Tuesday, July 01, 2008

As with everything else in this mess they aren't lying about Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan cross border operations they just aren't telling the truth!

First I want to say I received a surprise visit from one of my sons yesterday so I could not get around like I like to! I will not be back to normal until next weekend! He was on a mission in Iraq and Germany so he missed his Grandfathers funeral. He is leaving next week on another mission so I was happy to see him at my door! Now! yesterday I discussed in just a small part of the horrible reality taking shape for our future the lies told about cross border operations to instigate war with Iran. Actually I supplied the link so today I will give you the reality!

Now With much fanfare and choreography, but little substance, the administration has accepted a North Korean "declaration" about its nuclear program that is narrowly limited, incomplete and almost certainly dishonest in material respects. In exchange, President Bush personally declared that North Korea is no longer a state sponsor of terrorism or an enemy of the United States. In a final flourish, North Korea has undertaken a reverse Potemkin Village act, destroying the antiquated cooling tower of the antiquated Yongbyon reactor. In the waning days of American presidencies, this theater is the stuff of legacy.

North Korea has consecutively broken every major agreement with the U.S. since the North's creation. The Bush administration provides no reason why this one will not be added to that long list except the audacity of hope. Where have we heard that recently? Barack Obama and John Kerry both announced support for the deal, and Mr. Obama said he intended to apply Bush's policy to other rogue states, thus confirming the early start of the Obama administration.

The Feb. 13, 2007, agreement states explicitly that North Korea was to provide "a complete declaration of all nuclear programs" within 60 days. This it manifestly did not do, either in timing or substance. The declaration, more than 14 months overdue, and which is not yet public, has long been forecast not to include information on weaponization, uranium enrichment, or proliferation activities such as cloning the Yongbyon reactor in Syria. Although the North provided less than it agreed 16 months ago, we compensated by giving up more than we agreed, which is typical of decades of U.S. negotiation with the North. The extent to which Yongbyon's aggregate plutonium production has been weaponized and concealed is one critical unresolved issue. The Tragic End of Bush's North Korea Policy

This is no great victory for Bush. It is a lie to hide his failure in north Korea. Nothing has been resolved it is merely another Facade! Anyway I wanted to discuss some different lies or should I say another failure to just speak the truth! Bush and McCain are very quick to brag that Iraq and the surge is working not mentioning they want to be there forever amongst the 2.5 million permanent nomads Bush has created and that this entire middle east mess is just beginning and will be controlled by no one. They also fail to point out that while they are falsely bragging about Iraq the first lie to go after Iran is failing as Militants killed more U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in June than in Iraq for the second straight month, a grim milestone capping a run of headline-grabbing insurgent attacks that analysts say underscore the Taliban's growing strength.

The fundamentalist militia in June staged a sophisticated jailbreak that freed 886 prisoners, then briefly infiltrated a strategic valley outside Kandahar. Last week, a Pentagon report forecast the Taliban would maintain or increase its pace of attacks, which are already up 40 percent this year from 2007 where U.S. troops operate along the Pakistan border. Some observers say the insurgency has gained dangerous momentum. And while June also saw the international community meet in Paris to pledge $21 billion in aid, an Afghanistan expert at New York University warns that there is still no strategy to turn that commitment into success. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has noted that more international troops died in Afghanistan than in Iraq in May, the first time that had happened. While that trend — now two months old — is in part due to falling violence in Iraq, it also reflects rising violence in Afghanistan. Taliban Attacks Drive Increase in U.S., NATO Deaths in Afghanistan

Along with the exploding Poppy growth and the growing insurgency thanks to Bush's lies and hidden agenda I wanted to speak the truth about just one lie we are living or again shall I say "just another failure to tell the truth! Yesterday we found out again what we already knew and this time it was about covert cross border operations by us into Iran! The Bush administration has launched a "significant escalation" of covert operations in Iran, sending U.S. commandos to spy on the country's nuclear facilities and undermine the Islamic republic's government, journalist Seymour Hersh said Sunday.

