Friday, June 27, 2008

Little girl who silenced the UN Environmental Conference! Stunning!

I saw this at two crows and found it on you tube under UN Environmental Conference . I was quite impressed and watched it 3 times myself. I wish to God this little girl and the reality of our situation mattered but it does not. We must continue to try and make a difference though! I have to run out and take care of some things. Hopefully when I get back I will discuss once again Bush's Designed Economic Crash after yesterday. I told you Dow 10,000!


dguzman said...

This kid is amazing. We can only hope that the grown-ups she's talking to are actually listening and taking her ideas to heart. That's the only way we're going to fix things.

an average patriot said...

I was impressed! If that does not make them wake up and start putting the planet first nothing will. I am afraid nothing will is the case. That girl really said it well! What kills me is she is dead right but the world will ignore her as we are racing to strife and much war which will make the planet as it is look pristine. Oh man! Nice to hear from you by the way. Take care and stay in touch!

Robert Rouse said...

The problem with most people - when it comes to the environment, terrorism, corrupt government, etc. - is to pretend they're an ostrich. They simply bury their heads in a hole and hope it won't affect them. We need more proactive people. It is, in the long run, up to "we the people". Sometimes I want to run up to people and shake them while I scream , "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!"

an average patriot said...

My friend it is mind blowing! I understand people have their daily lives to worry about but if they don't wake the Fuck Up they won't have to worry! That little girl said it well! I was just going to put our situation into context once again because I have covered it so much saying this Depression will dwarf the Great Depression. I have discussed the Second Greatest Depression so many times already that like everything else I am getting sick of trying to wake people up.
Couple this with the environment, the growing food and water crisis and wars, a still just developing world war, and we are screwed much worse than most think and it will not be turned around. We will be dragged down with the rest of the mindless idiots. We have to stay together, keep hoping for Obama and the best, and make sure we get through this. I know damn well I am not a worry wart just a realist. All right I'll shut up! I might try to lighten up and listen to the Unity Event in a minute. You take care and stay in touch!