Thursday, June 12, 2008

On a good note Obama's lead on McCain is growing! Will there be elections? America and the worlds growing violence due to conditions beyond control!

First I was sent this video by a friend today and it goes perfecly with this and being comedy it is Short but funny and perfect

On a good note Obama's lead on McCain is growing! But will there be elections? Now America and the worlds growing violence due to conditions beyond our control!
Barack Obama is continuing to extend his lead over John McCain in a head-to-head matchup nationwide, a new CNN poll of polls indicates. check out the latest polls Just wait until they have face to face debates!
Now let's talk about reality as I don't even believe there will be elections in this Democratic facade as worsening conditions continue to increase life's difficulties and the growing unrest and violence is beyond our control, just beginning ,and will get much worse!

First historically America may be the most violent country in the world when compared to other industrialized nations. violence is deeply rooted in American society, and has become woven into the fabric of American lifestyle. violence invades our intimate relationships, our schools, and our work environments.

Too many people consider violence an acceptable strategy for conflict resolution, exerting power and control, obtaining possessions, and satisfying emotional desires. Violence is even entertainment, glamorized in the behavior of both real and fantasy hero's. Crime and violence have been a part of American society since America was founded. The publics awareness of crime, violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, and gangs has increased dramatically. The media plays an important role in public awareness of violence. We are bombarded daily with reports on television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet with the fact that we are all vulnerable to acts of violence.

Crime increased dramatically between 1960 and 1975, showing an increase of 232 percent. During these years the murder rate increased 50 percent.. During the 1980's and 1990s public awareness of domestic violence and child abuse increased. During the 1990's there were school shooting sprees in Colorado, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oregon that brought violence in schools to the forefront of public awareness. In late 1999 a Texas church rally was the scene of another tragic shooting. Not only did our schools start feeling unsafe, but even our most sacred place, the church became unsafe.

The increase of violence, and our awareness of violence, changes the way we live. Fear of violence, crime, and gangs can make us feel like prisoners in our own homes. Unsafe feeling neighborhoods can make us feel unsafe about going out at night. In some neighborhoods, children are killed in drive by shootings at schools, on the streets, in neighborhoods, in playgrounds and even in their own homes. There are many people, both adults and children, that carry guns, knives and chemical sprays for protection. violence in America
Despite the FBI being happy saying violent crime is falling after rising for two years. most people know this is ridiculous

It is growing daily as life for Americans gets more difficult daily and the conditions that lead to increased violence and insurrection are just beginning and worsening daily. Just a few interesting links if you are curious! I was going to show you a link to musicians worrying about getting killed in the big easy but you know how violent New Orleans has become along with Boston, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and it seems every hub in America has become both because of citizens and increasing stress and an overzealous Public Police force using whatever force they want necessary or not! Just a few reasons and examples why this violence is just beginning and will get much worse necessitating us being controlled even further.

Bernanke is equally as asinine! Despite a recent spike in the nation's unemployment rate, the danger that the economy has fallen into a "substantial downturn" appears to have waned, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday. Risk of major downturn 'diminished, look at this hogwash

* Fuel to heat your home and drive your car is going up every single day adding further to the daily stress of not just trying to heat your home and drive to work but just being able to afford the food you want!

* While this entire mess in our society is just beginning and authorities are declaring victory Americans are changing how they shop to combat high food prices. iReporters say they're planning trips to the grocery store with military precision -- arming themselves with coupons and making sure they're in the right shoppers' clubs to get the best deals. Others are looking even closer to home: buying in bulk from the local dairy on behalf of co-workers or just growing food in their yard. Eric Hubbard of Knoxville, Tennessee, says he pays about twice as much for food as he did in 2007. "Add to this the difference in the cost of gas," Hubbard says, "and it becomes apparent the problem that American families are facing." eating and surviving are just begging to become a way of life

The elderly are taking a big hit as High prices for gas and food have hit the Meals on Wheels program from two directions as it runs a financial deficit and loses the volunteers who deliver food to vulnerable seniors. In Albuquerque the program is tightening its own belt even as recipients tighten theirs. Meals on Wheels gets low-cost and sometimes even free warm food to housebound seniors. Often it's the seniors' only contact with the outside world. But now, that link is in danger. economic double whammy hits Elderly and meals on wheels

Meanwhile The number of laid-off workers filing for first-time unemployment benefits jumped last week, the government said Thursday, as lawmakers prepare to vote on a bill to extend unemployment assistance. lawmakers debate jobless extension yeah

This is happening around the world and it is just beginning and will get much worse! Auto plants in Spain were paralyzed and Portugal's main airport banned planes from refueling Wednesday as a third day of strikes by thousands of truckers caused heightened chaos and shortages. Truckers in Thailand also threatened to strike next week while their counterparts in South Korea plan to stop work on Friday, as the outrage over soaring fuel prices intensified around the world. Tens of thousands of truck drivers launched stoppages in France, Portugal and Spain on Monday to demand government help to cope with the rising price of fuel caused by rocketing oil prices, which last week reached almost 140 dollars a barrel.

