saying this is just beginning and will dwarf the Great Depression in length and scope. If President Obama really wants to help average Americans and our and America's future he better get his enforcer Rahm Emanuel on the job before it is too late if it is not already!

At the expense of the country and our future the Republican goal is not Bipartisanship and seeing President Obama succeed for our future. Their goal is enforced Partisanship and seeing Obama fail for their future. Getting back in power is all they care about! President Obama better wake up and realize how critical it is that like it or not, we have Bipartisanship at this dire time. Normally I think you need a healthy dose of Partisanship to keep the ship we call America on course.
partisanship can be a good thing

However Not after the mess President Bush made of things. If we are too have any chance at a future both party's will be needed to join forces not to fight as they continue to do. The world seems to be largely cooperating with President Obama as they know how critical it is to cooperate after the mess Bush made of the world! Our own Politicians do not get it! They continue to play their childish games and it is President Obama and average Americans and the entire world who will pay for it when the Republicans succeed in painting President Obama as a failure! America, the world, and our future is in ICU and our condition is critical damn it! Unite our childish leaders to put America first or else!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Don't know if I voiced my opinion on this yet, but I think the rethugs will vote against anything Obama. They hate him because he is so immensely popular.

Me, I'm happy, happy, happy... FINALLY! I love our prez!! :o)

an average patriot said...

Watching that charade was sickening. It was obvious that not only do we not matter but Obama does not matter either.

The two party's that is it! America's spy agencies just came out with a list of our top 5 threats headed by bush's world wide financial collapse.

They better rewrite it and put our two party system on the top of the list as the biggest threat to the entire world!

One Fly said...

good post Jim-congress has whore itself out so much so it barely functions.

Brother Tim said...

The greed and corruption that permeates our government is like a malignant cancer. For the well-being of the Republic, it needs to be surgically removed. The clock is fast ticking. The window is narrowing. Viva la Revolution!

an average patriot said...

One fly
It was sickening to watch seeing that President Obama does not even matter to his own party. This is really frigged up knowing the Party is all that matters!

an average patriot said...

You know I agree! It is frigged up when the Presiden's wishes do not even matter to his own party. Our two party system is the biggest threat in the world dwarfing even the Global economic crisis Bush started which tops our American spy agency list of threats!