Saturday, June 28, 2008

Democratic Unity Mccain vows he will defeat in last 48 hours! What underhanded ploy is he going to pull?

I was quite impressed at both Hillary's and Barrack's performance at Unity yesterday! Of course MSM had to put a damper on it and McDink is saying though he is the underdog in the last 48 Hours he will pull out a victory! what the hell is the right going to pull?

First yesterday at Unity The day began with a kiss. Sen. Barack Obama, on the tarmac at Reagan Washington National Airport, reached out to shake Sen. Hillary Clinton's hand and leaned down to kiss her cheek. It went on from there. Wearing a tie that matched her suit, he put his hand on her back, guiding the way up the plane steps. They sat side-by-side for the flight up to Manchester, New Hampshire, chatting amiably. One overheard conversation was about the plane. Clinton had used it during the primary season. They hopped on a souped-up bus for the 1½-hour ride to Unity, New Hampshire. honorary mayor of Unity introduced the pair, admitting that he was a Republican who voted for John McCain in the primary. He didn't seem so sure about the general election.

They walked onstage to the tune of "Beautiful Day." Arms around each other's waists, they smiled and waved at the crowd. Every camera angle had UNITY signs, big and little, in the backdrop. She said she wants to help elect him president. He gave an ode to Hillary: "She rocks." One woman stood at the back, periodically yelling, "Hillary for VP!" A few others, older women, stubbornly held up tattered Hillary For President placards. But the vast majority cheered her, "Thank you, Hillary!" and him, "Yes, we can!" They held new signs for the new times: "UNITY FOR CHANGE." As the dynamic duo glowed onstage, a Clinton staffer circulated through the press corps with word that Hillary and Bill Clinton had gone online to give the maximum contribution allowed by law to the Obama for President campaign. listen to and watch more at Unity

of course McCain had to try to screw it up as John McCain predicted the general election race would come down to the buzzer Friday, declaring himself the underdog but quipping that he’d ride to victory in the last “48 hours.” The comment came as new polls show Barack Obama leading nationally and in several key swing states. McCain may be hoping to reprise his nomination fight, in which he revived his flailing campaign just as primaries began. “I’m the underdog. I’m behind,” the presumptive GOP nominee told reporters in Ohio.

“I’ve got to catch up and get ahead. And I expect to do that about 48 hours before the general election,” he said with a laugh. On a day of heavy focus on the so-called “Unity” rally with Obama and Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, McCain also fired off accusations at his general election rival. He criticized Obama for opting out of public financing and refusing to join him for a series of town hall meetings. “I would meet him anywhere, anytime,” he said. “I have kept days open.” McCain later added that the meetings are “very, very unlikely.” Despite Unity McCain Predicts ‘Underdog’ Win in Final 48 Hours

That asshole! Obama better not meet under his terms as that would be a setup! McCain can say there will never be a one on one because he would never allow it unless it was a setup because Obama would embarrass the hell out of him! what the hell are Republicans going to pull now? Despite Democratic dominance and Unity McCain predicts victory in last 48 Hour! Knowing the many underhanded destructive to America possibilities we have discussed What the hell are they going to pull this time?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

"What the hell are they going to pull this time?"

Excellent question, Jim, excellent question.

an average patriot said...

Funny but I was just commenting to Jolly Roger on the phony anthrax threat just prior to pushing through the Patriot Act! that helped so now they have focused specifically at fear mongering the so called terrorist threat. I still have to wonder if lo and behold Bush will “come up” with Bin Laden before his time is up, if they are going to finagle another so called terrorist attack, or what they are going to do to underhandedly get McCain in who just said he will be the last minute President with 48 hours to go. attack Iran? what the hell are these scum going to do next? Hmm!

BBC said...

An Average Patriot.... You are just too fucking American and too brainwashed. Have you enjoyed your brainwashing?

Karen said...

Jim~ I just sent you an email. :o)

Larry said...

Check this site out Jim:

The Real John McCain

an average patriot said...

bbc like i said before I like you so I won't do down to your level but wake up this is the real world!

Karen I thank you and I will check it an a minute!

Larry Buddy that is a great video I wish more would watch. It is all documented fact. That video is comprised of numerous shorts and I hope many watch them all to see the danger of McCain! That video is one of I think 6 I posted the other day on the phony lying Repugs! Take care Bud!