Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo resigns! Yesterday I tried and failed to write about Bush's misuse of a Iraq Vietnam analogy because of my wrist today its one of today's many..

I broke and dislocated my right wrist so please bear with me. I spent 10 hours yesterday trying to get something put together. I finally got it but it was late and I had to put it aside. this morning I wake to hear the on line NYT reports Gonzo resigned, I know they will lie about it and it is about damn time but now it is up to dems to keep his new order enabling lies alive and hold all of them accountable.
now, Yesterday I tried and failed to write about Bush's misuse of a Iraq Vietnam analogy because of my wrist today it is one of today's many inequities!
Again I preface by saying bear with me. I am typing with just my left hand and after 5 hours I gave up yesterday but the morning's inequities make it necessary to try again today. yesterday I was stunned after seeing Bush duplicate every single mistake made during Vietnam and have him deny any comparison he invoked Vietnam for the entirely wrong reason in hopes of using the analogy for political gain and again no one called him on it and he got away with this too.
He actually compared Vietnam to Iraq saying we left too early and got a lot of innocent people killed. Wait a minute, in both cases attacking to force a democracy is what caused those people to get killed. You see it today as every time a victory is declared for democracy more innocents lose their lives to truck bombs and murder. Today I was reading that the so called experts came out in time to back up little Bush too say if we did not listen to the hawks and stayed a little longer we would have won. BS, As in Iraq, loss was guaranteed on day one trying to force a Democracy where it was not wholly wanted.let me show you a little something!

This absolutely stunned me when I heard it on WBZ Radio. In regard to Bush in my mind declaring "mission complete" on the aircraft Carrier after the initial surge into Baghdad I have to think about that but knowing for years now Bush has been advised by many that he cannot win militarily in Iraq as we all knew and know and he still insists on keeping our troops in this growing civil war, I heard this and it blew me away.
We always hear Iraq being compared to Vietnam but this morning I heard that Lyndon Johnson was told he could not win militarily for the first time in 1966. 95% of all the names on the Vietnam war "wall" memorial were put on there as a result of continuing the war after he was told he couldn't win militarily in 1966.
Bush is mirroring Vietnam and worse in every way, including in this respect. That means most of the 58,000 lost were wasted just for political gain. That stuns me and knowing Bush will do what he has to too stay in the middle of his created middle east mess I am concerned as to how high he would have this number rise all the while feigning to be a loyal loving American President. My eye!

Anyway I heard a couple more very stunning developments! The other day I did hear Maliki's announcement after hearing American politicians call for his ouster while he was meeting with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad that he didn't need us, he had other friends he could rely on. That told me he had other friends influencing him now as many of us believe including Iran that bush wants to attack and with the Revolutionary Guard as his excuse, is almost ready. We know this middle east breakdown will mot be controlled nor is their a real desire to stop it but most of you know I have additional concerns over there now.
Anyway that brings me to the last thing I heard yesterday and it ties right in to what I said about Bush attacking Pakistan and Iran at the same time from the Gulf now that he is supplying Billions in advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia and other supposed allies.

Yesterday I hear Pakistan on Saturday test fired Hatf-8, a new air-launched cruise missile that the military said was designed to provide Pakistan’s air platforms with a “strategic stand off capacity” on land and at sea. According to a military statement, the test of the indigenously developed low-flying stealth design missile, also named Ra’ad, meaning thunder in Arabic, was successful.The missile has a range of 350 km, can carry “all types of warheads” and its accuracy is comparable to the recently tested Babur cruise missile, the military said. Pakistan on Saturday test fired Hatf-8, a new air-launched cruise missile that the military said was designed to provide Pakistan’s air platforms with a “strategic stand off capacity” on land and at sea.

That could be used against India but it sounds perfect to be used against interests we have been setting up in the Gulf and our carriers. I would have to say Bush's desired middle east war is continuing to develop as he continues to deny reality until it does and he just happens to have the military there to deal with it. Gee what a coincidence!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


enigma4ever said...

Gonzo is out..and we hold collective breath and wai and see what happens next....hey you better be taking care of that hand...wrist...or I will come there and check on you ;-)

so what happens next...?
It better not be chertoff...if it is...the we are in a heap of trouble...

gosh can't even enjoy this moment...without a cloud of doubt....

an average patriot said...

hey enigma
i dont have to tell you i am pretty limited bu i cant stop trying to get people to see reality and the big picture.
anyway, they have talked of chertoff. whoever it is you can be guaranteed the lying will continue. chertoff with his proven record would be a safe bet.
i hate to say it but we can enjoy nothing today but ourselves. you have proven to be a good one and just hearing from you has proven to be an uplifting experience. sorry if i am getting too personal here just being honest!

two crows said...

and I saw an ad for the war this weekend during which a vet who lost his leg was saying, 'if we pull out now, my loss was in vain.

your stats [95% died after the president knew no military solution would work] puts the lie to that assertion.

unfortunately, 100% of our troops and 1,000,000+ Iraqis have died since it was clear no military solution would work here, either.
so sad.

as to Gonzales -- I'm glad he's had done to him what he did to others-- getting fired for political reasons-- but like you, I'm holding my breath till I see what BushCo does to just make things worse.

two crows said...

oh, and take care of that hand or I'll come over there, tear it off and beat you over the head with it!!! :)

an average patriot said...

hi two crows
I said what I said about those wasted deaths because we are doing the same thing again and how high are we going to let Bush go? He will increase that number 10 fold and very happily.

