Monday, June 30, 2008

As you know I keep saying, this will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined, you the powerless be prepared!

As you know, I keep saying this will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined.
I give up! I tried for four hours to get a video of any sort to work today to no avail. I wanted to discuss Congressional Democrats hiring a Bush Impersonator

I wanted to discuss Lieberman saying A terrorist attack is likely in 2009

I wanted to discuss McAssHoles new paint job on his plane expressing "The Straight Talk Express" as he continues to lie and say Obama can't be believed. I mean what the hell? A new paint job is not going to make him any more honest! I wanted to talk about what General Clark said because I have said it a million ties. Getting shot down does not qualify McCain for President

I wanted to discuss Bush in Iran instigating war because it is nothing new and it will happen soon. It is the reason we went into Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorism was merely the excuse.Preparation for Iran's battlefield.

Hearing that the so called experts are starting to think what we have unfolding in America and around the world will dwarf the Great depression. Having said that 100 friggen times now over the years and knowing what Bush is doing in Iran and the middle east to hell with the rest of the world I have to laugh! I have said it so many times in so many contexts I can only laugh now! Of course Iran threat to close oil strait

* I can only laugh! Everyone is right in their own narrow minded context but Bush is racing against time to make it all come true and culminate in WW3 with him at the helm. The awesome power the right has amassed is not going to be allowed in Democratic hands! Absolutely 100% everything Bush has done and allowed to happen has been done with ineptitude to us but has been done on purpose so he can stay in control of this forever war. What we keep hearing called a perfect storm is but it has been done on purpose people. Not only that but it will be much worse than any of the so called experts think. You that read me know I keep saying what is about to happen will be avoided by no one even Obama but I would rather have him at the Helm. This as you know I keep saying will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined. $10 gas will be a joke and we will have gas. oil, and food rationing then it gets worse. Just imagine the world chaos once Bush does attack Iran and this gets going! just imagine what this is going to do and it is stunning that this chaos and destruction is purposely being perpetrated by an American President. When I was on Daily Koss telling them years ago that Bush was purposely destroying our America and World order I faced much consternation but now it is too late to stop! Just please be prepared and stick together and we will be okay!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Trevor said...

If bush attacks iran gas prices will be so high that the world economy will be destroyed

an average patriot said...

Bingo! That is exactly right and that is just one thing that by design will have to happen. There is co surprise or coincidence here. Going after Iran and getting this Forever war going is why Iraq and Afghanistan was attacked. Fighting terrorism was merely the excuse.
Iran will be attacked and then the shit will hit the fan. This was set up in 1996 and as you witness reason will not turn this aside. By the way welcome and thanks for the input. Always sought after and welcome!

Larry said...

Thanks Lydia Cornell said you had an insightful blog and she was right.

Mike S said...

Have you read Seymour Hersh lately??

an average patriot said...

Thanks Larry!
I juust wish someone of consequence would wake up and spread the word. I wrote another letter to Jerome Danny and the council! I will get to them eventually and then...

an average patriot said...

Oh Mike the wise Indian with the great Emails! I am not sure I have ever read Hersh before but I do want to look at him a bit. Educate me Bud! i do say quite often that by the time a so called expert writes about something we have known and talked about for years it is too late and once again this is the case!