Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama is right Iraq is now a Diplomatic Solution! So is the entire worlds problems but the right wants war not Diplomacy!

First Monty Python Always look at the Bright side of Life!

Now! It gets more overwhelming every day as this facade of a Democracy proceeds with the campaigns and as citizen's of America, the middle east, and the world are increasingly enamored with Obama as well they should be, McCain now blaming him for the price of Gas gets increasingly ignorant and Bombastic! The Russian area bush has been instigating to war gets closer to fruition every day. Chavez is in Russia buying more advanced weaponry and establishing closer ties as the world unites to take on Bush and his war mongering my way or the highway establishment regardless of who is President.

I have 25 links to stories that are happening all at the same time and none of them good so instead of the usual look at the whole picture I decided to focus on Obama and his success in the middle east! The White House is not happy the middle east, Iraq, Israel, the entire world is embracing Obama as they better if we are to have a future period! McCain is a underhanded combative idiot more so every day as Obama's ideas are increasingly embraced. The Republicans want a Forever War in order to emplace them on the top of their new world order one economy one world Government. Obama is right, he wants peace not more war, the world is embracing him and the right is peeved!

Obama Iraq now needs a political solution, Amen! He will also work out the problems in the middle east Bush created. They know it and Bush is peeved. Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama stepped into the thicket of Mideast politics Tuesday, declaring in Jordan that neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are strong enough internally to make the bold concessions necessary for peace. Obama said he would work to bring the two sides together "starting from the minute I'm sworn into office." But he cautioned it is "unrealistic to expect that a U.S. president alone can suddenly snap his fingers and bring about peace in this region."

After meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II, Obama flew to Israel for talks with Israeli leaders. He'll also meet later with Palestinians. Upon his arrival in Jerusalem, he spoke of a "historic and special relationship between the United States and Israel, one that cannot be broken" and one that he hoped to strengthen as president. In Jordan, he made his comments on the struggle for Mideast peace within a few hours of stepping off a military aircraft — a presidential contender carrying body armor and wearing orange earplugs — following his tour of war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq with two fellow senators.Obama vows to work for middle east breakthrough

* For once we seem to stand a chance of a successful future. it is a President Obama! A President who wants unity and peace from the get go not a facade at the end of his Presidency to create a phony legacy to cover his horrific damage to the US, the middle east, and the entire world. The right is peeved and I can not stop believing they will not allow a President Obama or an end to their power and Hidden Agenda! They will do something and I am very concerned with their dirty crap and wonder what the hell they are going to do to keep Obama and peace and unity from happening?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


an average patriot said...

Did you guys see this crap? Here they go again. On Monday, Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, called on Congress to take dramatic steps to subvert the Constitution.

Mukasey is demanding that Congress issue a new declaration of war that would make the entire globe -- including the United States itself -- a “battlefield” where the president decides who will be locked up forever.

Instead of ending the Bush system of injustice, he wants Congress to make it permanent
I told you he has yet to do his worst and his crap is just starting. He wants life long rule and power to start war around the world. Hold on my friends!

an average patriot said...

my son Jim just called from Iraq and said things were picking up and he was very busy. They got hit by an IED vehicle damaged but they are okay!