Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yesterday Bush's hateful face as he raised the Specter of middle east nuclear Holocaust told me what's definitely coming!

Most of you know that I have been saying for years now that Bush's original goal in diverting from the so called war on terror and attacking Iraq was merely done as an excuse to get our military and hardware into the middle east with only one of his original goals being to find an an excuse to attack Iran which will happen this fall or before Congress can stop him, and get his idea of a new middle east order going full swing. He will stay in the middle of Iraq's civil war until he finds his excuse.
Yesterdays late developments made it painfully obvious that it will be happening soon and it will be as horrible and world changing as some of us thought. I was stunned at the obvious implications of that hate distorted face and unveiled threats to the entire middle east as Bush reacted to Ahmadinejad and his continuance to flaunt Bush's desired new order as he continues to prosecute his. We now know for a fact how this is going to end and it is not good.
Bush is really getting desperate to get his way and will not stop at anything. I am concerned because my sons are in this, future wars, the future of a life sustaining planet, and the thought that I have been contacted by leaders around the world as to the demise of whoever reopens this nuclear Pandora's Box. Another frightening thought is knowing for a fact that once Bush does start things with Iran his pundits will call for special Legislation allowing him to stay at the helm of his wars. The latest:

US President George W Bush on Tuesday raised the specter of a "nuclear holocaust" in the Middle East if Israel's arch-foe Iran gets atomic weapons, and demanded that Tehran end support for extremists in Iraq. He really has to know Iran will stop nothing and Bush just raised the stakes.
"Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere, and the United States is rallying friends and allies to isolate Iran's regime, to impose economic sanctions," he told the American Legion veterans group. Another words Bush has set the stakes on his up coming middle east nuclear Holocaust and is in the process of trying to determine what the sides will be. We will confront this danger before it is too late," vowed Bush, who has pressed for tougher international sanctions and said he hopes for a diplomatic solution but has repeatedly refused to rule out the use of force. you know for a fact Iran will not comply and is also looking for confrontation as they endeavor in their efforts for new middle east order confident that at the least Russia and China will join in with them.
Bush, whose speech was billed a defense of US efforts in Iraq, also said Tehran must starve Shiite fighters in Iraq of weapons, equipment and training whether or not Iran's leaders know about such operations and have given their blessing. "Either way, they cannot escape responsibility for aiding attacks against coalition forces and the murder of innocent Iraqis," he said, as the White House warned in a statement that Iran must act "at once. Bush only served to ratchet up this still developing middle east war if not world war.,7340,L-3443276,00.html

To me Bush wants a fight as The United States appears determined to have a serious confrontation with Iran, and on Tuesday this week, President George W. Bush dramatically raised the tension between the two states with an extraordinary speech warning of a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East if Iran gets nuclear weapons. He also, more chillingly, prepared the way for possible military action by announcing that he had "authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran's murderous activities".
While it might be that this hardening of Bush's position is part of a larger plan designed to force Iran to back down from confrontation, this seems unlikely. The rhetoric that Bush used indicated how he welcomes the opportunity to enforce his views on Iran. It was horribly reminiscent of the kind of language he used about Saddam Hussain's Iraq before the invasion. There will be a confrontation and despite what some say, it will not be short because Iran will see too it that we pay dearly. Reading the take at the link that many agree with but I am not one, that their will be American air strikes with limited retaliation. You can not convince me that the Revolutionary Guard of which Ahmadinejad was a member of will not jump at the chance of bringing us in over our heads and Bush will happily oblige.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


enigma4ever said...

I am going to be very very honest here....Bush wants all of us scared and wants all of us to think that Iran is going to happen, and if you watch Fox, then you are being double dosed on this( when I say you- I mean anyone watching BOTH Bush and Fox, I am saying you as a generic you as an american watcher- I hope that makes sense).....Please please stop and think, has ANYONE else been voicing Iran as a nuclear threat ? I am talking the Nuke experts or any Mid East Statesmen ( real ones- not the Faux or Fox experts)....People around the world see us as uneducated, and easily swept up by Bush's theatrics...and he is MENTALLY ILL, seriously, he is not a well man,that is what I see when I see his scowlining face and confused gestures, he is Delusional and pathogically dangerous....and in many ways sociopathic...And to a large degree, many military share this view of Bush....that is why there are NO Military Heros or Experts that have come out and supported him and his delusional causes....or perspective....I worry that people, good people are being sucked into his Drama....did you watch his speeches to the Veterans of Foreign Wars ? he barely got ANY applause even acknowlegement....they looked at him like the Crazed Nutcase that he is....and their Silence spoke Volumes...

Also Look at HOW alone Bush has become- Isolated...this is going to get alot worse...there will be more defectors...and people abandoning him....Remember the Petreaus reports are due in the Fall, and Warner even is coming up /out against Bush...AND also Bush while in Katrina announcing that MORE money is needed- well Iraq is costing Billions a month WE AS A NATION DO NOT HAVE....economically Bush might finally be hogtied....

I do believe that we should keep contacting elected officials and the MSM and let them know that we do not view Iran as a threat...that we know trumped up Intel and Fluff when we see it...and that we as people do not want to be drawn into ANY kind of war in the Middle East....etc etc....

okay...I hope that makes some kind of sense....terramongering and mushroom clouds are not going to get Bush what he wants's done....Americans are finally Smarter than that....finally.

enigma4ever said...

Oh, I meant In NOLA...not katrina....sorry

an average patriot said...

