Saturday, February 21, 2009

We have walked right into what many Muslim's believe is the End of Days Battlefield!

With all my talk about Armageddon the Forever war and Pakistan Afghanistan being the front line this is frightening!

Pakistan Afghanistan front line one day further in preparation! First just glance at the links then you will put them all together in context once you read "The Taliban get their wish" This is frightening! Every non Muslim in the world better read this and pay heed!

Taliban has to be confronted and defeated: India

Pakistan rejects international concerns at Islamic laws Well!

The Taliban get their first wish Let me explain because this is even new to me!

Pak 'sharia' chief wants Islamic law for entire world

Hundreds protest Pakistan reporter killing

Pakistan: Cleric, Taliban leader discuss peace

Pakistan hopes to dilute extremism with near-extremism

US winks at Pak-Taliban deal

Seeking a new road from Afghanistan to the sea -- through Iran

Iran's hostility toward the Taliban predates Sept. 11: the Taliban's interpretation of Islam holds that the Shiite Muslims who dominate Iran are heretics, and an Iranian diplomat is among those being held by militants. Iranians are also concerned about the boom in opium poppy cultivation that has swept Afghanistan in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion."

* Hopefully you have read the stories at the above links and came to the conclusion yourself but we are in serious trouble as in my naivety I have hit the nail on the head more than a few times and have been right all along though ridiculed while this war against so called terrorism which I have said since 9/11 is like it or not a fight against all of Islam and nothing less than our survival is at stake. You at least looked at all the titles now I will sum up just one story that ties them all together and that is "The Taliban get their wish" As I never knew this and the entire world better friggen wake up because like it or not 9/11 was albeit a bad joke but just a joke as to what the future holds for us!

I had no idea when I mentioned yesterday that Pakistan and Afghanistan was the front line in this war against "Islamists" how right I was! finding this out just blows me away! I just found out that many Muslim's believe that what is modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, is the promised land from where they will secure victory in the end of days battle which ultimately will be fought in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. Knowing this now makes sense of all the events we have been discussing with Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and to my surprise Iran. I had no idea Iran and the Taliban are enemies. This is a relationship we better exploit and it sounds like we are!

What a surprise! The valley of Swat is right in the middle of this! With Petraeus trying to negotiate a supply line through there no wonder the Taliban are elated at their victory in securing the area as a stronghold under Sharia Law! The area in question is the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) and includes Islamabad! This is not good for our future! This is a huge defeat for us and a huge victory for the Pakistani Taliban and it bothers me that it was brokered by the Pakistani Government who are supposedly on our side. Pakistan has even brokered compensation packages for those who have been killed fighting the Government and Americans. This better wake you up!

As I discussed yesterday this pro Pakistan Taliban development happens at the exact same time as the first 3,000 soldiers of an additional 30,000 from America have started to arrive. This is not good and as I keep saying the battle lines are still just forming and this will go on for generations unless we capitulate!
This is a major defeat for the United States, NATO Pakistan, India, Karzai, indeed the entire world as hordes of trained fighters already swarmed from the Swat area and now that we are ramping up in Afghanistan Pakistan has capitulated. Please read the entire story. This is not good for our successful future! The Taliban get their first wish By Syed Saleem Shahzad

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ichabod said...

I haven't read those articles but have come to the same conclusion and America is being sucked into the vortex with no easy way out, unless we just walk away now.

an average patriot said...

Welcome! We are majorly being sucked in and this is still just setting up! Look at the link " the Taliban get their wish" We are in serious trouble. China and Russia better join or we are all screwed!

betmo said...

well, considering we caused much of this in the first place... well, us and our allies. look, the bigger threat is israel continuing to massacre the palestinians and threatening iran. that pisses islamic arab folks off no end. the crazies heading the muslim religion only have as much power as we give them- when folks have enough food to eat and houses to live in and water to drink- they tend to go about their daily lives and not pay much attention to crazies. but hey, when you bomb the shit out of everything folks hold dear and kill off their loved ones- they tend to be a wee upset and hold a grudge. we have just done that personally and allowed it to happen for an entire generation or more of the folks in the middle east.

and because we don't bother to learn anything about the folks we bomb the shit out of or allow to be bombed- i guess we neglected to realize that these folks are much tougher than we are. and they have nuclear bombs. how is it that the french say- c'est la vie`?

Dave Dubya said...

If the US had any sense we would take out Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Or buy them up in exchange for aid or whatever. If we are to be drawn into the civil war we need insurance if the revolution succeeds. Those nukes are far more a theat than Iran's program.

In fact Iran could be our most important ally in the region if only we'd take our head out of Israel's ass. Israel would be safer from Iran if we normalized relations.

an average patriot said...

Hi Betmo
I just got through responding to B E and it was in part about you. Let me get it but first you know you are right. Read the link at the Taliban get their wish and you will see how screwe3de we are.

I knew we were being set up but had no Idea Muslims think the Afghan Pakistan Border area is where the End Day battle will take place,.

