Thursday, June 26, 2008

I wanted to Discuss the Supreme Court but this is too much! Obama's economic proposals would harm America, WTF?

I just heard the Supreme Court narrowly uphelp our right to bear arms! I don't know how I feel about that but we may need them in the future to fight off the enemy within! I was going to discuss the Court's mis rulings yesterday but will supply 2 videos instead and hope you find them useful. McCain and his followers idiocy just blows me away. He is as bad if not worse than Bush. I just don't friggen get it! How the hell do they get away with destroting us and threaten that Obama would be our demise. What the hell?

Supreme Court says rape America's kids and we'll take care of you for life!

Supreme court shows they are on Big Oils side!

* Anyway wrapping up his three-week economic tour, Obama today is holding the kind of wonkfest that would warm the heart of the former president, who became famous for holding a series of them during his 1992 campaign. The "summit on ensuring America’s competitiveness in the global economy" at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, according to Obama's campaign, "will bring together economic, educational, community-based, and industry leaders to discuss the challenges facing our workforce and craft solutions for the 21st century." In introductory remarks, the presumptive Democratic nominee says he's been listening on his cross-country tour to the stories of Americans struggling to make ends meet. "It’s time for us to recognize that these individual stories connect to a larger American story," he says in prepared remarks. "All of us have a stake in our common prosperity. When folks are struggling out on Main Street, that pain is going to trickle up to Wall Street. And just as we must provide relief to Americans who are struggling, we also have to recognize that we’re failing to put ourselves in a position to compete in the global economy." To fix that, Obama says, means alternative energy to free America from foreign oil, providing world-class education and affordable healthcare, and improving the nation's infrastructure, among other priorities.
** I don't friggen get it! In a pre-buttal to Obama's appearance, Republicans in a conference call on Wednesday argued that Obama's economic proposals would harm America. They mean the new America they are creating right? The local GOP chairman, Jim Roddey, even made reference to Obama's much-dissected remarks during the primaries about struggling to connect with small-town voters in Pennsylvania who, "bitter" about their economic fate, "cling" to guns or religion. “I don’t know maybe [Obama’s] punishing us for still being bitter or something, but for Pennsylvania, I think his proposals are an absolute disaster,” Roddey said. Obama's punishing us? What the frig are they doing? Republican John McCain, meanwhile, plans a town hall meeting in Cincinnati -- the latest in a series where he challenged Obama to appear. Forget it! His campaign has also issued a strongly worded memo in which senior adviser Steve Schmidt argues that "Too many in Washington are putting politics first and country second." "For John McCain, country first is how he has lived his life and how he has worked in Washington," the memo says.

** That is BS! As for Obama, while "certainly a fresh face, his campaign offers more of the same old typical politics that have broken Washington. In his time on the national stage, he has consistently put his party and his self-interest first." WTF, WTF, WTF, somebody please tell me! Schmidt cites as evidence Obama's reversal last week on public financing for the general election, his rejection of McCain's invitation to the joint town halls, and his loyalty to liberal activists on Iraq and energy policy. "Yeah it is wrong for Obama to so the right thing how dare he? "There has never been a time when Barack Obama has bucked the party line to lead on an issue of national importance," Schmidt writes. "He has never been a part of a bipartisan group that came together to solve a controversial issue. He has never put his career on the line for a cause greater than himself." UPDATE: The Democratic National Committee responded with a memo of its own, citing a series of polls that suggest that many voters believe McCain would mean a third term for President Bush and don't trust him on issues. No kidding? "Four months after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain has still failed to connect with the American people," the memo says. "As recent polls show, Senator McCain has not made inroads with voters on key issues of character and values as voters continue to view Senator McCain as out of touch." Obama's economic proposals would harm America, WTF

I just can't take any more of this crap! Give us back our America!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Karen said...

McBush will continue to try and attack Barack's economic proposals because Barack is clobbering him on that. Barack is even ahead of McBush in some polls on Iraq.

Just what are they gonna do with that elitist!?! :o)

btw Jim, love the way you put this... "I am their Father not their keeper"

Excellent! :o)

an average patriot said...

You are all right by me! Yes, The more this goes one one one Obama will keep pulling ahead of McLoser. I am just afraid of what underhanded caper they are going to pull to keep them in power!
You know bbc wouldn't know this but I have done everything possible to keep Jim out of combat but he insists. I sometimes think he has PTSD! We both just laugh but he said if his troops ever heard the way I talk to him they would crawl in a hole. He is a hardcore bad ass.
He just reenlisted and if he lives through this one he will be stationed in April at Pensacola's EOD training Center as an Instructor. Before Bush came about I harassed Jim to finish EOD school and stay with it. Now he's a crazy man and I would like to see him get out and be with his wife and Daughters. Hell he wants me to raise them! Anyway thanks I raised leaders, men, independent thinkers, and I can advise them before they hug me or something and do what they want. That is all I can do! Take care and stay in touch. I will be by!

an average patriot said...