The protests have paralyzed roads, causing huge tailbacks, notably on the French-Spanish border and around major Spanish cities, and left supermarkets short of fresh produce and some petrol stations without supplies. Two strikers were run over by vehicles and killed at picket lines on Tuesday. The Spanish auto plants of Seat, Nissan, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mercedes Benz said they had cut or halted production as the strike left them short of parts. In Belgium, the Volvo and Audi auto plants said they would be forced to close from Thursday due to the strike in Spain. In Portugal, the strike hit air transport as fuel shortages forced authorities at Lisbon airport to ban planes from refueling, except those on high priority flights. "We cannot refuel any planes, except those on urgent, military or state flights," a spokesman for the airport authority, Rui Oliveira, told Lusa news agency. The European Commission on Wednesday called on EU nations to take targeted action to help those most vulnerable deal with high oil prices. Global protests escalate

* This is just getting started and like the rest of the situations in the world will not be quelled by anyone despite the rhetoric. Conditions will worsen around the world not just here. Chaos will be the order of the day! Conditions associated with a declining situation creating violence and unrest will worse despite what the Feds or Bernanke or anyone else thinks or regardless of what happens this fall. Again I say don't sweat it just hunker down and be prepared!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

I don't see any sign that most Americans understand that this problem is world wide.

Which is why they are looking for a scapegoat. They want an enemy to punish, bomb, deal with, imprison assassinate, etc... so that the problems will go away.

Which is why I think that ANWR might not be drilled anytime soon. So long as it isn't drilled, we can blame those whacky environmentalists for all of our problems.

That's why I asked earlier if they really want it drilled, or do they just want to say they want it drilled.

Once we drill ANWR and our problems continue to mount, does John McCain stand up and say, "My friends, I fucked you. I lied to you and I fucked you. Thank you very much for your money and support."

If they don't drill, Tom Brokaw get on the news again and tell us once more that there's billions of barrels of oil in ANWR. Enough to last America hundreds of years... Then Rush Limbaugh can blame all of our problems on environmental whackos.

Weaseldog said...

Here is another view of the crisis.

The Impending Oil Export Crisis

an average patriot said...

You are right of course but if they want to kill someone the culprit is in the Wjite House! I wouldn't doubt at all if Americans do not realize this is world wide and just beginning. Like Bush most of them suffer from the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome "poor me, I get no respect"

an average patriot said...

That 2% makes me remember I believe that shortfall we talked about yesterday so I guess that guy was right on! Funny he used the canary in the mine analogy. I blame the mine problems on him too with him relaxing standards to help the owners. I blame everything on that bastard and I can't help it. He has his underhanded greasy little hands in everything gone bad!

Weaseldog said...

I see nothing wrong with blaming Bush for things he did.

If you ever see me screw up, you can point at me and say, "You did that."

We were obviously raised differently than most of our political bosses. They never take credit for anything they screw up, but they do take credit for the successes of others.

Brother Tim said...

"...we are all vulnerable to acts of violence."

If the obscenely wealthy elites (the corporatists and politicians) realized this, it would end in a heartbeat. They feel that their wealth somehow will protect them. History shows that there is no protection from hungry and homeless masses. What goes around, comes around. Their days are quickly approaching. Once chaos and anarchy takes hold, violence will become a way of life.

As for oil prices......once the dollar crashes, and it will, prices will stabilize. The dollars that are left in foreign reserves will be used for kindlin' to heat their homes. And we have brought it all on ourselves with our hegemonic and imperialistic yearnings.

As Pogo stated, "We have met the enemy, and he is us".

an average patriot said...

I'm like you! You don't have to tell me if I screw up. I'll be the one to tell you. I am going to speak the truth regardless of who it favors and it has never favored me.
It's funny, I raised clones and one is here till Saturday. We are peas in a pod and like they say, don't ask me if you don't want to hear the truth and like me they do not get curious nor ask questions figuring if you want them to know you will tell them. Most people including my Fiance don't understand that.
Wease i have to laugh you're good to go! You screwed up and one of your chicks paid the price, ha. when Bush screws up daily he denies it and we and the world pay the price. We have to get out from underneath this lying monkey and side step his lying crony McCain. Robert just did a good post on that liar and I got carried away but we can't let this happen again.

an average patriot said...

