Monday, June 09, 2008

Bush is on his European "Get Riddance" Tour as the G8 warns of Global Recession! Duh Yah think? Look at all we have Bush to thank for!

Okay, I planned on discussing the G8 and the chief idiots victory tour in Europe but because of the American citizen thank you list I was sent and found necessary to publish I will give you the links and encourage you to read them. Then you will like this special Thank You to Bush on behalf of average Americans!

Sadly Bush has yet to do his worst! but President George W. Bush's motorcade will speed through European capitals this week, but for many Europeans, the Bush presidency is already in their rearview mirrors.Trans-Atlantic relations are on the upswing as European leaders have moved beyond their anger over the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Anti-Bush sentiment runs high on the streets, but that is being mollified by excitement among Europeans about the race to replace Bush. Like many Americans, Europeans are showing signs of Bush fatigue. Many believe Barack Obama and John McCain will have different positions - and perhaps more favorable - than Bush on issues important to Europe. The U.S. president continues to promote his agenda on issues like climate change, peace in the Middle East and world trade, yet his influence has ebbed. Bush on European Good Riddance Tour

Yesterday the G8 was meeting in Japan to hopefully quell this just developing Unstoppable global economic crisis

Meanwhile while bush is still going to be making demands on Europe like us they have nothing to be thankful for except surviving Bush

Now look at this! A Special Thank You To George W Bush By Ted Twietmeyer

On behalf of the American people, today I step forward and extend my thanks to you. During your two terms in office, you've worked very hard to help the average American's life. I'd like to take a moment or two and specifically thank you for the following:

* The stress of going to work for millions of Americans has been greatly relieved by your diligent efforts by sending all those terrible sources of income to China.

* Now that we have Homeland Security we can all sleep better knowing that when the doors of our homes are kicked in at night, it will be only for our protection and our own good. We trust you implicitly to do the right thing.

* Millions of Americans, who have been stressed out for years by living the American Dream of owning a home, will no longer have these worries. Living in a car or RV is so much simpler, and far more comfortable.

* The mice, ants, roaches and other pests brought on by having food in American cupboards and pantries has finally been brought under control. The New America you've given us has made that happen, by emptying pantries and cupboards all across America. Companies like D-Con, Rent-A-Kill and Orkin may have their very existence in peril with the lack of food.

* Your 100 year war you have bestowed upon the American people and indeed, all of the western world to fight terrorism will provide jobs for all. All those children from your wonderful "No Child Left Behind" public school policy that are now graduating from high schools everywhere are unfit for college. But they will find food, shelter, training and employment under the loving organization of Homeland Security.
* You have shown us you must be a God, for you could see the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center which was never televised. You were so humble that you didn't want to admit you could see it without the aid of television, so you stated you saw it on television.

* We all thank you for your gift of the Patriot Act. Since the 1200+ page document was all ready to sign the same week as 9-11, clearly you have the gift of foresight and had it all ready ahead of time. You saw that terrible evil coming on 9-11, but you didn't stop it because all those deaths were good for America.
* Your quiet, diligent work to take down America's borders by leaving them effectively undefended to allow millions of illegal aliens to enter America and burden her down in her time of need, is a love for America beyond compare.
* We all understand even another way you show us love, by the special protections you give to corporations like Blackwater that help destroy America's reputation. We realize that it's for our own good.
* We're all so sorry that those six nuclear weapons that reached Barksdale, Louisiana last year (the logistics staging airbase for the mid-east war) were stopped by those annoying patriotic Americans. They should have been allowed to proceed to destroy Iran and officially start WW3. After all, you know what's best for America.

* All Americans everywhere want to join together and thank you for the highest fuel prices in the history of the planet. It took you considerable hard work and the courage to give away all the Iraqi oil to foreign corporations that many thousands of American soldiers died for, to make this gift become a reality. Because of this wonderful gift, millions of Americans will no be troubled by making vacation plans. And they will not have to endure all that stress relief that goes with a nice vacation.

* We all want to extend a special thank you for staging not one war, but two wars without any means to pay for them. Foolish people on Capitol Hill during WW2 wasted so much time selling war bonds to pay for that war. Perhaps by the end of 2008, you can get a third front started for us to enjoy with no possible way to pay for it.

