Saturday, July 12, 2008

Glenn Beck thinks we won the lottery by living in America, how do you feel today? Proud to live a lie? Proud to be American? Proud to pass this on?

First I want to say I am sorry Tony Snow died and my condolences to his family! I did not respect the guy for lying for Bush but I wish an early death to no one! Which makes me want to say I am proud to be one of you! I am proud to be an average American! I have been thinking for four hours now as I went through the mornings news. Of course I saved a myriad of stories I wanted to discuss and nothing new but of course none of it was good! Glenn Beck had an article stating why we should be proud of America

Needless to say I did not agree with one thing on his list of BS but I was reminded that as we live this lie we call America today I am reminded that I am proud of being an average American. Proud knowing we the people will take a licking and keep on ticking! Proud to know that in the lie we are living today it is us who come to our rescue! Not the Government who only rescues the abusers of this lie Bush has set up to Bankrupt us, destroy out infrastructure, destroy world order, and take total control of this created mess so a new order can be established. Like most of you I was perfectly happy with "our America" and world order. I wanted to pass it on to my kids who are fighting Bush's wars while Bush is bust bankrupting their future and using and lying to them.

Knowing we are living a lie in this House of cards Bush created we knew it had to crash and it is. It has to in order for people to willingly give up their perceived remaining Liberties and give over total control. We keep hearing of a perfect storm and it is but people do not realize this has been manufactured and it is coming to a head at the perfect time. No one can really think this is all because of ineptitude or coincidence? Absolutely from beginning to ended 100% of all of this has been done on purpose. There is no mistake here! No accident! No oversight! Since Bush this plan has been going ahead as planned and it still is! The gap between the haves and the have not's has been steadily widened. You the average American has seen your lifestyle purposely eroded while a facade of concern has been maintained to facilitate it. This collapse this home mortgage meltdown is not limited to what we have already seen or indyMac and Freddie and Fannie to come! This is just beginning and I keep telling you "Be Prepared" This financial collapse will dwarf the Great Depression and under Bush's direction was manufactured by Greenspan

* Anyway at this point I think even the most jaded can see a total breakdown coming in America, in the middle east, and around the world. It is on purpose with the intention of establishing a new order. It is going to get going full swing when War starts with Iran and then this new order Forever War will get going full swing! Under Bush this lie we are living started with allowing 9/11 to happen so Bush could push through the Patriot Act and start taking the power needed to take control of us and to Attack Afghanistan and Iraq with only one goal being to Attack Iran which along with our financial collapse is part of the perfect manufactured storm and it is getting closer. This will culminate in World War Three and this is all by design. I have said it a thousand times now over the years and it is too late to stop. Sadly this is not conspiracy theory just unbiased observed fact!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Larry said...

Warren Buffett said nearly 3 years ago that America was headed for a Depression.

And he was right.

Jolly Roger said...

Glenn Beck happens to be a genuine Nazi piece of shit. As a genuine Nazi piece of shit, one cannot expect that he would find anything wrong with our newly-Klanservative America.

Mike S said...

Sorry, but I can't comment today as I'm having a 'mental recession'.

Brother Tim said...

Ohhhh, where to start?

I, like you, wish an early death on no one. However, I am not sorry to see the erasure of evil, and will not give condolence to it's passing. The man was a sycophant while at Fox, and honed his skills in the Bush Adm. When one is willing to compromise his moral compass for personal gain or advancement, it's evil, pure and simple.

You may call yourself an average American, but the stark reality is: average Americans are as dumb as a sack of hammers. The Founding Fathers are a-spinnin' in their graves right now. Average Americans are cowards, afraid of their own shadows. Easily intimidated by fear. Willing to give up essential liberties for a little false security. They talk a good fight alright, but are easily duped, as witnessed by the neo-fascist takeover of this country. I don't consider myself, nor you, my friend, average.

IndyMac failed Friday Freddie closed -9% and Fannie -22%. They're both down 75% for the year. It's only a matter of time before they fail also.

As for 9-11.... It was not ALLOWED to happen, it was MADE to happen. I have read reams of info on it, and am certain it was an inside job. Again, going back to fear and intimidation, when something is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory' all truth is disregarded; even when it is glaringly apparent. If average Americans were as good and noble as you profess, they would be storming Washington with torches and pitchforks, heating up the tar buckets and getting the feathers ready. Average Americans are scared sh*tless and bury their collective heads in the sand, hoping when they pull them out, all evil will have gone away and things will be as they were. Ain't gonna happen. As the old saw goes: It's always darkest before the dawn. But in America today, it is only a little past midnight. Things are gonna get one helluva lot worse before they get better.

Look around you. Americans are being acclimated for the police state. Check out the security guards at the airports, dressed out like jack-booted gestapo, carrying fully automatic weapons. Look at the intimidation at political rallies, and even sporting events. Average Americans put up with the intimidation out of shear fear. This country is ripe for a take-over, and BushCo and the Neocons know it. You're more likely to get killed in a car accident or by a lightning strike than by a terrorist, but average Americans wet their skivies whenever someone mentions the word 'terrorist'.

No, my friend, we are NOT average Americans. Your idea of average is but wishful thinking. We are a minority in this great land. And just like a cancer, the longer we allow it to go unchecked, the more radical the surgery will have to be to remove it. If allowed to go on too long, it will be terminal.

That, Jim, is observed fact; be it biased or unbiased.

an average patriot said...

Yeah he was right! Worse this from beginning to end was manufactured and no one would listen. It is now too late to stop and this is coming to a head at the perfect time to be used for war mongering and optimally against us. This is dtill just beginning! remember bankrupting us in only part of this manufactured perfect storm!

an average patriot said...

jolly Roger
Nice to see you! It kills me those idiots say how proud we should be of America. Yeah like Bush the chief scum who says I'm screwing you for your own good. I'd like to hang that bastard. We could use a dosa of socielism instead if the right succeeds in stealing this election too we are done!

an average patriot said...

Don't worry enjoy it while you can. Pretty soon it will be physical. Gramm is an idiot isn't he? That is just the beginning if they steal this election too. We are done and will help each other through. Sadly there is no paranoia here or conspiracy theory only aceptance of uncontrollable reality!

an average patriot said...

Right on Brother!
My insistence on being average is I am not special and not alone! It just blows me away that a sack of hammers is too good. A sack of shit is more like it! Some will never get off their ass and wake up and they are taking us down with them.
When I researched my first book and rtead up on Thomas Jefferson I realized why I was different from most today. I am normal but from that time and standard. The problem is that that is not normal anymore and why we are in so much trouble. In the normal end of the life of a society people sdtart caring about themselves and taking from the society what they can before it goes down. We are watching it first hand and Bush is leading the way!