This of course is true: History shows that there is no protection from hungry and homeless masses. What goes around, comes around. Their days are quickly approaching. Once chaos and anarchy takes hold, violence will become a way of life.
I don't think most realize just what that means and couple that with world war, financial and environmental collapse and I reiterate this will dwarf the great Depression and WW2 combined. just keep the faith, relax, and keep in touch with us! I'll be over soon!

Mike S said...

To allude to an old saying, the USA must still have some chance of staying afloat because I don't see any rats running from Washington, D.C. Just the opposite, there's lots more clamboring aboard.

The Canadians are having great holidays here this year, good exchange rate, cheap gas compared to there, few locals on the road, less smelly truck traffic, etc, etc, etc.

Old Injun go warm bicycle up to go to prove he's citizen and been such long enough to vote. No longer matters whose people lived here 1st, need proof!!!!

an average patriot said...

I love and share your optimism but technically I am known as a optimistic realist! The rats are running to Washington and not away because they know as I keep pointing out and most must see by now, that we as citizens are increasingly told in crisis we are on our own and we see it in every crisis. If it was not for like minded citizens we would be screwed because the Government is concerned about themselves.
When all is said and done the rats I mean Government being well taken care of and the military will get together and start over on a smaller scale. Meanwhile us little Indians and survivors are on our own but we will be okay.

Dave Dubya said...

In the best case, if the Reich doesn't steal the election, Obama is going to have to deal with the Republicrats in his party. The Pelosis, Reids, and Feinsteins will try to keep him on the corporatist reservation.

At least the Supreme Court came through for Habeus Corpus, barely. If McCain is allowed to put in one more Reich Wing justice, we're through.

Anonymous said...

weird, the violence topic is exactly what me and my husband were discussing today. we are both confident in our abilities to adapt for survival but how confident can you be in everyone else? I am hoping we have enough time (maybe with the help of a small economic upturn) to sell and move as far away from a city as possible. Recently, I have been stocking up on knowledge. It may seem strange to someone with an agricultural background but I am an infant in self sufficiency. I am learning and practicing gardening, cooking, sewing, farming. Just in the last week I focused on chickens and learned how to build a coop for nesting, that they can lay eggs without a rooster, and how to butcher one. Seems elementary but I think if I didn't know, how many other people won't know and might see eggs and decide to use violence to take them?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

crime rate is really about to jump....side bar: happy fathers day

DivaJood said...

At least the Supreme Court came through for Habeus Corpus, barely.

But it did come through. And our system of checks and balances did work, albiet late. It did work. We have choices, and one choice is to live in fear. I contend that awareness does not mean we must be afraid. Yes, we are in a terrible Recession; yes, we are a violent nation; yes, we have a crisis in health care; yes, to all of it. It exists, it is real. But to just point it out without an attempt to find solutions is letting the Corpratocracy win. We have work to do, let's do that work without fear.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave!
Glad to hear from you! Yes we are on the edge and whatever happens this fall fighting the Reich will only get worse along with everything else. As i was just telling Diva and Karen we must stay together and in touch! This is still just beginning and that is not paranoia or speculation just plain fact and reality!

an average patriot said...

new mommy
Glad to hear from you! You covered so much in that comment! I don't know if you even realize it but you know Survival is my life long vocation and Poultry was my major in high school. I was the student foreman and use to go around the county and help citizens. I used to butcher turkey's and chickens on holidays for extra money. I was the Captain of the poultry judging team etc., etc., etc. Anyway you are right Roosters are culled from laying operations because they only cause trouble. They are only needed if you have a hatchery or a breeding farm. Weaseldog is on my Blog roll if you do not converse with him but he knows his stuff and has hatched his own chicks etc. Occasionally he publishes a video on sustaining etc. It is worth keeping up with the likes of him and you guys so gtood luck and stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

You make me laugh! I was on your site the other day and I wanted to tell you to cool it and get a room with that woman! Anyway yes like everything else it is really just beginning and will get much, much worse. It is part of the ending cycle of the life of a society and we are taking the entire world with us. Just stay with us brother. Happy Fathers Day to you too!

an average patriot said...

Hi Diva
Yes we have a lot of work and you just scratched the surface but no fear just prepare, be aware, and keeping moving forward trying to educate and make a difference that is all. now please stay in touch!

Weaseldog said...

I just placed an order for a dozen fertile Buff Orpington eggs.

I'll have 21+ days to build a better chick pen. I don't want to feed my friendly neighborhood red tailed hawks, anymore chicks this year.

Right now, I have a Partridge Penedesenca and a Barneveldar that have gone broody. The weather is nice and warm, so if the eggs come soon, I'll let them hatch them.

I ordered them from

They seem to have good feedback on Ebay.

an average patriot said...

