Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I checked out the days stories this morning wondering what had to be discussed, once again it is an update of Bush's instigation to World War Three!

Monday for the umpteenth time in regard to Bush's instigation to World War Three I said Iraq might have a chance of we leave! I don't think so instead because of Bush Afghanistan is just beginning to blow the world will follow regardless! Today's events once again prove that to be Prophetic! The Kurd's are under attack, Bush still refuses to leave"sovereign" Iraq, as instigation with Russia and middle east gets closer to bearing the Destructive fruit of WW3! We know Iraqi Kurd's supposedly the PPK are under attack by both Turkey and Iran. Yesterday there was an explosion and deaths outside our Embassy in Turkey.

Today Iranian artillery shells rained down on villages in northern Iraq Wednesday where Kurdish rebels were thought to be operating. A security official with Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government in Sulaimaniya confirmed the information. The early-morning shelling hit border villages in Qandil mountains area in Sulaimaniya province and there were no reports of casualties. Authorities say the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan is based in the region.
It is is part of an alliance of Kurdish rebel groups that includes the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which conducts attacks against Turkey from northern Iraq. The Kurdish region is a contiguous area that spread across Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey and the Kurdish rebels in those regions are fighting for an independent Kurdish state. Iranian shelling reported in northern Iraq

Supposedly with terrorism declared destroyed by Iraq bush still refuses to leave what he calls a sovereign Nation until he can attack Iran and get this war going full scale! So the White House is downplaying Iraqi requests of US withdrawal.

Another lie! Whatever happened to we stay only as long as we are wanted? That is okay because war with Iran his reason for attacking Iraq is getting closer to fruition every day! In response to ours and Israel's instigation to war Iran test-fired a long-range missile on Wednesday in response to what it says are threats from Israel and the United States, Iranian officials said. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps test-fired a Shahab-3 missile and several other missiles during war games in the Persian Gulf called the Great Prophet III, according to Iran's state-run media and a U.S. military source. "We want to tell the world that those who conduct their foreign policy by using the language of threat against Iran have to know that our finger is always on the trigger and we have hundreds and even thousands of missiles ready to be fired against predetermined targets," Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces, said on state TV.

"We will chase the enemies on the ground and in the sky and we are able react strongly to enemy's threats in shortest possible time." William Burns, a senior U.S. State Department official, said Iran is "as serious ... a problem as any we face today." The exercise comes a month after Israel conducted a military drill in the eastern Mediterranean involving dozens of warplanes, and the latest Iranian activities prompted concern from Israel and condemnation from the United States. Iran Gen.: Our finger is always on the trigger

No kidding they are a serious threat if we attack them and we are seeing to it that the world perceives them as the threat we created. Meanwhile Bush's instigation is Bearing fruit around Russia! Russia's Foreign Ministry Tuesday threatened a "military-technological" response if the United States deploys a missile defense system in former Soviet-bloc nations near Russia's borders.

The ministry issued the statement after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed a deal Tuesday with her Czech counterpart, Karel Schwarzenberg, to place radar units for the system inside the borders of the Czech Republic. The United States is also seeking a deal with Warsaw to place interceptor missiles in Poland as part of the system. Rice cited possible nuclear threats from Iran as a reason for the program, which will go to the Czech Parliament for approval. But Russia reiterated its concerns that the U.S. program would threaten its security. "There is no doubt that the approachment of elements of the U.S. strategic arsenal to the Russian territory could be used to weaken the potential of our deterrent," the ministry said in a written statement. "If the real deployment of the U.S. strategic missile defense system begins near our borders, then we will have to respond using not diplomatic but military-technological methods," it said. Russia has proposed a joint global missile defense system that would include Russia, the United States, Europe and others, but the United States has been cold to the idea. U.S.-Czech missile deal raises Russian ire as desired

Hell a joint missile defense system with Russia would be no good! There would be no way to instigate World War Three! Despite 70% of Czech's being against the MDS along with military threats from Russia Czech and US ink an agreement!

Plus Russia blamed Georgia for a surge of violence in two breakaway regions on Wednesday as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice headed to the tiny Caucasus mountain state with a message of support. Underlining the volatility of a country that the West sees as a vital energy corridor, Georgian forces clashed with rebel troops in the breakaway Abkhazia region on Wednesday and Tbilisi said two military aircraft had trespassed in its airspace.

Rice was expected to voice support for Georgia's pro-Western government and its bid to join NATO, but her trip took place against the backdrop of a growing row between Tbilisi and Moscow and an upsurge in violence on the ground. "The United States considers Georgia to be a good friend," Rice told reporters in Bulgaria, the latest stop on a European tour that will move on next to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. "There have been a number of moves recently by the Russian Federation that in fact have not been helpful in terms of the frozen conflicts there with Georgia and Abkhazia." it is all getting closer just in time for Rice's visit

Abkhazia, Russia, and Georgia, and ??? heading closer to war!

Bush will instigate until he gets this world war going! Today's news shows we continue to move ahead rapidly in that direction. Sadly Bush will not be denied and more and more every day he is speeding the entire mess up so it will happen on his watch as the right increasingly questions if they can steal this election too this time so McCain can follow this destructive Agenda!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

"The United States considers Georgia to be a good friend," Rice told reporters in Bulgaria...

That shoe-shopping ditz is as clueless as they come. I'm surprised she didn't follow that remark with, "I shop in Atlanta whenever I get the chance".

an average patriot said...

Your a riot man! How the hell you doing? I was just at Wease's. things are ramping up. You know we are inconsequential and do not matter. Only the wealthy, the Government, and the military, to start over.
I know what you are saying about Rice but I think she is just a new world order mess enabler and liar! I will be by!

Larry said...

Bush and his lapdog McCrazy focus their next war on Iran, when the real enemy is Pakistan.

Pakistan is an enemy who takes those billions for their silence, while all the while plotting our demise.

It is no coincidence that Russia issued a threat to Bush, which he is too arrogant to understand.

an average patriot said...

To us Bush is such an idiot but has has to ignore all warnings until he can get this world war going!
Knowing that Pakistan was paying Atta and others as well as other very deep involvement in this entire mess I have written about the ISI and their complicity frequently. It is interesting that we just moved a carrier closer to Afghanistan supposedly to increase air power over Afghanistan. We will see as this heats up! Afghanistan Pakistan what's the diff?

Brother Tim said...



Weaseldog said...

Yup, it is now legal for the phone companies to record business phone calls and emails and the resell them to interested parties.

RIP Constitution of the United States of America

an average patriot said...

I will be by your place. I know you discussed Fisa and I was going to but because of what Rice said i had to discuss that. I want you to look at something. I will be by!

an average patriot said...

I told you man! It sucks but the chief scum will get what he wants. We do not matter. I was going to discuss Fisa but because of what Rice said about Iran i had to discuss that. Glad you stopped by Betmo asked me this morning if you were going to do a garden update? I told her I would run it by you.