Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama's plane diverted for very rare chute deployment that could have brought down the plane!

Knowing I expect Obama to be assassinated and finding out just how rare and critical this was along with this not being his regular plane but a replacement I want to discuss this when I get back from the VA!
Fascism comes to America, who are the nazi's now? The Christian right! The end of America Summary! Liberal Handbook for post America Bush!

I have to run down to the VA to get my medicine so I prepared this knowing that takes the majority of the day. I wish I could say enjoy this but have a video glimpse of the reality facing us!

Fascism comes to America, who are the nazi's now?

Showing how Dumb Bush Really is

Naomi Wolf"s end of America Summary

Liberal Handbook for post America Bush

watch bits of the 4th video! We are in serious trouble if President McCain Happens even worse if his VP is Romney as I fear!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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TomCat update! I just got off the phone after talking for an hour! I regret to say Tom has run into some personal issues that amongst other things means he can no longer even stay in touch at the Library until further notice. We have something in the works but for now I will stop by here to see if someone has a concern Tom must hear or you can E me or comment on my site. We are in touch and I will get it to him. Take care!