Thursday, February 19, 2009

In with the old and out with the new with a new Medium!

In with the old and out with the new as Main Stream Media commits Hari Kari!
The Death of the News
As we have seen since the advent of George Bush the old tried system of honesty and doing the right thing for the people in every instance was replaced with biased hurray for me the hell with you self interest. It finally sank the self destructing Republicans and it is finally taking down the tried and true old school media as it is no longer true!

It is being replaced by the new internet and Blog reporting based on a search for the truth and getting it out to the people in a language they can understand and relate to as Thomas Paine did. I for one consider myself a modern day pamphleteer in the best tradition of Thomas Paine. Most of you know that Thomas Paine as well as the printing press played a big roll in our freedom in 1776. We are the printing press of the 21st century!

I must admit that prior to the advent of Bush the liar I did not pay any attention to where I got my news taking it for granted that it did not matter because I was brainwashed into thinking the truth would always be reported. Stupid me! It became obvious under Bush that lie or not the truth is whatever they want you to believe in order to follow their hidden agenda. That is world wide not in business and Politics.

As you all know if you want the "truth" from the right you go to Fox News and you hear their version of the truth so the right can follow their selfish agenda. If you want the truth from the left you go to CNN and get their version of the truth. It use to be you listen to the left you listen to the right and the truth was somewhere in the middle. Not today even under President Obama. If you want the unbiased truth you have to search it out yourself. If you are going to find it in the media at all you have to go overseas and even then you have to watch for Bias!

In steps the blogs our version of the 1776 printing press. If you want the unbiased truth today you will never hear it unless you go to the Blogosphere! Once again you have to beware of disinformation but an educate person can find the unbiased truth if they want! After watching the MSM making themselves obsolete with their Partisan lies reporting one selfish side of an issue or the other often controlled by the right to further their agenda while crying foul on the left accusing them of controlling the media I hear this crying from the Media and of course they have it wrong again!

After years of main stream news self destructing making themselves obsolete as an unbiased credible news source now they are waking up but it is too late. We have found other sources. We are the truth! Journalism as we know it is in crisis. Daily newspapers are going out of business at an unprecedented rate and the survivors are doing anything they can to remain viable short of being unbiased and credible!

All traditional media is in trouble, from magazines to network TV. But newspapers are the most threatened, newspapers stand for a vanishing era but the news channels are also going south. They don't get it! They are committing Hari Kari! Reading the story at the link above the reporter is concerned not so much with the death of the news paper but I am. I too enjoyed laying down on the bed or outside on the grass or the beach and perusing the paper. I will miss that but I will not miss the Biased reporting.

We can find the truth on line we do not need reporters who may be seasoned and know how to "pound the ground" but have betrayed their own industry, livelihood, and the American people and thus the entire country and the world! MSM's concern is that if newspapers die then reporting dies and we are parasitic. No need to blown your own horn! We would not even exist if their was unbiased honesty out there somewhere but there is not! Reporters need not cease to exist just learn to be unbiased! They are not doing objective reporting as they say! They are selectively reporting and swaying the story to benefit a selfish interest whether it is an obvious lie or not. They do not care but more and more average Americans do!

Supposedly there is no business model that makes online reporting financially viable. I beg to differ! Anyway, adapt, improvise, overcome! It is time to stop crying over spilled milk! After all they spilled it themselves and on purpose! I would be lying if I said I ever read or followed the Huffington Post as I search for truth on my own . They called what HP does as an 800 word scree based on their reporting. The idiots do not get it! They no longer have unbiased reporting talent. They have necessitated us turning to the internet writing our"800 word op eds" in an effort to get the truth out as to the lies they are printing!

But the story is more complicated than that. At the same time that newspapers are dying, blogging and "unofficial" types of journalism continue to expand, grow more sophisticated like All Voices. New technologies provide an infinitely more robust feed of raw data to the public, along with the accompanying range of filtering, interpreting and commenting mechanisms that the Internet excels in generating.

The writer wrongly goes on to say that As these developments expand, our knowledge of the world will become much less broad. They just don't friggen get it! Document-based reporting and academic-style research will increasingly replace face-to-face reporting, yeah who the hell cares as long as you are getting the unbiased truth that we never hear today! They fear their ideals of biased reporting will be replaced by opinionated reports. What the hell do they call the crap they are feeding us?

The final analysis seems to be a bunch of empty excuses to save their jobs. We will not lose human interaction. Many of us would fill those slots and do just as good a job for much less money and tell the truth as we have no other hidden agenda beyond honesty and let the chips fall where they may! Getting the truth out is what it is all about to us which makes their admission on the next page very interesting then read the end on page three! Next page: Yes, bloggers can be valuable reporters

The internet does have its drawbacks but we can and are adapting. We also have a lot of advantages being the printing press of the 21st century. We are getting the truth out in language average Americans can understand and by people they can relate to. Trying to figure out what the truth is about any given subject means reading about it from as many perspectives as possible and exponentially more perspectives are accessible is what makes us a powerful tool today. This is why we will be around for a long time unless Politicians and MSM that do not want the truth known as it endangers their biased livelihood succeed in shutting us down. .

One example of why we exist before I shut up! Just tell the truth! Look at this swill they keep printing! This crap coming from both party's but specifically the blatant divisive lies coming from thee right in the below report! GOP senators say Obama failing to deliver 'change' They will see to it and I hope the realizes they continue to be our biggest problem!

It is frigged up when the President's wishes do not even matter to his own party. Our two party system is the biggest threat in the world dwarfing even the Global economic crisis Bush started which tops our American spy agency list of threats!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

every word you say is true. i really can't think of a thing to add.

One Fly said...

Great post Jim and yes the truth is on the intertubes. We must not lose control of this medium ever!! Many of these media moguls need to swing along side of the booshies.

an average patriot said...

That is great, that means I did it right! I have been sending op ed's to the Washington Post and I decided to post this rather than send it to them but I decided this morning to send it to them as an FYI!

an average patriot said...

one fly
I agree with the MSM swinging with Bush also many Republicans and Democrats.
I also firmly believe that in Politics and business today the truth as we are taught it is dead and up to us to find and report it!

Dave Dubya said...

Corporate media is as corporate media does.

When the GOP held power the media said they needed more republcans on TV to express the majority view.

Now that Dems are in the majority, guess what. They have a 2 to 1 majority of republicans on to smear Obama's Stimulus bill.

Just goes to show...Republicans are twice as much in corporate pockets at dems. That leaves squat for the rest of us.

an average patriot said...

Majorly! I was sickened to watch that farce over Obama's stimulus Bill. He does not matter even to his own party, He is on his own. Only the party's matter and nothing or on one else period. Watching how we are being set up in Afghanistan I am sick!

Ingrid said...

Like Betmo..amen to that..


an average patriot said...

Hi Ingrid
I will be nice and not be too negative but... oh it is so hard!