Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have been writing about the homeless getting worse for years now Bush says it is down 30% WTF? What are we stupid? I'm sick of the Lying!

Homeless in America! Poverty and Tragedy a National Disgrace!

Homelessness in our own Backyard!

I am so sick of the lying the fact manipulation by these scum running the country! I have written so many stories about Homeless dumping by hospitals that is still going on. Stories of increasing homelessness of our veterans that is now around 25% of the total homeless. I did a post on cities San Diego in particular opening public lots and guarding them so those increasingly losing their homes can at least have a safe place to sleep in their cars that they increasingly can't afford gas for. I just did a story on home foreclosures being up 121% nation wide from a year ago and 330% here in Massachusetts. Where are those people going? This is just the beginning as these people most often cannot afford health care and are increasingly faced with food kitchens closed because they have no food are there are too many to feed. THIS REALLY IRKS ME!

* It really blew me away knowing this is all just beginning and will get much worse and I friggen hear this morning that homelessness is down wide 30% WTF? this BS report states The number of chronically homeless people living in the nation’s streets and shelters has dropped by about 30 percent — from 175,914 to 123,833 — from 2005 to 2007, Bush administration officials said on Tuesday. According to records there are 38,000 in New York on any given night alone. According to The National Coalition For The Homeless, "there are between 30,000 and 7,000,000 homeless people in America." That is one hell of a difference.

Housing officials say the statistics, which are collected annually from more than 3,800 cities and counties, may reflect better data collection and some variation in the number of communities reporting. But officials also attribute much of the decline to a policy shift promoted by Congress and the administration that has focused federal and local resources on finding stable housing for homeless people suffering from drug addiction, mental illness or physical disabilities, long deemed the hardest to help in the homeless population. U.S. Reports Drop in Homeless Population

* What a friggen lie! I am sick of these scum getting away with these manipulated lies! The Department of Housing and Urban Development collects the statistics as part of its Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress. Nationally, the total number of homeless people counted on a single night in January — the measure used to count homeless families on the streets and in shelters — dropped to 666,295 in 2007, from 754,147 in 2005. The report said that 1.6 million people spent time in homeless shelters between Oct. 1, 2006 and Sept. 30, 2007. Seventy percent of those people were individuals; the rest were families with children. About 13 percent of all homeless adults living in shelters were veterans.

Dennis P. Culhane, a professor of social policy at the University of Pennsylvania and an author of this year’s report, acknowledged that “a lot of people in tough housing situations don’t get counted.” Mr. Culhane said the government needed a standard measure and counted only people living in shelters or on the street. Mr. Culhane attributed much of the decline in chronic homelessness to the efforts of Congress, administration officials and local communities. What a friggen lie! They changed the way they count the homeless!

areal study shows About 3.5 million US residents (about 1% of the population), including 1.35 million children, have been homeless for a significant period of time. Over 37,000 homeless individuals (including 16,000 children) stay in shelters in New York every night. This information was gathered by the Urban Institute, but actual numbers might be higher.

There is still no accurate information on the number of homeless people in the US. Several different models for the evaluation of the scale of homelessness exist. One approach measures the number of people without a roof over their head on a certain day or week. Another approach measures the number of the homeless over a certain period of time. The first method provides an “instant picture” of homelessness, but does little to differentiate between temporary and chronic homelessness. This method does not separate individuals who became homeless as a result of job loss, domestic abuse or housing shortage. The percent of chronic homelessness is overestimate in an “instant picture” approach.

* Man I am so sick of this what do you want to see I will find a way to back up the lies, way of doing things today. I am so sick of living a lie!!!!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

Homelessness is a rapidly expanding problem. I have been shifting my ministry gradually from prison/jail ministry to more emphasis on homelessness. Although prisons and jails are still important to me, the needs of the homeless are becoming almost insurmountable (I may be there myself soon). I have been laying back supplies to take care of them this upcoming winter. Winter is always the hardest time for them, even in temperate climates.

Even as dark as things seem to be, I stand strong in my faith that the Lord will provide.

an average patriot said...

You have faith! You will be fine, I have faith too! I just finished this and I am so sick of the manipulation of facts to prove a lie. It sickens me knowing how bad things are and the rapidly increasing number of homeless and hungry and these ass holes say it is down 30% WTF?
My hat is off to you Bud ministering and helping the homeless. They need all the help they can get and then some. I would thinl mental counseling would really help. This will get a hell of a lot worse!

Jolly Roger said...

Yeah. And unemployment is low, too. Has been for years, you know.

an average patriot said...

it blows me away. I am so sick of the finagling and lying to hide the truth we all see. This economy is ripe with the reasons for homelessness and I was actually stunned to see them say homelessness has gone down 30%. I am sick of the friggen lying! Man... I'll shut up!

Larry said...

Homeless ministries and feeding programs are constantly being shut down because of city and state government interference.

In Nashville the city is trying to close down every homeless ministry so the downtrodden must flee or die.

Many cities force such groups who feed the poor to buy permits that only allow a certain amount of meals to be served in a given month.

If homelessness is 30% better it is because these cities have shut down their way of getting food and clothing and they are obviously being starved to death or suicide.

This is Bush's solution to homeless in America.

an average patriot said...

It pisses me off! Homelessness like hunger is not declining. Like they changed the reasons they count a murder in Iraq sectarian violence to get better numbers they changed the way they count the homeless.
We heard home foreclosures were up 121% nation wide but nothing about the fact that it is up 330% in Massachusetts.
We were just told we have to start paying $800 per month to our oil company and I was just listening to Joe Kennedy recounting the nightmare to come for New Englanders with oil at $4.76 and the cost of a fill $1,200 at 4 or 5 fills per year many are going to be freezing and dying. Not just the poor either. This mess as you know is just beginning! AAARRRGGGHHH!

enigma4ever said...

simply it is genocide....

thanks for blogging on this...

I care deeply about this...and they alter the numbers left and right....and they juggle and lie..and we all KNOW it....

Dusty said...

Jim, I have put this post up at Sirens. Thank you for bringing attention to this horror.

an average patriot said...

Yes it is! once again bush is clandestinely doing what he criticizes others for doing openly! The Fourth Reich Hon and it has been perfected on! Stay together and keep up the efforts! Thank you by the way! I am sorry to say as you know that this only scratches the surface of a just developing nightmare. The winter of discontent is coming rapidly!

an average patriot said...

Thank you Dusty
Always honored! Sadly it is just beginning, winter is coming and here in New England amongst other things that means $1,200 heating bills. This is just the beginning. Stay with us and stay together!