Hersh told CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that Congress has authorized up to $400 million to fund the secret campaign, which involves U.S. special operations troops and Iranian dissidents. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have rejected findings from U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran has halted a clandestine effort to build a nuclear bomb and "do not want to leave Iran in place with a nuclear program," Hersh said. "They believe that their mission is to make sure that before they get out of office next year, either Iran is attacked or it stops its weapons program," Hersh said.

The new article, "Preparing the Battlefield," is the latest in a series of articles accusing the Bush administration of preparing for war with Iran.He based the report on accounts from current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. "As usual with his quarterly pieces, we'll decline to comment," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe told CNN. "The CIA, as a rule, does not comment on allegations regarding covert operations," CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said.Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, denied U.S. raids were being launched from Iraq, where American commanders believe Iran is stoking sectarian warfare and fomenting attacks on U.S. troops. "I can tell you flatly that U.S. forces are not operating across the Iraqi border into Iran, in the south or anywhere else," Crocker said. lies or more truth not told about war instigation with Iran

* Now the truth! Many of us know that at the very least 9/11 was allowed to occurr in order for Bush to get the abusive power he needed to attack Afghanistan then Iraq under thwe guise of fighting terrorism. Terrorism are not the enemy we are. They are merely the tol for Bush to implement his new world order. Of late we have been hearing but of course denied that this mis-Administration is performing cross border operations into Iran in hopes of getting this war started. Going after Iran was the original goal for allowing 9/11 and attacking Afghanistan then Iraq. once that happens this entire fabricate world mess will get under way. It would take Herculean efforts by Iran to avoid this upcoming war but I don't see it happening! Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, denied U.S. raids were being launched from Iraq but I do not understand why once again the right question was not asked and once again they were allowed to not lie but to just not tell the truth? Iran is now surrounded and has been for quite a while now. Why was the question not asked that are the cross border attacks coming from Afghanistan? or from any other number of Border areas? Why has this entire set up that is about to come to its long planned head not mentioned. We are powerless but at least we can make these scum just to not tell the truth and to flat out openly lie as to what they are doing? Why?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

We made the tragic mistake of underestimating the resistance of the Arabs in Iraq. Fasten your seat belt, Jim, the Persians of Iran are gonna make Iraq look like a schoolyard scuffle.

To make matters worse, Iran has a couple of buddies (thanks to Bush), China and Russia, who will not sit idly by as we beat up their oil supplier and weapons customer.

Think what it's gonna be like when 35-40% of the world's oil is choked off by the Strait of Hormuz being shut down.

Think what American morale will be like after we lose an Aircraft Carrier or two.

Tehran sits on the 35th parallel, where prevailing winds blow West to East. Think India, Pakistan, China, and Russia will stick their heads in the sand if we make the ME glow???? Have another think, my friend.

an average patriot said...

You and I haven't underestimated them. We had them pegged! this friggen mess is just beginning and along with everything else it is just getting ready to blow. I hate to keep sounding pessimistic. I am just a half intelligent realist.
You know when this starts they are going to be relying on the carrier Battle Groups. They better have them better protected than we think they are.
One of my sons is home on leave after deployment and at the end of the week he goes back for another flight for 15 days but he can't give me any details.
Anyway he has me tied up for a while. He just bcame back from deep sea fishing and bought a couple lobsters. Now he wants to go to New Hampshire food shopping or alcohol or something. I will be back so stay in touch. Frig man!

Minnesotablue said...

How wonderful that you saw your son. I know you are very proud of him as well you should be!

an average patriot said...

Always happy to see him! He mows my lawn and takes care of things. Seriously though he is a gem! He is going back at the end of the week to another deployment. This time he might avoid the middle east because he mentioned a 15 day trip to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. What he is doing I have no idea! We had Lobsters outside last night and he just went to Yore Beach Maine for the day with my ex I imagine!
I do not worry too much about Joe. It is his EOD brother in Iraq and one of his younger brothers that worry me. Take care and stay in touch!

