Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain distanced himself from the comments, saying he "cannot imagine" why Black would make them. Knowing what we believe that was no slip!

First watch the routine Lies and cringe! Keep watching, It gets worse and worse!
Then as most now know, An adviser to Sen. John McCain apologized Monday for saying a terrorist attack on the United States would be "a big advantage" for the Republican presidential candidate. McCain said he "strenuously" disagreed with the remark. Charlie Black, a senior adviser to McCain, said he "deeply regrets" his comments to Fortune magazine. "They were inappropriate," Black told reporters at a fund-raising event in California. "I recognize that John McCain has devoted his entire life to protecting his country." And McCain distanced himself from the comments, saying he "cannot imagine" why Black would make them.

"It's not true," McCain said. "I've worked tirelessly since 9/11 to prevent another attack on the United States of America. My record is very clear." McCain cited his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee and his role in creating the 9/11 Commission in describing his efforts to stop terrorist attacks on American soil. "If he said that, and I do not know the context, I strenuously disagree," McCain said. Sen. Barack Obama's campaign called Black's remarks an example of "cynical and divisive" politics. "Barack Obama welcomes a debate about terrorism with John McCain, who has fully supported the Bush policies that have taken our eye off of al Qaeda, failed to bring Osama bin Laden to justice and made us less safe," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

"The fact that John McCain's top adviser says that a terrorist attack on American soil would be a 'big advantage' for their political campaign is a complete disgrace, and is exactly the kind of politics that needs to change," he added. In a Fortune interview, posted on the magazine's Web site Monday, Black said the Arizona senator demonstrated his fluency in foreign policy and security matters following the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in December. Bhutto's killing was an "unfortunate event," he said, but McCain's "knowledge and ability to talk about it reemphasized that this is the guy who's ready to be commander-in-chief. And it helped us." Asked if McCain would stand to benefit from a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Black answered, "Certainly it would be a big advantage to him." A McCain campaign official said Black, the former chairman of the lobbying firm BKSH & Associates, does not explicitly remember saying the comment, but does not dispute it. According to the official, he was trying to emphasize that McCain is favored on national security issues. On the day of Bhutto's December assassination, McCain seemed to suggest the calamity could offer him some political benefit. "I'm the one with the experience, the knowledge and the judgment," he told CNN's Dana Bash. "So perhaps it may serve to enhance those credentials." Knowing what we believe that was no slip

yesterday we discussed the real underhanded ruthless deceitful McCain and it is not just McCain's politics that are disturbing. It is his personality, too. For McCain has a secret reputation as a man with a ferocious, unpredictable temper. He is a man who has a knack for pursuing vendettas against those he thinks have slighted him, even if they are lowly aides.The list of worrying incidents is long. In 1995 he ended up almost physically scuffling with aged Senator Strom Thurmond on the Senate floor. And, according to some accounts, in 2006 he had a fight with Arizona congressman Rick Renzi, throwing blows in a scrap whose details have only recently been detailed in Schecter's book. Schecter unearthed another unpleasant incident from 1992 in which McCain, tired after a long day's campaign, reacted badly to his wife Cindy teasing him about his baldness. 'At least I don't plaster on the make-up like a trollop, you cunt,' McCain snapped in front of eyewitnesses. Schecter says he has three sources for the story. McCain's campaign have denied it.

Such public outbursts, and many other private ones, have concerned people even in his own party. Former New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith publicly voiced his concerns, once saying McCain's temper ' ... would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger'. That sentiment was echoed by Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who told a Boston newspaper: 'The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.'Yet McCain is still campaigning successfully as the lovable, maverick patriot. It is a strategy his staff believe will win the White House. So the tricks and stunts keep on coming.

A few weeks ago a letter was delivered to Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters. It was from McCain and in gracious language it offered to hold weekly 'town hall' meetings across America where he and Obama would appear side by side. It would be a far cry from the rancorous circus of televised debates. The audience would be neutral independents. The questions would be random. It would summon back a golden age of gentlemanly politics. 'I also suggest we fly together to the first town hall meeting as a symbolically important act embracing the politics of civility,' McCain wrote.

