Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Panel calls for new war powers Legislation! You better hurreeeee! As usual Bush will act first as his caused world war three is unstoppable!

The other day a Panel calls for new war powers Legislation! You better hurreeeee! As usual Bush will act first as his caused world war three is unstoppable and getting closer.Then John Bolton on Hannity and Colmes said we are Inching towards war with Iran! Inching you mean racing?
On that front we discussed this possibility a year ago, it is now reality! Russia is thinking of aiming nuclear weapons at western Europe for the first time since the end of the cold war, according to defense sources in Moscow. The move is being considered in response to American plans to develop a defense shield against missiles from Iran and other countries. The plans under discussion include the possible deployment of ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between the European Union countries of Lithuania and Poland. Kaliningrad has been nuclear-free since America and Russia agreed to scale back their nuclear arsenals at the end of the cold war.

A Russian parliamentary committee visited the enclave 10 days ago to examine how a new generation of nuclear missiles could be based there. Any such deployment would significantly escalate tensions in Europe between Moscow and Washington. Thanks to Bush Europe faces Russian nuclear missile threat

Also on that front and as a result of direct instigation to war Three days after the Czech Republic signed an agreement with the United States to host a tracking radar for an antiballistic missile system that Russia vehemently opposes, the authorities in Prague said the flow of Russian oil to their country was beginning to dwindle. In a statement on Friday, Czech officials declined to link the reduced supply to the deal signed Tuesday in Prague. Still, though the flow of oil can vary for technical reasons, it was clear that the Czechs suspected a connection and intended to ask the Russians to explain the decline. Russia maintains that the missiles meant to shoot down other missiles pose a threat to its own nuclear deterrence. The Bush administration says they are intended instead to counter a threat from Iran, which launched nine missiles on Wednesday. Czechs See Oil Flow Fall and Suspect Russian Ire on Missile System

I know just another coincidence! plus on the middle east front Syria caught on! The Syrian president has accused the US president of not being interested in peace in the Middle East, making it impossible for direct talks with Israel to go ahead within the next six months.Bashar al-Assad had asked Nicolas Sarkozy and the US to assist in peace negotiations as the two presidents met in Paris on Saturday ahead of talks by the Union for the Mediterranean. But Al-Assad said that his government will wait for the next administration to enter the White House, and made clear that the US should be closely involved in the process. Assad critical of Bush peace effort

Bush does not want Peace unless it is on his terms. He wants war! Towards that end: we hear Tensions may be rising between Israel and Iran after Tehran's latest missile test, but the BBC's Jonathan Marcus suggests it is too early to assume the worst. A high barbed wire fence marks the perimeter of the Palmachim air base. You can easily see the launch containers for US-supplied Patriot air defence missiles, large green rectangular boxes canted up at an angle of 45 degrees. But it is what is not visible that makes Palmachim Israel's front line in the growing war of words with Tehran. For this is also the base for a battery of Arrow interceptors, the weapon Israel is counting on to defend itself against a potential missile attack from Iran.

I asked one man in East Jerusalem what he thought. Was he worried about an Iranian missile attack? "Not at all," he replied with a grin. "You remember Saddam Hussein's rockets," he said. "Well, look what happened to him! The Iranians will go the same way." A 'new Persia'? That the views of a Palestinian from East Jerusalem should be so in tune with the Israeli mainstream illustrates the curious coalition That Iran's regional prominence has created. Israel, the United States, and many of its Arab allies in the region are eager to contain the rise of this new Persia. Iran and Israel's war of words

That will never happen without war and Congress better initiate emergency Legislation to control Bush's power to initiate war before he has a chance to beat them to the punch one again. The perfect manufactured storm from beginning to end is about to come to a head and this will dwarf WW2 and the Great Depression combined and be a Hell of a lot longer!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Iran tests some missiles and the media scream "Enemy Threatens War Against Us!"

Israel prepares for an unprovoked airstrike and it's a "First Strike Self-Defense Exercise".

And WE are the ones they call paranoid because we know the reality of our condition.

The enemy is within.

an average patriot said...

Yeah Dave it really sucks! i have someone that from Iran that posts here all the time and he had me wondering what the hell was up when he said the picture of those missile firings was doctored. I automatically thought us! Then I found out Iran did it? I watched the illustration of how it is easily done. They are asking to get this going just like Bush. Whoever starts it, it will not be denied!

Larry said...

It doesn't matter what legislation they enact it will always enable the evil to do as they please.

Larry said...

Here is a site for you to look at Jim:

Anti New World Order

Mike S said...

Nobody can ever say this administration didn't change the world. Too bad they changed it in the wrong way.

an average patriot said...

The complicit idiots gave the scum too much power. The asses should have known he would abuse it. This is getting ready to come to a head soon and it will be prevented by no one!

an average patriot said...

Thanks for that. Of course I commented and this is what I had to say! Larry over at Lydia Cornell's turned me on to this! I have been trying to get people see this good for nothing underhanded lying scum for what he is since before day one!
t is now too late to stop1 We are living a total lie from beginning to end here and around the world. Iran and Russia are being set up. Watch HAARP. There is too much to discuss here. I gave up writing books on it and try to Blog people awake daily to no avail!
The complicit idiots gave the scum too much power. The asses should have known he would abuse it. This is getting ready to come to a head soon and it will be prevented by no one!

an average patriot said...

No kidding! It will forever Peeve me that many did not see through the worthless, underhanded,destructive, lying, scum from the absolute beginning! We are from beginning to end living a lie and it is now too late to stop.
By the way I was just talking to my son in Iraq and he is looking to buy 40 or 50 acres somewhere in Maine. Any hints?