I forgot to say I heard Bush say Obama would jeopardize all he accomplished and McCain would be the only one to guarantee a continuation of his success. Unfriggenbelievable!

Karen said...

"I heard Bush say Obama would jeopardize all he accomplished and McCain would be the only one to guarantee a continuation of his success. Unfriggenbelievable!"

'k, now this one had me ROTFLMAO! Can't wait to tell hubby!! :o)

an average patriot said...

You are making me laugh! Makes you want to scream doesn't it? It would be funny but this guys audacity never ceases to stun me. He just won't friggen quit! this idiot wants his success continued. That should tell an idiot what he is purposely doing to us, our America, and the world, with this so called new societal, middle east, and world order!

Fuck Obama said...

Barack Hussei nObama = 6 6 6 . Obama’s real name is Mabus. Obama is a muslim. His father and step-father are muslim, no matter what he says in the eyes of all muslims that makes him one. The muslims around the world support him, praise his name. They burn American flags and burn Bibles daily, screaming Death To America, but yet wouldn’t be able to handle and cry about it if they saw me doing the same thing to their flags or Koran. They can’t even handle a cartoon drawing, when I watch Jesus on South Park boxing Satan. lol anyway. This is a holy war. They are the enemies of Israel and that makes them the enemies of God. This war is a necessary war that must be fought in the name of God. The muslims around the world are waging this war with the Christians. They are set in their plans to destroy the West and Israel, to have Islam the world religion. Nostradamus talks of Obama. Obama is a muslim of middle-eastern background, ‘The Black One’, Mabus. He is the charming, charismatic, mesmerizing speaker that the devil is. The Bible talks of the anti-christ, Obama fulfills these prophecies. 3.5 years into Obama’s rule, around election 2012 we will see his true self and intentions. 2012 the Chinese year of the dragon in which divine happenings occur on earth. Dec 21 2012 when the sun rises into the center of our Milky Way galaxy and into the 13th zodiac of a man wrestling a snake, symbolizing a time of struggle with evil. Dec. 21 2012 the earth completes a precession on it's axis, causing shifting of poles and magnetic fields. The Mayans predicted a completion of a cycle and a new cycle of change begins. The four horsemen are riding right now. Watch the news, you ain't heard? Natural Disasters, World Hunger, Oil Crisis, on top of a Holy War. Obama’s plans and ideas for change are unrealistic and are just lies to brainwash the people to follow and believe in him. ‘Change We Can Believe In’, he wants people to ‘believe’ in him. Obama is the devil. The American people are blind to the obvious and are persuaded and subliminally influenced by his image and the medias portrayal of him. Obama is going to be America’s next president then soon after proclaim himself a world leader, to be worshiped and embraced as a god, It has been written. These are the end times. Obama is the devil. One Nation Under God, Not Allah!

an average patriot said...

F O!
Hey that's appropriate! Make believe you aren't an idiot and capable of thought and engaging brain before opening mouth or wherever that spew came from!

an average patriot said...

Yeah the anti Christ! You are mixed up that's little Bushie!

Fuck Obama said...

Right. Fuck You too! hahahaha slut

an average patriot said...

Try to make believe your an adult. You family are embarrassed huh you don't even have the balls to identify yourself. True Repug!

Larry said...

Bush is afraid Obama is going to mess this up:

Credit crunch forcing US middle classes to live in their cars

Dan Glaister in Los Angeles The Guardian,

Homeless people living in cars and motorhomes across the US are being joined by a new breed: the middle class.

As mortgage foreclosures continue to rise, growing numbers of middle-class professionals are losing their homes and downsizing from four bedrooms to four wheels.

With numbers rising, New Beginnings, a homeless agency in Santa Barbara, California, has launched a safe parking scheme, whose aim is to provide a refuge of sorts for those who have nowhere to go other than their vehicle.

Guy Trevor lost his job as an interior designer when the sector contracted thanks to the foreclosure crisis. With his furniture sold and his belongings in storage, he now lives in his car, spending the nights in one of the 12 gated car parks in Santa Barbara run by New Beginnings.

"I see myself as a casualty of a perfect storm," he said. "The people sleeping at the [car parks] are ... just like me. They come from normal, everyday homes. I think a lot of people in this country don't realise that they, too, are a couple of pay cheques away from destitution."

In normally affluent Santa Barbara there were 150 foreclosures last month, with a total of 800 for the year ending in May, according to the county assessor's office, which assesses property for tax purposes.

Each month, an auction of foreclosed properties is held on the steps of the Santa Barbara courthouse.

