Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because Of Bush the Army's in trouble, offers $2,000 for referrals, $20,000 for quick trip to Iraq on top of everything else!

Bush continues to screw us As I remember how important the military was during Katrina I lament what Bush has driven their Recruitment efforts to!
I just heard the chief idiot telling people how New Orleans is better today than before Katrina. It is for the rich but how can even the idiot say that to all those that have had their lives destroyed and will never be back to normal. As we remember Katrina and look at the disaster that was allowed and still continues for the poor in New Orleans while the NO of the affluent is now thriving I am reminded of a story I did two years ago saying how important the military is becoming right or wrong, intended or not, good or not, to our survival, by design? Remember General Honore!

Anyway, thinking about that and we must, I am reminded what Bush and his perceived ineptitude which I guarantee you is not but is his unstoppable drive for new societal, middle east, and world order, has done to our society and our very important military in their effort to keep themselves staffed and it will only get much worse soon!
In the past I have done numerous stories as to how our recruitment standards both age wise and quality wise have been laxer to try and keep our military staffed as Bush continues to abuse and misuse them.
The impact of two wars on military troops goes beyond mounting combat casualties. Those are the tragic, tangible impacts that an angered nation can wrap its frustration and war-weariness around. But the impact also is revealed in troops strained by multiple tours of duty and in recruitment standards lowered to the point that a criminal record is no longer grounds for rejection. It is revealed by a rising soldier suicide rate.The nation is struggling to sustain its military and remember how important it is getting to our day to day survival. Tell me your thoughts on this!

Some signs of strain: The suicide rate among Army soldiers in 2006 is at its highest in 26 years. A report released last week found a significant relationship between suicide attempts and length of deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan or nearby countries where troops are taking part in the war effort. More than 180,000 soldiers have served multiple tours in either Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001. According to the Department of Defense, more than 400,000 soldiers have served multiple tours in both wars.
The Army is proposing to further boost its recruitment approach by offering tax-free incentives of up to $45,000, increasing the number of troops given waivers for positive drug and alcohol screenings and creating a more "pleasant" boot camp environment. This, after the Army has already loosened standards and spent $1 billion last year on recruiting bonuses and ads.

That is all becoming necessary thanks to Bushies perceived ineptitude and in fact, new societal and World Order wars. I find these latest incentives very confusing myself and I would expect they were designed that way to the military's benefit. Maybe you can help me understand them? In addition to the above efforts Army leaders, struggling to meet recruitment goals in the midst of a long and unpopular war in Iraq, are quietly working out final details of a program that would give bonuses of $2,000 per recruit to any National Guard soldier who brings somebody into the active duty Army.
Army Secretary Pete Geren disclosed the plan in an interview with The Associated Press, calling it an innovative effort to get broader reach into local communities. The Guard members, Geren said, are "much more in contact with the civilian population than the active duty soldier is. So they give us reach into a larger segment of the community on a personal level, a one to one basis, than we get through our recruiting relationships."
Under the new plan, a recruit would join the Guard but indicate that they are intending to shift to active duty. After they finish basic training they would either sign up for 30, 36 or 48 months in the active Army, or change their mind and simply stay in the Guard. The Army secretary said the impact of the new Guard program would be felt next year when Guard soldiers will "become an important part of the active recruiting force." The secretary says "they would recruit soldiers into the active component," adding that the recruits would then have continuing obligations in the reserves.

Besides the warm Bodies all being abused and being taken advantage of I do not understand this and only see that it is a win, win for Bush as he continues to worsen our situation and create more mores for the future. Knowing that and what may inevitably crop up here this last incentive blew me away. I am stunned that Nearly all US Army recruits since late July have signed up for a special 20,000-dollar bonus for a quick departure, an official said Monday, amid concerns the Pentagon is eroding combat standards with such incentives.
Out of 6,611 people who enlisted in the Army between the program's start on July 25 and August 24, a total of 6,264 or 94.8 percent are receiving the hefty bonus, in return for agreeing to start basic training within 30 days. "Practically everyone who's enlisting now is eligible for this 'quick-ship bonus' if they're willing to ship by the end of September," said Douglas Smith, spokesman for the US Army Recruiting Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
The 20,000-dollar bonus, which amounts to more than a year's salary for most young Army recruits, is due to expire at the end of the US fiscal year on September 30. Following two straight months of enlistment shortfalls, the program helped the US Army exceed its July recruiting goal of 9,750 by about two percent, according to Pentagon statistics.

My concern is not that people enlist for money rather than Patriotism as long as they serve honorably. I do not see the money as the problem but a "symptom" of the problem, President Bush. We must get rid of the disease but I am afraid we will be living with his dire consequences for many years to come. What is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


PoliShifter said...

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Bush is asking for $50 Billion more for Iraq and because the surge is going so well, he wants to send even more troops...

I don't think there are more troops unless you start sending the marine band and color guard...wich means, you guess it....Extended comes 18 to 24 month tours.

How long before the Army quits?

Well, at the rate BlackWater is growing, Bush will be able to higher a private army to fight his war. Then he won't have to answer to the American People. But wait, we'll still be paying for it...but becaue it's a cost plus contract, we won't hear the details.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Everything is better for the rich now thanks to the idiot in chief. The rest of the country has suffered.. Katrina is the perfect example of neglect by this misadministration.

Larry said...

How many soldiers sign up to get the money, but are stiffed by the Bush regime that we aren't aware of?

Larry said...

Notice how the military is completely falling apart, the economy is being crushed brick by brick, and the freedoms of citizens are being squashed to the degree of no return.

Is this all a coincidence or something more sinister?

Isn't the answer clear.

an average patriot said...

I like your input and attitude. You and Larry are the two I think get it the most. I took down some information last night that verified everything I have been saying for years now and it is quite sobering and scary.
I have been calling for the chief idiot to make his move on Iran this fall and certainly before Congress can stop him. Then this will really get started.
I am with one hand as you may know so this may take a little time. I have to address some issues first and I do have to see if I can contact the Iran think tank I have been in touch with in the past who think they can avoid a war with Iran.
Forget it ! I was listening to the mad man last night and while we are concerning ourselves with the myriad of societal problems and Bush created crises around the world I heard the mad man last night open his hand.
I was right and is the world ever in serious trouble. I will send you this in hopes that you get it and we stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

s-q you are entirely right and Katrina was allowed to happen in order io clean out the Gulf of what Bushco terms ilk and rebuild their new order version which is what you are watching happen. Nothing will change and things will quickly get a lot worse.
While we are fretting over all that is happening here Bush is quickly going to ratchet things up in the middle east with yesterdays threats of a middle east nuclear holocaust. He will guarantee it and start it.

an average patriot said...

Larry you really have to wonder but I would expect that as long as you are a warm body and do not espouse a hate for his perverted Christianity.

an average patriot said...

Larry that is not a coincidence. While we are busy Fretting over our failing society Bush is speeding up his efforts at new middle east and world order. Last night was his latest veiled threat and it will happen soon and the entire world will be screwed. I told you time for talk is over.