Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yesterday saw a glimmer of Bipartisanship then despair, Todays talk shows more despair, finally hope, Mr Smith goes to Washington!

Yesterday saw a glimmer of Bipartisanship then despair, Todays talk shows more despair, finally hope, Mr Smith goes to Washington!
It is very despairing watching Bush's damage pile up every day and get worse with us powerless to stop it. Our only hope of stopping the chief idiot is to get Congress united to stop this fool and quickly though I believe nothing will stop him and it is already too late. Yesterday I saw hope then it was crushed once again. finally some unity to defeat Bush and his damn veto. At least the children matter. I wish they would think of them and realize what allowing Bush to continue his wanton destruction has done to their future.

Anyway, The Senate passed legislation Thursday to add 3 million lower-income children to a popular health insurance program in bipartisan defiance of President Bush's threatened veto. The 68-31 vote, one day after the House passed a more ambitious and expensive version over bitter Republican opposition, handed Democrats a solid achievement to trumpet as they leave Washington for a summer break.
It also gave Democrats, who secured a veto-proof margin, a chance to draw a stark distinction between their priorities and Bush's on an issue that resonates with voters. "For the life of me, I can't understand why the president would want to veto this legislation," said Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the Finance Committee chairman. "It's moderate, it's bipartisan, it helps low-income kids. ... It's just the right thing to do for the country.

"Bush has proposed spending $5 billion to extend the program. He says the Senate's $35 billion expansion would balloon the decade-old program beyond its original mission of covering children of working-poor parents and would move more people toward government-run health care. The Senate measure now must be reconciled with the House-passed $50 billion expansion, which was paid for partly by cutting government payments to Medicare Health maintenance organizations. Both bills include hefty tax increases on tobacco products to pay for the spending increase.
Senate backs expansion of children's health insurance program -

Finally the right thing was done but man you know Bush is seething over a tax increase and a defeat. Then I saw more hope for our future as The House overwhelmingly passed a $20 billion water projects bill Wednesday night despite a promised veto by President Bush, who complains the bill is laden with costly pet projects and shifts new costs onto the government. The bill includes $3.5 billion for Katrina damaged Louisiana, seen here in August 2005.
"I regret that we're in this situation. But we're going to have to do what we have to do," said Rep. John Mica, R-Florida, rallying support for a bill loaded with Army Corps of Engineers projects such as restoring wetlands in coastal Louisiana, improving hurricane protection in New Orleans and adding new drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.
Shepherded by Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minnesota, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the bill was seven years in the making and finally passed the House on a 381-40 vote after it was agreed upon by House-Senate negotiators. He said he expected Congress would quickly override any veto by the president.
This year's bill includes some $3.5 billion for Katrina damaged Louisiana, plus more than $2 billion for projects in California and $2 billion for Florida, mostly for restoring the Everglades. Another $1.95 billion is included for seven new locks on the upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers and $1.7 billion for repairing the region's ecology.
House defies veto threat on water projects bill -

Real help for Katrina ravaged New Orleans and Louisiana where despite his rhetoric Bush has come through with nothing. You know he hates this too. I was getting hope that we may stop Bush.
Then The House approved modest changes to President Bush's record Pentagon budget proposal early Sunday, but Democrats signaled plans to resume a more contentious debate over the Iraq war after the August recess.
The House's $459.6 billion version of the defense budget, approved on a 395-13 vote, would add money for equipment for the National Guard and Reserve, provide for 12,000 additional soldiers and Marines, and increase spending for defense health care and military housing. Of course The White House criticized Democrats for cutting Bush's request and effectively transferring $3.5 billion of the money to domestic spending programs.
It is likely the cuts will be restored this fall when Congress passes another wartime supplemental spending bill. The administration has not threatened to veto the measure. only because the vote is pretty much veto proof. - House Approves $460 Billion Pentagon Budget - Politics Republican Party Democratic Party Political Spectru

It was looking like both sides of the aisle was going to come together for the good of the country. Then Friday back to the games. The House on Friday unanimously agreed to create a special select committee, with subpoena powers, to investigate Republican allegations that Democratic leaders had stolen a victory from the House GOP on a parliamentary vote late Thursday night, in an incident that included Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford.
The move capped a remarkable day that started with Republicans marching out of the House in protest near midnight Thursday, was punctuated by partisan brawling, and ended with Democratic hopes for a final legislative rush fading. Even a temporary black out of the House chamber's vote tally board led to accusations of skullduggery.
While Democratic leaders hoped to leave for their August recess on a wave of legislative successes, the House instead slowed to an acrimonious crawl that threatened to stretch the legislative session into next week. Derailing Democrats has to be the only reason this unprecedented move was made. The agreement for a special committee was extraordinary. Such powerful investigative committees usually are reserved for issues such as Watergate and the funneling of profits from Iranian arms sales to the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s."I don't know when something like this has happened before," said House deputy historian Fred Beuttler.

Here we are back to square one and the childish harmful to America, games. Then this morning I was going through the news channels and today's offering of Political talk shows and due to the Partisan worthless game playing I turned them all off in disgust. Then on Turner Classic Movies a ray of hope.
Jimmy Stuart's Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Love that movie and it has always given me hope for the future of our America today. We need a Mr. Smith today and soon. We need someone to step forward and do the right thing for America. Be different, do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Time for games and talk is over and our so called leaders will not get it until it is too late.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dusty said...

Your more positive than I am at this point. I am just sick and tired of the whole BushCo "family values" nightmare.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Oh come on now. Don't you like the Words...

Let the Games Begin.

This in one deadly game being played out in the Congress and the only losers are the American People.

I wish the Decider would spread some Democracy over here in America as he is trying to spread it over in Iraq.

On second thought forget what I just said. I don't think we could take the constant bombing and daily death toll in our cities as he tries to spread his version of Democracy.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

I wish I was positive. I am positive it is too late and we have to take action but we will not. Many are too lazy and still do not have a clue.
I am sick of all the lying two faced crap too but w3e are powerless and it will continue. I just can't stand it.
Friggen Bush will continue his crap and it pisses me off that he continues to get away with it. Bush will continue to lie and evade all accountability. He will worsen these wars too before Congress can get it together and stop him.
I have sent Doctrines to every Senator, Congress, and media outlet, in hopes of waking them up but they could care less and only want to play their games and make money. We are screwed!

an average patriot said...

We are in serious trouble man and the chief idiot isn't done yet. The two faced lying little bastard will make things a lot worse here and around the world. This is all still just beginning and will not end with him.