"The way the economy is going, it's amazing the people who are becoming homeless. It's hit the middle class," Nancy Kapp, of New Beginnings, told CNN.

Another of Kapp's clients, Barbara Harvey, 67, also lost her job and subsequently her home thanks to the foreclosure crisis. As with Trevor, her job as a loans processor was connected to the housing market.

Harvey now lives with her three dogs in her car, parking at night in a women-only car park run by the agency. "I didn't think this would happen to me," she said. "It's just something that I don't think that people think is going to happen to them."

The rise in the number of homeless people sleeping in cars has led to a clampdown in Los Angeles. In common with many US cities, it is illegal to live in vehicles on public streets. This year the city banned almost all overnight parking on residential streets. A first violation receives a $50 (£25) fine, while subsequent offences carry fines of up to $100.

"For more working class and lower middle class people, the car is the first stop of being homeless, and sometimes it turns out to be a long stop," Gary Blasi, a University of California, Los Angeles, law professor and homelessness activist told the Associated Press.

The city has the highest number of homeless people in the US, with an estimated 73,000 living rough. A survey last year of more than 3,000of them showed that 250 were sleeping in their cars.

Brother Tim said...

We've talked about the differences between drug use and drug abuse.

F O is a textbook example of the abuse end........ with a tin-foil hat to boot. LOL

Oh.......and congratulations, you've got your very own wingturd troll!!!!!!!!!

One more thing for that idiot:

Allah is Arabic for God. The Christians in the ME and Turkey call Him Allah. While I'm at it, let me educate your drug-addled brain, FO. The Muslim's Allah, is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jonah, Jesus, et al. Does that mean all the afore-mentioned people had more than one God? Before making a TOTAL *ss out of yourself, get a copy of the Qur'an and read it (if you know how to read), instead of listening to the likes of Hagee, Falwell, Parsley, Dobson, etc, etc.

two crows said...

'How the hell do they get away with destroying us and threaten that Obama would be our demise. What the hell?'

hi, AAP--
because that's all they've got: generalizations and finger pointing in an effort to draw attention away from themselves.

two crows said...

reading the comments I can't help thinking:

'Way to go, Duh-murikka. In the middle of the biggest housing crisis the country has seen in well over a century, make it illegal to sleep in the only shelter people have left.'

It's getting to the point that it's illegal to be alive unless you're of the upper class.
I'm beginning to think Bush and Cheney aren't so stupid after all. Maybe this was their plan all along.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
In all of the debates about the economy and the price of oil... there is little mention of Russia, or China.
With ample reserves and a fixed price for fuel, (just under $4, set by the state, there will be no crisis for the Russians, and the Chinese, whilst having less reserves, have also got just one state-owned oil company and a fixed price (Also just under$4), for fuel sales.
America/Obama has dozens of oil companies, and even the banks and speculators have inserted themselves into the supply chain.
It seems like there will be no end to the rise in oil prices, until the point arrives when we "in the West", will have to cut back on use.
The alternative, as proposed by the corporate fookwits and Israel, is to engage in never ending war, which hopefully will not even be considered by rational mind(s) in Washington.
London is out of cash, and unlikely to assist in any attack on Iran, sadly, within the US/Israeli axis, there are definitely a few loose screws.
(One of whom seems to have come out of the woodwork on your blog!!)

an average patriot said...

Larry Buddy
You know I keep saying this is all success to Bush! He needs McCain to follow after him so this new order mess can be continued!
I have to run out but when I get back I plan on discussing this mess once more. This is a perfect storm and those behind the chief idiot set it up. It is soon to come to a head even if we are lucky enough to get poor Obama in!

an average patriot said...

FO what an appropriate abbreviation! I just will never understand why they want to lie and continue to screw up the country? Why do they insist on acting like ignorant children while we are rapidly sinking? I thank you! you took care of him I would say or her whatever!

an average patriot said...

two crows
I just don't get it? Did you see the ignorance from FO? We are in genuine trouble and the right just wants to play little kids games! This is not Politics as usual and no damn joke.

an average patriot said...

two crows
You are right! The lower classes are being squeezed out by design for Bush's or whoever is behind him, new societal order. It is almost done and I hope to discuss it again when I get back. There are no surprises here and i am sick of trying to wake up the public. It is time to hunker down stay together and ride this out. Take care!

an average patriot said...

You take care! There is no oil crisis here. It is a facade of the right and their oil companies. Senator Biden very effectively pointed out that 73% of our wells that are already drilled are capped and left fallow while the right cries oil poverty, calls for more drilling, and blames it all on Democrats. Biden pointed out we have 54 Billion gallons already drilled we are not touching. I am so sick if this crap. The Dems in Congress keep pointing it out and the ass hole Repugs just snicker and say we have to drill in ANWR and more off shore. AAARRRGGGHHH!