* Millions of homeowners everywhere are so grateful that you have pulled funding from minor projects like rebuilding America's aging infrastructure. Cities and towns everywhere have created tremendous tax increases, and homeowners everywhere are so happy about it they have used garage and yard sales to display and celebrate their gratitude for taxes they cannot afford.

* We're all grateful for you not working too hard to find your arch enemy and supposed architect of 9-11, Bin Laden. We understand your need for him, and that finding him would end all justification for the mid-east conflict. No one wants to let the air out of your war tires.
* There all are those careers you've so graciously destroyed in the military to protect yourself. These patriotic men and women have no business upholding the Constitution like they have, despite their oath when each was sworn in at the induction center. Their allegiance must be to you, not the Constitution. You have stated to us that the Constitution is "just a God-Da..d piece of paper" and this is how we know that you are where everyone's faith must be centered.

* Surely there are many more gifts you've given America, and we're terribly sorry if we have omitted them. And we're all sure, that the coming atrocities you'll bestow upon us and the world before you leave office will be for the good of America, and the entire world. In closing, I'd like to say that destroying America with a carefully crafted plan is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Certainly, you make Mike Rowe proud. But I don't think he'd be able to do your dirty job in a short segment on his cable show, "Dirty Jobs."

There is a lot more as you all experience daily. I just want to say thanks for solving our fuel addiction and obesity. We are just supposed to die now right? what would you like to add?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dave Dubya said...

And above all, thanks, George, for the crippling debt for the next generations to pay, and for the bleakest future we could possibly leave to those kids.

Heck of a job ya done there, Sport.

Brother Tim said...

I'd like to thank him for staying alive these past 7 1/2 years. If Big Dick Cheney was in the Oval Office, he'd have made Bush look like a Mother Teresa.

DivaJood said...

I am especially thrilled about the way Bush has managed to thin the crippling traffic in Los Angeles by letting the price of gas get so high no one can afford to fill their tanks. So nobody can drive to work, which is good, because the jobs have all gone to China anyway.

an average patriot said...

Hey where the hell you been? Glad to see you! What pisses you off is the scum has done all of this here and around the world and stupidly thinks he is the one that has been the victim. AAARRRGGGHHH!

an average patriot said...

You want to wish something would happen to Bush until you remember Cheney. Knowing that their next in line is worse than both of them we can not allow McDink to happen. How did that work out the other day by the way? Okay I trust!

an average patriot said...

Funny you say that because when I was on your site that is what came to my mind. Your prices are amongst the highest and your industry has to be taking a big hit. I hope you are well! On top of stopping Obesity and everything else we can add keeping marriages together as people can not afford divorce or breaking up the house. This is just beginning and you take care and stay in touch!

Weaseldog said...

I want to thank Bush for working to make the Federal Government an entity for pushing and funding religious fundamentalism.

His anti-science agenda, and his pro-evangelizing policies will help to insure that generations of Holy Warriors will be properly indoctrinated to continue the Holy Crusades begun so long ago in Western Europe.

Only a return to the Dark Ages can give us the sort of enlightenment that made the Spanish Inquisition possible. His pro-religion, pro-torture and pro-slaughter brown people, policies will shape our future for many, many years.

Not only that the huge piles of money that he and his religious friends have amassed will help them to better afford a nice place to live in, when they reach the afterlife.

an average patriot said...

We and the world can thank Bush for forcing us all how to make due and survive though to some of us that is just life and we will thrive where others... Stay in touch Bud!

Brother Tim said...

"Not only that the huge piles of money that he and his religious friends have amassed will help them to better afford a nice place to live in, when they reach the afterlife."

They gonna need it. What does a 10 billion BTU air conditioner cost????

an average patriot said...

I'll give them after life it'll be a cold day in hell they won't need no damn air conditioner!

Weaseldog said...

Ahhh, Tyrants go to the ninth circle of hell, where they are eternally frozen in ice.

So says Dante.

an average patriot said...

Man I'll go to hell for that just give me an ice pick!

Karen said...

worse. president. ever.

Can't wait to see him go, only thing, what he has left behind...

an average patriot said...

Amen! A couple years ago I did a series of posts stating he is the worst President in History and will go down by design as the President who destroyed America and it is just beginning. Yesterday I seem to have spent my entire day talking to people about survival! He has yet to do his worst and this is just beginning. As I keep saying just relax and be prepared!