Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Hell with the Queen! God save the World as it copies our Political chaos in a race to wrest power and steal control to fight in the future!

I am very different in that while I am very focused on the country's financial problems as well as our growing environmental catastrophes as well as the worlds I want to focus on taking back the White House and the entire Government if we are to survive into the future and have a chance of survival but I have to look at the big picture as the worlds countries and I will just highlight a few because I cannot believe the amount of strife and chaos in our world today as all countries including ours are doing whatever they have to in order to keep their corruptive hands in power as they endeavor to fight for life in the increasingly volatile future of the world! I am more than a little embarrassed to know that the chief scum while setting up the world for his new order forever war tells the rest of the world they must be responsible like him (OMG) and do the right thing and take care of the people of the world. Today's focus is on growing US and World Chaos!

I am right now listening to the chief scum discussing the G8 Summit before his departure. I am sick of him acting like everything is rosy and blaming all our problems on Congress instead of holding himself accountable for the mess he purposely created and the fact that his cohorts are blocking Congress from getting anything positive done for we the people and our America! We not only have to take back the White House we have to take everything back if we are to get anything done. To that end I have to leave it to Obama to take on the right and if he can stay alive and we are lucky enough to have an election let alone a fair one. Before I highlight growing world underhanded political turmoil I want to point out things are looking pretty good as we endeavor to take everything this fall! Maybe your State is up for grabs but here are The top 15 House and Senate Races to Watch

Now in America as the games continue to get into power come November things continue to worsen environmentally and fiscally because of the price of oil. U.S. Auto Sales Plunge 18 Percent on High Gasoline Prices

There are still flooding issues continuing in the Midwest flooding millions of acres affecting our food supply in the future but the focus is now on California and over 1,7 hundred wildfires burning houses and affecting breathing on an increasingly large scale. Weary crews battling blazes across northern and central California soon will get some help from the National Guard, the first time the troops have been called to ground-based firefighting duty since 1977. National Guard Troops to Relieve Fire Crews

While we are fighting our own problems financially, environmentally, and Politically because of corrupt Political techniques the entire world is getting increasingly volatile as leaders do what ever they have to to stay in power and fight for the future and not just us and Putin who became PM to stay in control of Russia but it is spreading every day like everything else! Today we get an idea of not just France's instability but the EU's internal strife. I would have thought it was because of Russia and and or uniting with the chief idiot but France's six-month European Union presidency got off to a shaky start amid bickering between the bloc's trade chief and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and glum comments from Poland's leader on the EU's future direction. I was very surprised to see just how volatile things are in the EU! I will get the link in a minute! Sarkozy and the EU are in tough shape

I couldn't believe the amount of our own neighbors facing political corruption as they look at the future but in just one regularly volatile country An attorney says Venezuela's military has detained a dissident army general who opposes the socialist ideology espoused by President Hugo Chavez. I just don't get it, this is everywhere today

In Mongolia Police were blocking major arteries into the capital Wednesday after the president suspended most television broadcasts and imposed an overnight curfew, said William Infante, Mongolia director for The Asia Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to bolster democratic institutions. The demonstrators were upset about the prospect of a victory in Sunday's parliamentary elections by the ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Infante said. State of emergency declared in Mongolia

As Turkey is making cross border incursions into Iraq as they fight Kurd's seeking independence and as they endeavor to be allowed to join the problematic EU Political tensions rose Tuesday across Turkey as police seized two retired generals, a prominent journalist and others accused of plotting to overthrow the government and prosecutors undertook a court case to ban the Islamic-rooted ruling party. Since October the Government has been arresting people plotting to overthrow it

* As we know, during elections in Zimbabwe Mugabe's opponent was holed up to save his life and people were being mutilated and threatened if they did not vote for him. In light of his response to world criticism I have to laugh because when I first saw the headline that Bush was protesting unfair elections I thought he was talking about us! Anyway Mugabe said he intended to challenge African leaders at the African Union summit over their condemnation. "I would like some leaders who are making these statements to point out at me and we would see if these fingers would be cleaner than mine," Mugabe said this week, according to Zimbabwe's state-run newspaper The Herald. "Some African countries have done worse things." Africa comes under pressure on Mugabe

It certainly does not make what has been happening there right but Mugabe is right and he can include at least Russia and the US in that as well as most of the countries of the world as they do anything to stay in power to fight for the future they want not Bush's version. meanwhile because of break away fever A narrow strip of land on the Black Sea, Abkhazia has increasingly become a centre of tensions between pro-Western Georgia and its giant neighbor Russia, which Tbilisi accuses of propping up the rebels. Abkhazia has had de facto independence since breaking away from Georgia in the early 1990s in a war that killed several thousand people and forced hundreds of thousands of Georgians to flee their homes. Bomb explodes in Georgian separatist area: reports