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows, what stinks is you know Bush isn't going to all of a sudden get honest. He will give Gonzo an Award for lying for him and find his equal to take his place. I can't friggen stand it
Hey, I have to laugh at what you said about tearing my arm off. Couldn't have said it better myself, thanks for caring!

Anon-Paranoid said...

If he attacks Iran or has Israel do it by proxy we will lose 160,000 troops as the Muslims rise up and unite against us.

I fear that World War III is just around the corner.

Also remember that is something seems to be to good to be true it generally is.

Just a distraction to blind us as too what is really happening behind the scenes.

God Bless and take care of your wrist. Remember the good Lord gave you only two of take care of them.

enigma4ever said...

well 2 crows has a lovely bedside manner...almost gonzoish...too about who will annointed......hmm...
okay 6-6 and I came up with our best list
(1) Fred Thompson ( cuz he has Law&order charms)
(2) Harry Miers ( cuz of her doe-eyed devotion)
(3) Ted Olson?
(4) shoot I am blanking...

anyways I am hereby ordering you to please please be good to your poor sick about just post cartoons tomorrow...or make us all write you a MEME...come on nice to that poor wrist...
( hmm, should we ask HOW you got wounded...I bet it was working on that Vick was lethal...)

take care....the naggy nurse..

an average patriot said...

I wish I had you to converse with years ago. I have tried for years now to get people to realize just that. No offense to them but it is obvious to a blind man as Bush works on many fronts to squeeze Iran as are they as both sides look to ratchet up their version of new middle east order.
Coming to Israel's rescue is only one way Bush can make an end run around Congress to go after Iran and further his wars where his pundits would then call for him to stay in office to fight them. On kos many get angry but watch everything I said is fact or will be.
Remember, right from the beginning Israel has been looking to create a buffer zone of safety around them. None of this will work.
I have to tell you that some of us have known from the start what is happening and is going to happen. That is why as it is denied it is so hard to watch it unfold.
Most especially the supposed experts do not realize this is WW3 and Bush started it for his NWO. It is still just developing and despite mindless partisan rhetoric it will not be quelled or circumvented.
I will take care of my wrist and feel free to converse any time about anything. Just watch those creatures and wash yor clothes as you keep smiling, that is all we can do and all that matters. Take care!
I have a Manifesto to the World that some here have been stunned by and I would love to make you privy too. Just keep smiling and relax, nothing else matters.

an average patriot said...

You are too funny! Any of the ones you named would be good choices. They are all proven liars especially Meirs.
You know, it was really funny what two crows sad. It was Gonzoish and I couldn't have said it better myself. Love a laugh.
You are too funny suggesting I write cartoons or something and take care if my wrist. I am and I am relaxing, people have to realize this is beyond their control. Discuss it but do not let it influence or affect you. We can only secure our minds and bodies as best we can when we are called on in the future.
I have to laugh! Writing about Vick bothered me is it does about everything I write about because I hate liars. It bothers me even more now because he is saying he blamed no one while he blamed and lied to everyone he could. Now that he is caught and it is costing him millions he all of a sudden found God like the rest of them.
Who is this God they all "find" that seems to be living behind all their lies.
Anyway it is my pleasure to tell you how I did this to my wrist. I knew it was only a matter of time before I fell down these stairs.The upstairs bathromm is at the head as is th tv/ computer room and the bedroom is just past it so I am right at the stairs no matter where I go.
I was going to the little boys room in the middle of the night and fell head first down the stairs landing on my face. I broke my two main wrist bones amongst other things and dislocated my wrist. When 911 came I guess I did the stupid guy thing and tried to take them on. Must have been because I knocked myself out but no big deal. My mind is fine and my wrist is mending.
Thanks for the concern you naggy nurse you!

Larry said...

Gonzo may be gone but his replacement (maybe Orin Hatch) will be a loyal follower of Bush's desire to "free" the American citizen of every right and privilege they will now enjoy.

an average patriot said...

Gee Larry!
As usual you are a wealth of information. I can't say I have heard anything about Hatch so that's interesting.
You are entirely right, whoever it is will be more of the same. Just another proven liar and enabler of Bush and his lying underhanded planned new order.