Monday, August 13, 2007

Bush's Brain who never graduated from College is now freed up to do to us again in 2008 what he started in 1973!

I was surprised to hear this morning that Rove's was leaving until I thought about it. First i was surprised to find out the purveyor of Bush's 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, politics) never Graduated from College. i find it amazing for two reasons. We, or I never heard that and he was so close to the top. And that is Bush's Brain! Go figure. remember, with life long executive privelage he can not be touched and is more brazen and dangerous than ever.
Karl Rove, 56, who served as chief strategist for President-elect Bush's presidential campaign, will manage the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Public Liaison, and the Office of Strategic Initiatives at the White House. Before joining the campaign, he was president of Karl Rove and Company, an Austin-based public affairs firm. Rove attended the University of Utah, the University of Texas at Austin and George Mason University. He has taught at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and in the Journalism Department at the University of Texas at Austin.

After hearing on CNN that Rove attended numerous colleges but never graduated I went through numerous sites trying to find where that was mentioned and I could not find anything. Not even a mention of it in his White House autobiography. I found that surprising and that it was never mentioned. While I was digging besides the numerous interesting articles out there many which were never mentioned I found that he was booorn in 1950 and said he dreamed about being in the White House from that day.
Worse I found that his lying undetrhanded tactics is what got him his start in Daddy's administration and the rewards for this started from day one and as you know continue today
How Bush's Brain Hijacked Washington: Rove's ties to Bush the Elder commenced in 1973, when Poppy was the Republican national chairman and Karl aspired to be the president of the College Republicans. It was a post Rove could not win by the numbers. To circumvent them, he claimed that the organization was not adhering procedurally to the College Republican charter, and mounted credentials challenges to supporters of his opponent, Robert Edgeworth. In the end Rove essentially declared himself the winner of a separate election. The controversy got kicked upstairs to Bush, who awarded the election to Rove.

Later, in retaliation, Edgeworth leaked to the Washington Post that Rove was teaching dirty tricks seminars to young Republicans--and fresh off the humiliation of Watergate, no less.
Bush promptly excommunicated Edgeworth from the Republican Party for his disloyalty in leaking the story. Rove, along with his friend and College Republicans ally Lee Atwater, became favored Bush protégés. Rove moved to Texas in 1977 to toil as a fundraiser on George Sr.'s failed presidential-exploration PAC, the Fund for Limited Government. A year later he worked on an unsuccessful primary run for the Texas legislature by George W.
He was ruthless in chasing his goals, especially when it came to rivalries or power struggles with his own Republican cohorts. I was really surprised to see the well documented trail of underhanded Politics starting with Richard Nixon through his Fathers Presidency and now bush's and he continues to get away with it and be rewarded for it. Please read it. I wish we knew and made more of this years ago.

Now my fear: First I have to laugh! The first thing he wants to do is go Dove hunting. Everyone stay away from him. I can hear the Cheney quail hunting jokes now. Aside from any mishap I found this resignment very timely and beneficial for the Republican party today and in 2008. many will tend to rejoice now that Rove's is gone but I am sure he will be pulling the strings from Texas. Republicans will tout Rove's departure because it will take a major negative focus off the Republican party.
The worse part: If Bush does not declare martial law and cancel elections and he may not have to now, Rove's will be freed up to concentrate his 3D underhanded Political tactics on derailing a still shaky Democratic party in 2008. Rove's will be freed to run the Republican disinformation and media gauntlet and once again make honorable people and intentions look like dirt so Republicans can keep their fingers around our throats. Plus you can bet he will be pulling the whote house strings from wherever he is.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


pissed off patricia said...

As much as I hate the bastard, at least we could keep an eye on him. Now he's a rabid dog running free.

Lydia Cornell said...

Did you say that Rove retains Executive Privilege? This is horrifying!

I started to list his early criminal activities and it got very complicated. Thanks for this article

I'll make a list soon.

We have to keep an eye on him.

an average patriot said...

I know I agree! At least he was busy. Now he will be free to cause much more damage in 2008. I was stunned to see the record of lies and his rewards for it. Unbelievable!

an average patriot said...

Hi Lydia, nice to see you!
Yes I caught a piece on it on CNN and executive privelage is for life. He is now more of a danger than ever especially in the elections. He is now free to concentrate his underhanded lies on the elections. People better be very concerned now.
I started to do a list but there isn't enough time. I did my story just showing that it started on day one and he was rewarded by Daddy Bush and it has been his calling card since. I was pretty surprised.

enigma4ever said...

I am not sure about why more people don't mention the the Nixon Era....there are two good books on Rove- the "Architect" and also "Bush's Brain " ( only one mentions the Nixon era....I can not remember which one)....This was a good post, and I applaud that you did try to find Rove's past....and it is pretty astounding HOW far back his evil past goes....disgusting really....

I do wonder what is about to happen...this was not a happy man that resigned....he looked pathetic and all choked up....not some about to go work on a new is time for some justice for this sociopath...

an average patriot said...