Also all the way up to Iran with Syria involved and the final fight Palestine. We have instigated and walked right into all of this. Okay let me go get that!

People use to laugh at me but their not laughing now and it is too late. I was asked to stop writing on some sites one in particular because she thought I was too pessimistic.

It is too late but she is finding out I have not been wrong yet and will not be. Betmo and Weaseldog are ready and I know others that are.

As Betmo said, stores only carry a two day supply of food. If there is a disruption we are screwed. I will be okay though! Her thing is starting to grow her own. For the vast majority that is easier said than done.

I grew up a farmer and went to an and lived at an Aggie Where I was a student manager and ran the poultry end. I use to prepare turkey.s and chickens for extra money on Holidays. and go around the County helping citizens!

Working on a farm in Maine we raised absolutely everything. We even smokes our own bacon. I butchered 25 broilers every crop (9 weeks) and raised all the veggies.

I used to cold storage quite a bit, enough for the winter. This year I am going to start with potatoes again. My relatives are an old self sufficient family from Derry, NH.

Anyway what kill;s me is this is all by design and it sickens me how many times I have warned people to relax just be prepared and they would get mad

I was telling Betmo if it gets as bad as I know it will and it will not be long you will not be able to raise your own unless you are able to guard it from the hungry 24/7 so you better know how to forage.

So far we have had 10.8 trillion in Bailout and they have done nothing! This one will help a bit but not too much. At least Obama wants to help us and not give the money to his cronies.

an average patriot said...

You have been following everything, you know! You know that will never happen and admit it or not Muslims in power think nuclear weapons are power and want to spread them throughout Islam.

You just saw my comment to Betmo! We have as I keep saying, been wrong about nothing and it is coming to a head quick.

Having said that do you know whatever happened to Larry? Remember him?

Dave Dubya said...

Sadly, sanity and government never mix!

I thought I saw Larry pop up for a bit a while back. At least I thought it was him.

Dusty said...

Jim, I put this follow-up article up on Sirens this Morning.

Afghanistan was the bane of the Russian Empire. Why do our military minds think the same thing won't happen to us?

an average patriot said...

I see the name pop up very occasionally but I don't know if it is him. There is no way of getting a hold of him if it's him and he never responds to my queries. It would be nice to get his take on events!

an average patriot said...

Great! I must say it is nice to see you out and about. Did you read the the link the Taliban get their wish? Downright frightening! This is going to be bad! Did you ever go to cagle cartoons ?

D.K. Raed said...

Of course Iran and the Taliban are enemies now (one is Shiite, the other Sunni), but I wonder if maybe they would unite against a common enemy (gulp, US).

I've been worried ever since The Swat Valley thing started making news. Looks to me like Pakistan is granting an automous area, ceding it wholesale. These are the actions of a failed state. If China and Russia get involved, I worry they will not be our friends in this area.

But as far as end days, well I don't believe in it either for christian mythology or islam or other dogma. However that doesn't mean life won't get pretty miserable pretty fast. The reality is we will deal with it, some better than others, with preparation and luck!

an average patriot said...

It is very disconcerting! Did you read the story titled the Taliban get their wish? Very scary. They might unite against us but then turn on each other.

I keep hoping that what you are saying about Iran and the Taliban holds true for us China and Russia.

Russia and China better understand that when they are done with us they are next. We better unite!

D.K. Raed said...

I'll print it out & read it over dinner (though maybe that's not a very good idea?).

Karen said...

Sure happy we have a prez who can multitask cuz there's sure a lot going on out there.

an average patriot said...

By now you have read it! I was just looking at this thinking it is going to blow you away. I wish you would get back to me and let me know what you think about it!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
You're not kidding! Good thing he has reliable people on his staff. This load would have killed the Bush league!

Listening to the news this morning while drinking my coffee in bed I heard Obama wants to cut Bush's $1.3 trillion Deficit in half by the end of his first term.

I do not think that is feasible because he figures we will be out of Iraq by then but not taken into account is we will be in Afghanistan and deeper and longer than in Iraq. Just hold on!

Brother Tim said...

I had to laugh when I read the title to this post. That's also what many Christians believe.

How can human beings, of any faith or persuasion, claim to be God-loving, and wreak so much havoc, mayhem, death and destruction on another human being?

'God bless America'????????

One thing is for certain....... God will not be mocked. Not by Muslims, not by Jews, and not by Christians either.

How much more pain and agony will be inflicted before God decides 'enough is enough'?

As for the Iranians hating the Taliban..... I made many posts on that subject. That's the reason Ahmadinejad offered the U.S. help with the Iraq situation. We took out the two biggest threats to Iran, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. But in our arrogance, we turned down his offer of help and instead, made Iran an enemy. Remember Bush's 'Axis of Evil' BS?

an average patriot said...

You and I know how righteous you and I both are but you are religious and I am not. I am now of the frame of mind that some are righteous but on the whole Religion is the root of all evil and will be our demise!