Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yesterday I said China and the US would confront each other despite the finance situation, today for contrarians some proof!

Yesterday in response to my saying that China and Russia will come to the aid of Iran when an all out confrontation breaks out between Iran and the US there was the standard group of people who said the US would never endanger the tenuous relationship with their money source and that China would never endanger their primary income source. Well guess what today brings?
First the closing arguments in yesterdays story. Both Moscow and Beijing share a heightening distrust of what they see as the United States' oversized role and influence in global politics, and the two former Cold War rivals have forged a "strategic partnership" aimed at counterbalancing Washington's policies. The Russian-Chinese war games, which took place near the Urals Mountain city of Chelyabinsk, coincided with Russian air force maneuvers involving 20 strategic bombers which ranged far over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans.

The group of strategic bombers, early warning aircraft, fighter jets and refuel
ing planes represented the biggest show of Russian air power in that region since the early 1990s, said Brig. Gen. Ole Asak, chief of the Norwegian Joint Air Operations Center. NATO in recent years has expanded to include the former Soviet republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO is a regional group dominated by Moscow and Beijing and are obviously on Iran's side. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose country has SCO observer status, attended the summit for the second consecutive year. On Thursday, Ahmadinejad echoed Russia's criticism of U.S. plans to deploy missile interceptors in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic, saying they were a threat to the entire region.

later Yesterday I learned Dozens of anti-China bills, denouncing China for alleged currency manipulation, illegal subsidizing of exports and violations of intellectual property law, have been circulating in the Senate for months. But since the recent health scares over toothpaste laced with antifreeze and tainted pet food from China, the anti-China sentiment on Capitol Hill has noticeably risen. So much so that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is about to head to China to raise "issues of concern to the U.S. Congress" with Chinese officials, including Chinese Premier Hu Jintao.
The threat of a trade war with China, by far the largest holder of U.S. debt, is serious. If China perceives itself a target, it might in turn levy a harsh tax on American imports, or outright forbid them. Such consequences, though, are not high on the minds of several Congressional committees looking for a way of easing the trade imbalance, which last year reached $233 billion.

The Senate Finance Committee approved a bill, by a 20-1 vote, that would allow the Treasury to take action against China by lowering its standard for identifying currency distortion. Since China stopped pegging its currency to the dollar in 2005, Senators say that the Yuan may have been undervalued by as much as 40%, making American exports to China more expensive and Chinese exports to America cheaper.The Senate Banking Committee has its own China bill, which would also make it harder for the Treasury to avoid labeling China as a currency manipulator.
The feeling is that China must be held accountable for its predatory practices. meanwhile we are watching Russia and China willing to confront us on not only a financial field but in a military field. This confrontation is growing on every front and it will end in as desired, Confrontation.,8599,1647881,00.html

I reiterate It is unbelievable to me to think that Bush does not realize that when all is said and done and the war in the middle east ramps up as Iran and the US go after each other, that Russia and China will step in to help Iran regardless. Bush's drive for war and new middle east order will soon be WW3 and total disorder. Can anyone see this possibly being avoided?
James Joiner Gardner, Ma


Anon-Paranoid said...

Of course China and Russia will aide Iran. We have been interfering in the Middle East and else where around the World for a very long time.

Just think, 700 Military Bases. Why do we need so many to protect us. Interference is the reason.

And another reason why China and Russia will go to Iran's aide is one word. OIL!!!

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

It is hard to say which reason is more powerful for Russia and China to go against us with Iran and others, oil or a desire to see the worlds number one war monger destroyed.
The entire world has had enough of the chief idiots new world order crap and they will and are rebelling.

Larry said...

If Bush is dumb enough for a trade war with China, then we will really be defeated.

The U.S has been in loved with Chinese goods for years, but since Bush took office, China has purchased so much of the U.S. through investments and loans, that they would cripple us in little time.

Once again the tough talker can't back up his rhetoric, or his actions.

Larry said...

I also think China and Russia will go to the aid of Iran once Bush starts his World War that he craves so much.

Of course he doesn't mind, he has thousands of acres in Paraguay, and all the oil wealth he will ever need.

Larry said...

Here's how Bush cares for the veterans:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new study found that 1.8 million veterans under 65 are uninsured and unable to find care at Veterans Affairs hospitals.

This finding was released during the House Committee on Veterans Affairs earlier this month.

Stephanie J. Woolhandler, a Harvard Medical School professor, testified there that about 290,000 have entered the ranks of uninsured veterans since 2000.

Veterans counted as uninsured include those who said they lacked health insurance or veterans or military health care.

Woolhandler’s information is based on two national surveys, one administered by the Census Bureau and the other by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Republican lawmakers, however, questioned her study since she is an advocate for government-run national health insurance program.

Woolhandler disagreed with their conclusion, noting that her experience in the VA hospital system backs up her figures.

In 2005 alone, about 45 million Americans were uninsured, according to the Census Bureau.

The hearing itself covered discussion over whether to allow Priority 8 veterans to receive healthcare services at VA hospitals.

Adding these specific veterans into the system would increase the cost estimates up from $366 million to $3.3 billion a year.