Robert Rouse said...

I just hope I never have to see my son go off to war. My father was proud to see me enlist in '73 - he had served from '55 to '62 in both Germany and Okinawa - but I think I would rather see my son in a safer career and close to home. When you become a father late in life as I did, you really don't look forward to them leaving the nest - or at the very least, the surrounding trees.

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you Bud! I certainly know how you feel though my own Father advocated the Marines though everything was so different pre Bush. As you may know we were at Peace when i advocated the military to me sons. The 2 that are in right now are die hard lifers. I just hate to see their Patriotism exploited like this and this is just beginning!
My sons are older as you know and it is my Gr5andchildren I worry about. Of my 4 sons I have one I thought who was safe but after he is done with his Union obligations he wants to go to Baghdad to make money. WTF? You know, As parents we are powerless again! We can advise our sons but they are men and will do as they want. Best of luck to you!
I have one here on leave right now. He just got back from deployment but is going on a 15 day 3 country flight somewhere next week when he leaves here. Once he leaves I will be able to get things back to normal. Stay in touch and take care!

PatriotsImpeach said...

400 Million dollars, wow, that's a lot of money for the Federal Reserve to print, I hope they don't run out of ink.

When a person spends 400 Million dollars to hire men with guns to cross the seas and then cross the borders of another nation in order to attack parts of that nation to destabalize their religion, customs, etc ... that is terrorism.

The United States of America is spending 400 Million dollars on acts of aggression and destruction, not to mention aiding and abetting terrorist factions in Iran.

To the letter of the law, bush is in felony violation of the USA Patriot Act, this is foreign terrorism.

bush has hired gunmen to kill and destroy people and things in Iran.


bush is in felony violation of the USA Patriot Act once again, and 300 Million suckers are suckered again.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
From the map,and the sequence of recent events, it looks like the plan is/was to strike Iran.
However, the american military is itself surrounded by at least 2 billion non-americans, most of whom would soon accept a call to resistance.
Every scrap of food and fuel ammunition and spares must travel miles and miles across oceans and through hostile territory, the convoys seldom escape attack.
Other points, which are perhaps holding the fragile peace, the Russians are flying regular nuclear bomber patrols across the Arctic and the Pacific.
Secondly, the Iranians have (in March ) exchanged contracts with the Swiss power generating company, and will be supplying the gas to maintain the Switzerland`s electricity for the next 25 years.
(Paid for in Swiss Francs, not US $$$)
The Swiss have little or no military projection, and are not part of the Eurozone, however, they have more financial and knowledge-based power in their hands than any other European state.
The peace may hold, but for the most obtuse of reasons.
Maybe the warmongers will have to back down after all, which would lead to an opportunity to prosecute them in a war crimes court.

an average patriot said...

Welcome! You know I agree with you. Bush is in violation of every rule known to sovereign Nations and he doesn't give a damn.
He is openly instigating war and the complicit Congress gave him the money to do it and the patriot act gave him the right to instigate war wherever he wants supposedly to protect America!
It blows me away that we are living a total lie and ass we get screwed over we are told it is for our own good. I am sick of this crap! The dire possibilities for this fall really concern me. I have a son here on leave right now I have to go canoing with shortly. I also just got a call from the one in Iraq on the Iranian border and him I am concerned about!

an average patriot said...

It is a Custer's last stand scenario I see setting up in the middle east for us and I have written about that too numerous times! Bush will not relent though!
The concern is not for our solvency or our country. The concern is for the military, war, and the Government.
However this works out, it is going to happen but the plan is to sacrifice everything for the good of the Government who together with the Government can start over on a smaller scale. We are so screwed and this is so old and obvious I am sick of trying to warn and I can only watch like everyone else!