Monday, August 06, 2007

A symbolic Boston Tea Party! We must get removal of electronic voting machines and other problems fast tracked countrywide!

As usual I woke up this morning to my radio alarm. Two things hit a nerve. A Boston tea Party was being held with the symbolic dumping of millions of Dollars to protest the transferring of Federal Funding onto States. Then California's quandary over discovering that the electronic voting machines can be manipulated as we knew and that largely they must be replaced.

Thus Restrictions have been set for voting machines but I believe they have to go and now. The state's chief elections official will sharply restrict electronic voting machines in the Feb. 5 elections, and a long list of new security requirements she issued late Friday night leaves questions for even the handful of voters who might need them.
Secretary of State Debra Bowen laid out new conditions for the touchscreen terminals and electronically scanned paper ballots that the vast majority of California's counties had planned to use in the February presidential primaries. Riverside, San Bernardino and a dozen other counties that use Sequoia Edge touch screens will have to limit their use to one per polling place. Similar restrictions will apply to several other counties, including San Diego, that use touch screens made by Diebold Election Systems.
Most voters who head to the polls appear likely to encounter paper ballots, to be counted either by machine or by hand. that should go for the entire country or we are in serious trouble!
Restrictions set for voting machines - The Californian / North County Times -

California feels they are facing a crisis in getting the electronic voting machines fool proofed and replaced in time for the primaries February 5th. This is just one damn State. We must somehow activate and make this a top priority for the entire country or we are in trouble in 2008. We must make sure getting rid of these manipulated things is a top priority and we must not let this issue rest until it is again too late.
I refuse to believe that there is not enough time. If the State does not have the resources or time then they must farm out the work and work twenty-four seven. This has to get done and around the entire country in time for 2008. I refuse to believe that this has not already been done besides the fact that many politicians hope to benefit from these corruptive systems.
With this in mind and the fact that I still do not see getting rid of these politically corruptive machines as a country wide top priority or we are doomed to another stolen election I figured why not a Boston Tea Party to highlight the situation with the voting machines countrywide, dump the damn things, force action, and get the issue on the front burner.
We cannot let stand the excuse that there is not enough time to replace these things. That is a BS excuse and it is up to us to ensure that this is kept front and center. Like everything else today under this MIS Administration we are rapidly running out of time.

I know that many of you are uncomfortable with or disagree with what it is going to take before any action is taken on behalf of average American's and our America but look at this. This morning when I woke up I was also listening to the news about the failing infrastructure and how the States are all checking Bridges now. What the hell do we friggen pay them for? town planners, city planners, county planners, State Government, Feds, they crisis manage period. Any idiot can do that and they do. They do nothing until a crisis occurs.
I was thinking of that in relation to the voting machine crisis and then remembering when I got out of the military in the 70s we had a water crisis here locally. I watched for years as they carelessly destroyed our watershed building homes then one day they wake up and say oh my God we have no water.What the hell is wrong with this so called Government. Back then I said they do not know how to manage but deal only in crisis management. Nothing has changed it has only gotten worse and it will get much worse as we head the way of the Roman Empire.

We have got to start making sure things are done right and it is up to us. We are the ones who will suffer. We cannot as a viable working society survive another obviously stolen election and the resultant will of the people ignored, suppressed, and buried altogether, while a selfish, society destroying, America shattering policy is followed.
We have been failed on all levels of Government. We should not be in the crisis management business and it is up to us to get us out of it and ensure the system works the way it is supposed to. The Boston tea party peacefully highlighted the concerns of our forefathers. We have many concerns today that are ignored only we are the problem now.
We must find a way to get the Government on all levels to act on a myriad of overwhelming problems. We are running out of time and that is not the concern of an extremist, activist, or worrier, that is simple fact. I am open for suggestions.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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