Excellent! I can't wait to hear how it goes. As you know, letting them brood is unnecessary but fun to watch but so to is watshing them haqtch in an incubator.
You seem to be buying exotic breeds but I don't know. Do they still have the standard good layers like leghorns, rhode island reds, sex links etc? i used to work at a breeder farm where we primarily sold chicks and on the broiler farms we always bout new chicks and shipped out the broilers in 9 weeks. I worked at Hardees in Essex, Ma.
Anyway I was hoping that new mommy would catch what I said and check out your site and learn from you. She is pretty good and I love to see someone interrested That is why I love kids so much! Love curiosity! screw the hawks they'll find something else!

Weaseldog said...

My breeds are slightly exotic. But most were or are still commercial breeds on some parts of the world.

The Barneveldars and Welsummers are Dutch birds. They were bred their very dark eggs and as decent meat birds.

I like the Penedesencas. They lay very dark eggs. But they have some negative traits that make them unsuitable for me. Mainly they are small and nervous. They aren't good layers. But if I lived in the country and let them free range, they would probably be better at avoiding predators than the large breeds I keep.

Buff Orpingtons are English. The Queen of England has her own flock of these birds. They are friendly, calm and curious. They are also good layers and good meat birds. they get to 8-10lbs. Even the roosters are calm and unaggressive, compared to other breeds. I've actually had Buff Orpingtons jump into my lap for attention.

I started out with two Buff Orpingtons. But a neighbor dog got one and pulled her wings off. My new pup ( a few years ago) played with the other to death. Not a mark on her. But she was soaked in slobber when I found her.

My two current dogs were raised from little pups with the birds and are even gentle with chicks and kittens. So I'm giving the buffs a go again.

I had/have two black Orpingtons. They are little more aggressive. but the color is bad for the Texas heat. One died when the temps hit 105f. The other beats my dogs up when they act up. She doesn't take any guff.

My birds are laying birds, so they aren't really exotic. Just old fashioned. The commercial varieties that you mentioned are still popular. And they are better layers. If I were running a commercial operation, I'd be buying those instead. For a hobby operation, I like a bit of variety.

For the big farms, they go for a few specific hybrid types, and nothing else, to keep production running at it's limits.

If I had more room for a bigger hobby operation, I might be interested in true exotics like Golden Pheonixes and similar birds.

Orpingtons at

Weaseldog said...

Oh yeah, a number of my hens, I hatched in a ten gallon aquarium with a small modified space heater.

I rewired the heater to run with the fan always on and the lowest heat setting. I had a large jar of water with a towel in it, for humidity.

I covered the tank with a piece of plywood, with the last 20%, only covered in a towel for some air flow.

Expensive incubators are more convenient, but unnecessary in small operations.

Anonymous said...

weaseldog, thanks for the details on the incubator. I've been wondering the best way to do that. your's seems simple enough for me.

Weaseldog said...

Put a few bricks in the incubator to even out the heat and don't put the eggs right in front.

Set it up a few days in advance, so you can get the temperature set right. It'll deviate a few degrees. That's ok. Setting hens get up now and then.

Place the unit in a part of the house where the temperature is fairly constant. If you can't do that, you might use an ice cooler instead. Just cover it in glass or acrylic so you can read the temperature without opening it.

Then turn your eggs several times a day. In 21 days, magic happens.

Weaseldog said...

an average patriot said...

Interesting! You know more about those breeds than I do. I have to laugh I envision you going through a catalog like for gardening. You know how they castrate bulls so they grow more meat.
They do the same thing with chickens. Their little balls are in their stomach and I use to go around on do it for people with a razor blade and tweezers thus making capons.

an average patriot said...

As you know,you don't need much! It has been a while but what does it take like 29 days at 98 degrees or something llike that? I know you can set your watch by them. We always made sure we had some hatching during open house so the people could watch them hatch.

an average patriot said...

As you know,you don't need much! It has been a while but what does it take like 29 days at 98 degrees or something llike that? I know you can set your watch by them. We always made sure we had some hatching during open house so the people could watch them hatch.

an average patriot said...

new mommy
All right! If you need anything beyond what wease tells you, you can as you probably know find it in the internet. You are smarter and more concerned than I realized. Very good!

an average patriot said...

I haven't checked them yet but I wanted to thank you for the links and I kept forgetting.

an average patriot said...

Those Orpingtons are good looking birds. Some of them look standard but large for the layers I knew. Some look pretty exotic.
I have to keep looking but on another note did you see that Tim Russert died of a heart attack? That was unexpected!

an average patriot said...

Backyard chickens is an excellent source. I am so sorry I let my brother throw away my year by year copious notes I had on 100% every aspect of farming. I am very glad I was into it so deep and have a very good memory.