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Iraq might have a chance of we leave! I don't think so instead because of Bush Afghanistan is just beginning to blow the world will follow regardless!

Iraq might have a chance of we leave! I don't think so instead because of Bush Afghanistan is just beginning to blow and the world will follow regardless of who's President!

Yesterday we discussed the fact that amidst continuing violence Al-Maliki Declared terrorism defeated

Amidst this Iraq is still in talks with the US as to how long the occupation will be. while Bush and McSame want us there for many life time's Iraq has proposed a short-term memorandum of understanding with the United States rather than trying to hammer through a formal agreement on the presence of U.S. forces, the country's prime minister said Monday. The Iraqi government proposed the memorandum after widespread Iraqi opposition to U.S. demands emerged during talks on a more formal Status of Forces Agreement. Some type of agreement is needed to keep U.S. troops in Iraq after a U.N. mandate expires at year's end.

"Now there is a memorandum of understanding replacing the draft agreement," al-Maliki told several Arab ambassadors to the United Arab Emirates during a meeting Monday. The proposed memorandum includes a formula for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, said the prime minister -- an idea opposed by U.S. President George W. Bush. "The goal is to end the presence (of foreign troops)," said al-Maliki. The Iraqi government's decision to push the U.S. for a less formal agreement comes at a time when the government feels increasingly confident about its authority and improved stability in the country. Violence in Iraq has fallen to its lowest level in four years. The change has been driven by the 2007 buildup of American forces, the Sunni tribal revolt against al-Qaida in Iraq and al-Maliki's crackdowns against Shiite militias and Sunni extremists, among other factors. Despite the gains, frequent attacks continue.

Despite what is said about success I don't see it in a nation that can not supply its people with the basic necessities of life and 2.5 million permanent Bush created nomads. I do now think it is just beginning but Iraq if they understand they must fight to the death for their survival stands a chance if all Nations excuse their debt. It is a start that The United Arab Emirates canceled billions of dollars of Iraqi debt Sunday and moved to restore a full diplomatic mission in Baghdad, evidence of Iraq's improved security and growing acceptance of its Shiite-led government. The Abu Dhabi government announced the debt relief and the naming of a new ambassador to Baghdad shortly after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki began a visit to the wealthy Gulf nation.

Iraq has been appealing for relief of at least $67 billion in foreign debt — owed mostly to Arab nations that have been reluctant to forgive Iraq's belligerence during Saddam Hussein's regime. In addition, the U.N. Compensation Commission says $28 billion remains to be paid for Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Iraq now gives 5 percent of its oil revenue to meet the compensation claims. Cancelling Iraq's debt is a start

That is a start and Iraq may have a chance if we leave and we won't until Bush finds an excuse to get to war with Iran and get WW3 going. The breakdown of the entire middle east is guaranteed and the world will follow. As we keep pointing out even yesterday as Iraq seems to getting under control as it is in the interest of its neighbors to see that it works the first excuse for 9/11 to go after Iran and start this new order world domination Afghanistan has been largely ignored and its explosion is just getting under way!

Some of the deadliest insurgent attacks in Afghanistan since the U.S.-led offensive began on Oct. 7, 2001: July 7, 2008 — A suicide car bomb detonates at the gates of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, killing some 40 people. Feb. 18, 2008 — A suicide car bomber trying to hit a Canadian military convoy kills 38 Afghans at a crowded market in Spin Boldak, Kandahar province. Feb. 17, 2008 — A suicide bomber penetrates a crowd watching a dog fighting competition in the Taliban's former stronghold of Kandahar, killing more than 100 people, including an Afghan militia leader. check out the ever growing List

That list ignores attacks on outposts as my own son experienced daily along with the major prison break where hundreds of insurgents were freed along with the resurging Poppy growth to support them thanks to Bush. The latest yesterday came when A car bomb went off on a crowded street Monday near the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, killing at least 41 people and wounding more than 100, officials said. Among those killed was an Indian defense attaché and a political consul, said an Indian diplomatic source. The person spoke to CNN anonymously because he is not authorized to comment officially.

Also killed were two embassy security guards and six Afghan police officers, Afghan officials said. Another 139 were injured. "It is very important to say that among the dead were innocent civilians and shopkeepers, women and children," said Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary. The embassy is in the center of Kabul, across from the Interior Ministry and close to several other government buildings. Dozens of people line up every morning outside the embassy gates to apply for visas to India. "India has made a significant contribution to development and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Resorting to these types of hellish acts will not damage the friendly relationship between Afghanistan and India." Insurgents resurging and things will get much worse

It would be nice that killing those that cooperate with Afghanistan will do nothing but forget it. Afghanistan has never been defeated by invaders. Because Bush has been screwing around in Iraq trying to destabilize the entire middle east so he could go after his original goal Iran Bush has ensured that this is just beginning in Afghanistan and around the world guaranteeing the loss of everything. I will stop there because you know the rest. Take care!

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Dave Dubya said...

Did you see that an airstrike hit a (Another) wedding party in Afghanistan?

The poor Afghans. They are getting slaughtered by the US and by the Taliban.

It's like a sick morbid contest to see who can kill the most innocent people, all while both are telling them what's best for them.

I wonder who the Afghans hate the most.

an average patriot said...

Shit I didn't see that! With what has happened there since we attacked I don't understand how we can expect them to think of us as friends. like in Iraq we are the enemy and the sooner they can get rid of us the better. I will have to check about a new attack on a wedding party. That sucks! I guess that means us. Hey I stopped in and didn't see anything!

Dave Dubya said...


Stop over for some refreshing Kool Ade. It's good for what ails ya.

I just stirred up a new batch.

an average patriot said...

All right great! I have to get prepared to go down to the VA. It is a 3 hour drive and takes most of the day! I prepared something last night and will post that but when I get back I want to discuss Obama's supposed in flight plane emergency after hearing much and remembering that I expect him assassinated. In a flight that would be convenient wouldn't it? You'll see me Bud I'll be by for that kool Ade it's going to ba a scorcher here today!

an average patriot said...

TomCat update! I just got off the phone after talking for an hour! I regret to say Tom has run into some personal issues that amongst other things means he can no longer even stay in touch at the Library until further notice. We have something in the works but for now I will stop by here to see if someone has a concern Tom must hear or you can E me or comment on my site. We are in touch and I will get it to him. Take care!