Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iran continues to test missiles, Israel says they exaggerate, McCain says step on them, Obama says talk to them, Rice says weapons won't fire! HAARP?

I wanted to discuss FISA as I received an interesting assortment of information on it yesterday, I also wanted to discuss Russia as they are flexing their military muscle over Georgia. However once again I must digress as events with Iran and out response got more interesting than usual. I now believe I have been right all along as to HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program), its use in the middle east, and its usefulness. In light of what Rice said I looked into HAARP again and found an extremely interesting video I recommend everyone watch!

This morning I woke to hear Iran continues to flex its muscles and it is serving its purpose of getting us much closer to confrontation! Iran test-fires more missiles, says Iran's Press TV, one day after other test-fires.Rice: U.S. determined to prevent Iran from threatening its interests or those of allies Adds that missile defense shield in Eastern Europe could help head off threat. Israel to display an advanced aircraft that is capable of spying on Iran US vows to defend against Iran missile threat

After Hearing what Rice said I now believe Iran is playing right into Bush's hand but first Iran had a second day of missile tests as well as Hoot torpedoes known as the fastest in the world!

Of course Obama wants diplomacy and McCain wants action as Iran's missile tests sparked a new foreign policy row in the US presidential race, with Republican John McCain demanding tougher sanctions and Democrat Barack Obama urging rugged diplomacy. Diplomacy verse action Hmm

There is nothing new there but action is being instigated and getting closer. I have had suspicions as to what we had up our sleeve and with what happened in the middle east six months ago when the entire middle east was rendered incommunicado except for Israel, Iraq, and the US. After listening to this video that I am sure Rice was not even aware of what she said and I have heard nothing on it I now know what is up Bush's sleeve and we he is willing to get us in deeper in the middle east and around the world.

Listen to Rice say Iran's weapons will not even fire!

That statement really got me suspicious knowing war with Iran will be devastating to our already over extended military unless Bush knows something the rest of us do not and I found a very interesting video this morning stating he does and that the MDS I said is worthless except to instigate war is right on. Please watch this. I told you it is all a lie. We are living a lie!

** MDS and Laser programs are a cover up for HAARP! i tried absolutely everything to get the video to work but I could not get the embed code to transfer. This video is stunning and I recommend you to go to you tube and look at this. HAARP nature modification system. MDS everything is a cover up for HAARP!
* Now I would be very interested to know what you all have to say about the latest events in Iran the middle east and around the world?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Pedestrian said...

As an Iranian, I'm torn!

After all the threats that have been bombing us in the past few months, I think there was a need to flex our muscles!

I go to sleep everyday with the fear of war and I can not fathom why things must be this way.

Why we must live under daily threats of war by so called "leaders of the free world". We are threatened with annihilation, bombing, obliteration, etc, etc and nobody seems to wince.

Why our insane president's words about Israel will never be forgotten, but regular threats of our destruction are accepted with utmost care.

But regarding the tests, I think there's a line between scaring someone and provoking them to retaliate. I was hoping my government would do the first, but not the second!

Now after two days of tests, I think they are way too closer to provocation!

And I sit to find out what will await us ...

an average patriot said...

I don't like it! You are being goaded to war! It was planned in 1996 and they just had to wait for someone stupid enough to follow it came along the rest is History. You are being set up along with the whole world. Ahmadinejad won't shut up but they will find a way to get this going and soon.
After what I heard Rice say on that video about Iran's weapons not working i know I have been right all along about HAARP. I had a beautiful video but I couldn't get it to work and I just tried it again.
Remember when everything shut down in the middle east? Onlt Israel, Iraq, and the US could communicate. That was no accident. I say often the MDS is only designed to instigate was. If you get you tube look up the video HAARP nature modification weapon and you will be blown away! Take care! By the way one of my sons is on the Iran Turkey Border with Iraq! Oh man!

Pedestrian said...

I pray for your son!

And for all of us ...

I'll see the video ...

Pedestrian said...


James, they want to bomb the crap out of us and they don't even know where we are!

I was just listening to the CNN YouTube video you have in this post and the reporter says the Naztanz site is in Tehran.

It's in bloody Esfahan!!!!!!

an average patriot said...

Tell me what you think of that video I wish I could have gotten it in the post. have you ever heard of HAARP? Do you remember a while back when you guys were incommunicado and they blamed it in a boat anchor? Did you listen to Rice on the video say your weapons won't work? That is what HAARP does! You guys are being set up in this instigation to war. Do you know naj? She is in my blogroll!
She is from Iran and I have stopped writing on her Blog for now as she thinks I am crazy saying Bush is going to attack but she occasionally pipes up as she is seeing the scum for what they are. This will not be prevented. Tell me what you think! Thanks for thinking of sons. I am praying for you and all of us!

an average patriot said...

CNN is main stream media! They frequently get things wrong but sadly you can bet Israel and Bush know where Natanz it! It is the video on you tube I hope you can see. These war mongers piss me off because finding an excuse to attack Iran is all that matters. 9/11, Attacking Afghanistan, attacking Iraq, it was all to get in the middle east and attack Iran to get this going. Then the world will be embroiled. This is long in the works and it pisses me off that our so called Politicians think anyone can stop this! You stay in touch relax and take care!

Larry said...

Why don't they go ahead and launch their attack that will ignite the world. They will do it sooner rather than later, as there is none with the guts to stop them.

an average patriot said...

You know the attack is pre Bush long in the planning, a foregone conclusion, and the reason for 9/11, the Patriot Act, attacking Afghanistan, attacking Iraq. It is imminent and at this point it behooves them to continue the facade of Diplomacy. It will happen soon then this mess here and around the wor4ld will get going full swing.
I was just reading what is going on at Lydia's! Bartlebee is wrong. Rove was given a presidential Pardon before he was let go to do worse damage. I just received an E from someone in Congress saying they now have to fight this pardon to hold Rove accountable amongst other things. Never happen!