Nobody on this planet values honesty as I do so I thank you. When you know you are getting that you know at least that the facts are being dealt with according to that persons thoughts. Now!
Having in mind what you said about Bush wanting us to think Iran is going to happen and that they want nukes is not the issue. I really do not know what Iran has beyond them saying they would use them on us and Israel if they had them and the simple fact that he has armed Israel too the teeth and is now preparing to do the same with Saudi Arabia and other ME allies is still only a small part of it.
That alone, demented dillusional mad man you describe is for now all that matters. He is the decider and does not care what the experts or the Generals think. What that mad man wants is all that matters. I wish they would but there is no way I can see our Generals going against Bish's orders.
He has already shown what the joint chiefs mean to him.The same thing as you and I and our societal and world order mean to him, nothing.
I agree that some people are waking up as to Bush but not enough. Sadly many still believe his garbage and I firmly believe he is going to start something before Congress can intervene. Where it goes from there at this point is up to the rest of the world. Thanks enigma, what about Maine?

an average patriot said...

enigma I have to laugh because I knew you said Katrina but having watched the chief idiot and litened to his garbage I just automatically heard NO.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I think your right and I see the same thing.

All the good Generals are gone and even if there is a military uprising against him he has his own private military now.

Yes Blackwater, they will shot Americans and I have no doubt about that.

War with Iran is coming and it will be soon. As you said he is the Decider and he has already Decided that God told him to spread Democracy and Freedom throughout the Middle East and by God he is going to do it no matter what.

Only after he does will the people wake up {Maybe} but the damage will already be done.

Now were in the Lords hands and all we can do is pray.

God Bless.

Larry said...

Bush is spewing the same rhetoric as he did before Iraq.

He has the illusion his continued lies are to be believed.

Problem is, Congress will never stop him, a madman out of control.

an average patriot said...

We seem to be on the exact same page. It would be ineresting talking to you and hearing your story. You know, it is amazing to me to hear people thinking they and our America matter. It does not matter if they wake up now it is too late.
The time to stop this still unfolding horror was before the idiot got in, in the first place. I have been trying since then to get people to see this idiot for what he is. Sadly we will keep trying but he can care less and it is too late.
This guy has been writing me of late. He seems okay and you may agree with him and want to talk.

an average patriot said...

larry as usual I agree with you and we seem to be powerless to stop this idiot. He doesn't care if his lies are belived. He will act on them and Congress will not stop him. You know following his new order to all our demise is all that matters.

Chuck said...

Lots of good analyzing in here everyone. I totally agree about bush's mental condition and that, coupled with the power he wields- not just here in our country but throughout the world, makes him extremely dangerous.

I wouldn't rule out a military revolt against this madman if he tries to go too far. It appears there won't be anything "legal" coming from congress.

an average patriot said...

I appreciate your input. I see nothing but terrible things in my sons futures fighting Bush's wars. If they survive his wars they and our grandkids will inherit his trillions in debt and hallacious future uncertainty regardless of who is in office thanks to the chief idiot. I am going to see now if you have a site and what you write on.

Dusty said...

Lots of good comments here..and I agree with I am just gonna say..I LOVE that cartoon!

Gotta laugh sometimes or else its crying time.

an average patriot said...

All right Dusty but you do know you are the master!

an average patriot said...

I must be slow, can anyone tell me how to comment on chucks site or do you just read or is it just me that has no place to comment. They do a good job. Very interesting site.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I see the comment link at chucks site with no problems using Firefox, however at work both using Internet Explorer and Netscape 7.2 I don't see a comment link.

I don't know if its something in his template or the browser he uses.

I use Firefox here and I'll check and see if I can see a comment link with Netscape or Internet Explorer and get back too you.

God Bless.

Chuck said...

Hi JIm-

Anon told me that you were having trouble seeing my comments section. Right now, I'm at a loss for an explanation, although I have noticed a few times here in the last week or so where the comments field wasn't showing up at all. Perhaps you visited during one of those times. I think it was a HaloScan malfunction. Try again & I'll check back later.

Thanks for stopping over and thanks to Anon for letting me know about it.

an average patriot said...

All right Chuck! The problem may have been me. I was told in the past that I was too prolific and I noticed that you are too. After Larry told me to keep scrolling down I did see where to comment but I didn't see it before regardless.
I did notice that like many I guess you seem to think hand in hand the way I do. So I thought I would like to keep abreast of what you were discussing.
Someday I hope to send you a copy of A Manifesto to the World I put together.It is right on from beginning to end and is a compilation of things I have put together on what is really happening today and the way this will all end up. Right now I am trying to deal with typing and everything else with one hand and it is very cumbersome. Thanks for the response!

Chuck said...

Good deal Jim. Glad its working for you now. I understand about your broken wrist & can imagine that frustration (and discomfort). I'm impressed that you're able to get done what you do.

I'd love to read a copy of that Manifesto sometime.

Any time you'd like to trade links on the blogroll would be great. I moved your blog up into my frequent visits section, but I'd like to move you up to my reciprocating links section.

Take care.

an average patriot said...

The wrist is a paine but I'll deal with it. My son flying in Iraq called this morning and is leaving tomorrow. That's all I care about for now.
I will link to you later today as a matter of convenience for me. I have a story I have been working on that is very important to me. If you have an E I will send you the Manifesto. Quite sobering from beginning to what will in fact be the end result of all this.
Anyway I appreciate you staying in touch! Once you do read the manifesto good or bad I would like your opinion. Many of the Doctrines in there I wrote years ago I just put them in sync. I need to update it because events are moving so rapidly but you will see and agree.