* Amidst all this and much more As crude soared to another record, the head of the International Energy Agency declared the world is in the grip of "oil shock," and the president of OPEC acknowledged he could not say if prices would flatten out or continue to soar. The comments by IEA chief Nobuo Tanaka, OPEC chief and Algerian Energy minister Chakib Khelil and other industry leaders at the 19th World Petroleum conference in Madrid reflected concern over soaring oil prices that seem ready to spike higher. An IEA report released at the conference confirmed what most consumers fear: Supplies of oil will remain tight, whether for cooking fires in the poorest countries or powering cars and cooling or heating homes in the richest. And that's despite record prices and reduced demand as costly crude dampens the world's oil hunger. Energy Experts Puzzled Over Record Oil Prices

* I really have to laugh! It isn't funny but after warning for years with no one listening I can only laugh! This is just beginning my friends so just relax, stay together, and be prepared! I wrote numerous times that believe in him or not Nostradamus gave us two roads to travel into the future. One of world peace and prosperity and the other to war, famine, death, and planetary destruction. We have chosen and insist on staying on the wrong road!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dusty said...

Good afternoon Jim, you wonderful Patriot..Sirens has bestowed your wonderful blog with an award. Please go check it out. ;)

an average patriot said...

Whoa Dusty!
Whatever it is you know I am honored! I will come by and check it out. You must be getting used to me by now but I am right now sneaking a second in because As usual I have been very busy with things here but I have been tied up with one of my sons for the last few weeks it seems. Bill was here from Florida to bury his Grandfather. Now he is back in Florida but it is his 25th Birthday so I just got off the phone with him.
Jim is in Iraq and with war with Iran coming up he concerns me because he is EOD but worse he is on the Iran Border. He is a team leader so he is point in convoys and lookout on the top of the lead truck. He was falling off it when he grabbed the exhaust to save himself. That is worse than grabbing a burner to save yourself. Then he was throwing boards in the dumpster and the lid slammed down and drove a spike down his head and he had to get 6 staples. He's friggen safer in combat.
Anyway Joe just got back from deployment and surprised me at the door. He came home because he missed the funeral and he misses our food and weather. We had lobsters outside last night and today he is at York Beach, Maine with the bitch I mean his Mutha! He will be here till Sunday and like Bill he is anther partner in crime. We have a lot of fun together. When he goes back he leaves for a 15 day mission to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia but I know not what he is doing. I shouldn't even know where he is going.
I am on my way again thanks for the thoughts Dusty!

Larry said...

Look at this Jim:

'US blocks Bin Laden murder plan'

The White house has blocked a secret plan into the tribal regions of Pakistan to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants.

The Pentagon had drafted a secret plan to put American commandos in Pakistan's tribal areas, along the Afghanistan border, to hunt for Bin Laden and his top aides who took refuge there. But the White House has balked at giving the mission a green light, The New York Times reported late Monday.

Although the Special Forces attack plan was devised six months ago, infighting among US intelligence agencies and among White House offices have blocked it from being implemented, it added.

The Times noted there were “mounting frustration" in the US Defense Department about the continuing delay in implementing the plan.

US Intelligence reports have concluded that bin Laden has re-established a network of new training camps, and the number of recruits in those camps has risen to as many as 2,000 in recent months from 200 earlier this year.

For now at least, the United States is only conducting air strikes in the area, based on intelligence reports or when in 'hot pursuit' of militant units.

In particular, the paper says there is concern about the impact on Pakistan's government, a key US ally, if the presence of US ground troops became public.

But some political analysts believe that the US is protecting Qaeda's leader to seek a justification for the so-called war on terror.

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, I think anyone with a lick of sense - especially most Europeans - know that all of our problems - and theirs - were set in motion long before the current Congress took office. Bush has always been the anti-Truman: the buck always stops with someone else.

Larry, I mentioned Bush's failure to green light the plan to get bin Laden in my latest "That's My Take" video.

an average patriot said...

I have been out with my son who is home on leave so I have not been able to keep up with things as usual. What you mention was blamed on two things one being a division of how to do it in the White House and the White House saying they were ready 6 months ago but blaming it on Pakistan. As we keep saying over and over and over, they probably know where he is but it still behooves these scum to at least keep him alive in name at least so they can fear monger and use it to follow their agenda!

an average patriot said...

Gee Robert
I'm sorry! I have a son here so I have not been able to get things done. You will be hearing from me though! Anyway most know Things were planned in 1996 and set into motion in 200l. This 100% is a set up! The right just needed a mindless idiot to get elected that would push it all through and you know the rest. what stinks is that the scum is simply allowed to deny everything, laugh it off, and dimply continue on. This entire mess is going to come to a head around election time and the chief scum will look forced to fight another war and stay in office. Just watch this crap unfold!

Weaseldog said...

The Bush family owes much of their fortune to the Bin Ladens.

Bush himself is culturally half Arab.

They can't kill him. It's a family honor situation.

an average patriot said...

I know there are extensive oil ties with the middle east but I didn't know Bush was half Arab. Is that true? I saw you ask for Robert's E it will give it to you in a minute in case he didn't see it. Take care!