Hey enigma
It was Bush's brain. I found reference to it from city page, the link I supplied. I was surpriseed to see his 3D politics has been from Day one along with the rewards for it. It just amazes me
This information has been out there from the beginning and we never heaqrd it. Why?
He is now freed up to do it again in 2008. With life long executive privelage he is more dangerous than ever.
Meanwhile you can bet he will be pulling the strings at the White House behind the scenes.

Dusty said...

He isn't retiring, he is changing bosses.

Love that pic!

an average patriot said...

hey Dusty
Yhep, he is now freed up to do his underhanded lying 3D politics to us in 2008. With life long executive privelage he is now more dangerous than ever. Oh man! I guarantee you he will also be pulling the white house strings from Texas. This is not good.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm not too worried about Rove helping any of the Republican candidates. Everyone is well aware of his dirty tricks and the Republican National Committee already has their ammunition ready and loaded to go after Hillary Clinton if she is nominated. In fact, they are hoping she will be nominated because they think they will be able to do more harm to her than any other candidate. With Hillary's numbers which show her "dislike" factor at 49%, the Republican party feels that this number will be their ticket to the White House.

Rove can make all the predictions he wants and they mean nothing. It's all bluff. Remember how he said he had the facts that the "math" went with the Republicans in the 2006 election? He was wrong. In fact, most of his predictions have been wrong in the last four years.

The guy is nothing but a blowhard and the American people aren't the same as they were when Bush was "selected" to be President the first time. They have all had the opportunity to see the results of his and Bush's decisions...and they aren't pretty.

an average patriot said...

mary ellen
You are right but they will all jump to have the master of 3d Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, politics) working on their behalf. I agree that he is a blow hard too.
now that life long underhanded blow hard is freed up at the perfect time to use it on us in 2008. Now with life long executive privelage he is more brazen and dangerous than ever. Plus you can bet he will be pulling the white house strings from wherever he is.

LET'S TALK said...

He will be around for Bush whenever needed and yes he is still covered under executive privilege. I would not be surprise if he shows up helping the next Republican candidate for President.

two crows said...

reading the deceits and the rewards he got for them I just sat here shaking my head.
no one ever told Poppy Bush honesty is the best policy, obviously. now, I know where W learned how to lie so well.

you can't make this stuff up.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I agree that Herr KKKRove is an evil man, but where did you get the information that he has executive privilege for life?

I've never heard of that before, just curious.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

lets talk
Its funny but in looking around the Blogs yesterday many were euphoric that now they can go after Rove but you are right, executive privelage is forever and now Rove is more dangerous to us than ever and free to use his lying 3D Politics against us in 2008.

an average patriot said...

two crows
nice to hear from you! Yes, I was rather stupified w3ith all the lying and rewards for it starting with Bush senior. I don't understand how they continue this crap, laugh and brag about it, and get away with it and just continue. I really do not get it.
No we can't make it up. It is all recorded and it blows me away that this and much more about him Cheney, Bush, and the rest either never came out or did not make a difference.

an average patriot said...

Sadly it is true. I explained it to Lydia on her Blog but it is for life to protect the Presidents freeconversation and sources in performing his job. I caught a political analyst discussing it on CNN and it was not a debate it was an explanation of fact.
lets talk right here is the first one I have seen that knows it. Most thought they could go after Rove now but forget it. He is now free to go after us in 2008 and is more dangerous than ever.

enigma4ever said...

I think Mary Ellen is right...he is full of it...he is a blowhard...a poker you would beat problem...he only wins if he has OTHERS to do the dirty work...

What I don't get is why the media treats him like Boy Wonder instead of the skunk he is...

an average patriot said...

I agree with both of you but he is very dangerous and more so now withy executive privelage and the freedom to do it to us again in 2008.
The media never dumped on him or spoke the truth because they would have paid with their career at the least as you know is sop.
Besides they may complain about the media when it speaks out against them on the rare occasion but the main stream media has been in their pockets for years.

sumo said...

Well...THAT was an interesting and disgusting read if I do say so myself. Yeah...there's that executive privilege thing to contend with. But we know who has fostered that for them while not executing the laws of the Constitution appropriately. This is just something we are all going to have to sit back and watch play out...I don't see that there is much we can do about it...until our lawmakers and those that are supposed to defend the Constitution get it right. We don't have that power...they do...that's what they were elected to they'd better git ur dun! But...we have the power of the vote...and that's if no one cheats us out of it like in 2000 and 2004!

an average patriot said...

What stinks is as you can see, our lawmakers are powerless to do anything to stop Bush and they will not. It will only happen is we gat involved and I don't see people realizing how bad it really is.
I just heard that two weeks ago it was quietly passed giving Bush the right to cancel elections and declare martial law if he thought the Government was in danger and that means if his agenda of new middle east, societal, and world order is in danger. I fully expected and expect that.