Like the Denver speech, it was a vintage McCain ploy: superbly geared to his everyman image of decency. But the true McCain is far different. His dark side is real and Democrats will need to expose it if America is to avoid a third successive term of extreme conservative government. Now Democrat activists are pushing out their argument that McCain is a conservative wolf in a moderate sheep's clothing. They are highlighting the temper, the pro-war ideology and the links to lobbyists. 'We think he just means four more years of Bush,' says Karen Finney, a director at the Democratic National Committee. Finney's job is to convince Americans they have got McCain wrong, that they have been fooled. She and her fellow activists have less than four months to succeed. But for now, as America gears up to one of the most important elections in its history, McCain's dark side remains largely hidden behind closed doors.

Knowing McCain is a total liar in the image of Bush and worse and many of us expect something to happen this fall, an attack on Iran, a terorist attack on us, something that is goin g to be lied about and used in the favor of the Republican party with fear mongering so they can keep in Bush or get in McCain to further this war mongering. We have to continue to try and get the truth out as to what is happening and has been happening from day one! We have to get the entire country to realize how underhanded and despicable McCain is! We can not survive a McCain Presidency! I am afraid our future has been established for us already because of Bush but having said that we need to have Barrack Obama at the helm if we are to have any chance at all!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


PoliShifter said...

I've noticed over the past couple weeks the media is getting more and more in the tank for McCain.

The media is also pushing heave the "drill more oil!" meme even though we know it's the enron loop hole and the weak dollar driving oil prices along with saber rattling against Iran. Even though the oil co's are sitting on millions of acres of leases on and offshore and refuse to drill for oil 'casue it's too expensive for them.

I still think Bush/Cheney will attack Iran before November and I think Bin Laden will endorse Obama a few days before the election.

I think that's why McCain smiles the way he does...he knows he's got big money, big oil, and big power behind him.

an average patriot said...

This is so convoluted and screwed up and by design to cover the facts and follow ones selfish interest. You are probably right about Obama hell Al Qaeda already endorsed him didn't they? There is no honesty today only a lust for power as the world lines up to destroy it self! This is all unfriggenbelievable! Did you by any chance watch that video on McCain's lies? It is quite good! It is one short after the other of all his lies. You may want to use it. I sent it to Robert! Take care!

Brother Tim said...

The House of Cards is getting ready to fall. I say let's get it on and over with so we can start on reconstruction.

Mike S said...

The thing McCain, along with the majority of politicians, has moved the farthest away from, is reality.

Larry said...

If McCrazy really was against what his mouthpiece Charlie Black said he would have fired him when it happened.

Getting that statement out and then the phony apology keeps it circulating and serves the purpose of evil that their black hearts have intended.

The only maverick in McCrazy is he is even more out of control than the idiot in chief currently ruining this country.

an average patriot said...

You got it! I am all for it but most do not realize this falling will not be a quick or user friendly thing. It will be long protracted, deadly ruthless, and by design world altering!

an average patriot said...

Right on! Reality is what they want period! To achieve it their new world order lying to achieve their new reality is the new truth! We jare4 powerless and just along for the nasty ride. As such as the partisans did during WW2 we must hold together and make it through this!

an average patriot said...

You got it Bud! McCain most likely had Black put it out! You might haver read yesterday and today on the real underhanded lying grinning smart ass McCain. He got it oyut and like the chief scum he is emulating he will lie and distance himself from what he put out for his benefit and look like he is above the Fray. I am so sick of this new high level of deceit politics brought into void by Rove years ago and followed by Bush. Sadly it is the new standard!

two crows said...

I've been out of the loop for a while so -- did McCain ever fire Black's sorry ass?
if not, we know where he stands.

an average patriot said...

two crows
Funny but I never heard anthing about it. I seriously doubt it though. I assume it came right from McCain and as usual he too will deny it and will have already gained the benefit. I am so sick of the underhanded politics of today! You know, If Black worked for Barrack there would have been instant hell to pay. Why not the reverse? I am sick of the double standard!