Lawmakers worry that this inclusion would prevent veterans with more serious health problems from receiving needed services.

In 2006, the VA health system enrolled almost eight million veterans. But only 900,000 of the uninsured veterans are Priority 8, while the rest are unable to travel to the VA for care, according to Woolhandler.

LET'S TALK said...

Wow, great post. I do not know where to start. I will start by saying, we all know that China is financing Russians Gazprom to develop Iran oil fields. We know Russia is building two nuclear power plants in China and a ten billion dollar gas pipeline to China from Siberia.
All this stems from Iran's Oil and nuclear energy. Because of what is at state. Russia and China has long got pass their border issues and are making way for a new control and security strategy for the region. This includes security for Iran as well.
Bush would have to be out of his mind to chance such a confrontation with Iran at this point and everyone knows it. There is to many players in this threat and America is not holding the better hand to risk such a thing now or in the future.

sumo said...

Bush's past actions and stupid policies show us that he is entirely capable of making such a gross mistake as to think he can actually do and win these things he thinks he must accomplish. What I don't why he feels he must accomplish these things that are so obviously dumb and wrong. How can he possibly think they are in the best interests of this nation? How could they possibly be in his best interest either? They can't be in anyone's interest if they are dead from radiation fallout!

an average patriot said...

You know I agree with you 100% about Bush. I am afraid though that in this time it is Congress who is saying enough of the pandering already it's time to act but I do think you are right as to the results.
I have my own theory about all the money we owe China and his intentions as far as they are concerned and that is that he will run up the tab as high as he can because he plans on going to war with them, winning, and then excusing the debt. What do you think about that?

an average patriot said...

Again, you are antirely right! After Bush screws up the country and the wolrd and he has his total war with China, Russia, and everyone else, he will escape to his 1,200 acres in Paraguay whinc just happens to be over the Gurana Aquifer one of the safest deep earth fresh water sources in the world.
I wrote a few stories on this too in the past. the elite wealthy are quietly buying up land down there. You know who his neighbor is across the boarder in Argentina? Ted Turner, with 100,000 acres.
Anyway like his brethren the nazi's he will be hunted down and they know where to find him.

an average patriot said...

From personal experience I will say it is a lot worse than Woolhander says. From top to bottom veterans and their necessary supportive agencies are grossly ignored and underfunded.
I know many veterans who rely on the VA as their only healthcare source. Many with PTSD. I have an appointment today. When I go to the VA in Bedford once a month I get my haircut there and when you get a haircut you have to face the door and away from the mirror because there are so many schiszofrenics there.
It bothers me to to see the numerous messed up vets roaming the hallways especially knowing many are down ant out and ignored. Sadly this is a microcosm of what goes on around the entire country and like everything else this situation too will get a lot worse.

an average patriot said...

Lets talk
Thanks and you know I agree with you. Iran, China, and Russia, are firmly in bed with each other and are inly 3 of the many who want to see us destroyed, primarily because of little Hitler.
Don't forget the 135 non aligned Nations and the middle east amongst others. They are all uniting to see us destroyed and I will guarantee you Bush the mad man does not care and will keep pushing all of them and he will attack Iran.
Unless Bush knows something us and the rest of the world do not know we are way over our head and in serious trouble. I am very peeved for my Grankids and my sons that are fighting this idiots wars because it will get a lot worse soon.

an average patriot said...

You are another one that cares and stays on top of things. I will be over to your site when I get situated.
I am going to have to link to you too so I can keep up with you. I am discovering some good sites of late thanks to Lydia and Larry.

an average patriot said...

You are right on of course but before I answer I want to say I have been keeping and eye on your site to see how things are. How is your husband? Everything is going to be okay I trust!
I have to tell you, Larry touched on something I wrote about a few times and I responded to him about what Bush is doing, what will happen, and where he will go after he screws everything up for us and the world. I hope you look at it.
Now you have touched on something else I have written about numerous times and many get mad at me for but have you ever heard of the nasty surprise China and Russia have for Bush called the Assassins Mace?
That space war that supposedly no one wants but we are prepared for and going to have will be what decides this mess.
Remember, everything today weapons, all ships, including our fighters and aircraft carriers, are controlled by satellites so you take those out and we or whoever is dead in the water.
Also as you alluded to, everything up there is powered by depleted uranium and what goes up must come down.
Worse, once satellites start getting destroyed enmasse we will be trapped on earth as no one would be able to travel period through the myriad of space Debris. Oh man what a future!

pissed off patricia said...

I don't know what is going to happen but I do know if we don't stop jabbing a stick in Iran's eye we are going to have something a lot worse than Iraq to deal with. Our soldiers will be sitting ducks in Iraq if we do something real stupid like bomb Iran. Iran has a large healthy military and they would probably love having a good reason to cross the border into Iraq.

an average patriot said...

Yes, we are damned if we do damned if we don't. Anyway you look at it this will escalate into total middle east war and then world war. No one can stop it!
This total mess is still just taking shape and the chief idiot is underestimating Iran and its ties with Russia and China. Good comment!