Friday, August 17, 2007

From Top to Bottom Government, corporations, planners on every level have failed us and payment is just Beginning!

Failing bridges, tunnels. mines, failing Government, it is catching usPart of the most expensive Boondoggle in the countries history this new bridge is Boston already has problems.

This is the $900 million dollar giant Golf ball design failure built to defend our failing system and we do not really know if it works. This facade of security is crashing!

Yesterday I ended my day with a discussion with another concerned citizen about Government and so called leader failing on all levels and how much trouble we are in and how much worse it is going to get. I know I am not the only one that thinks we are heading the way of the Roman Empire and Bush has sped the process up exponentially. We see rampant corruption in Iraq and around America as Corporations race to make the mighty buck leaving us and our welfare behind. We are finding out the hard way that those we entrusted to maintain our systems and infrastructure were not thinking of us or thinking at all. I am disgusted at the level of ineptitude.
Anyway the current mine disaster seems to be indicative of the constant drive to make a buck while maintaining a failing system and getting away. This is all uncoscionable, detrimental to our America, and we must turn this harmful practice around if wa are to have a successful future. It is fine to make a dollar but doing things right, safety, and putting America first must start now or we are in serious trouble.
I am from Massachusetts and I woke up this morning to hear that not only is the Big Dig Debacle corrupt and full of deceit, puposeful inadequacies. and shortcuts. just to make money at the expense of honesty, average Americans, and our America as I have written in the past

At $14.6 Billion and climbing daily with constant repairs this is the most expensive purposely corrupted construction project ever in America that will never end I just found out that the beautiful bridge they built as part of the project already also has built in inadequacies.
A new federal report on the Big Dig raises concerns about warped steel anchor plates on the Leonard Zakim Bridge in Boston. A U.S. Department of Transportation inspector general report asked state officials to take a closer look at the safety risk posed by anchor plates which connect the bridge's cables to its steel girders. They just built the damn thing and already Six warped plates were found on the bridge.
Federal officials said the anchor plates posed a higher safety risk than state officials found in their stem-to-stern safety review of the Big Dig last November. Federal officials also called for additional testing to assess the effects of high-temperature fires on Big Dig tunnels, saying a "high-temperature" fire could cause ceiling panel anchors to fail. They are testing the venerated Ted Williams tunnel because they are concerned the tunnel can not withstand a fire caused by two trucks crashing because it was only designed to with stand a one truck fire.
I find that unbelievable as it only seems to be common sense to me but as we are finding to be the norm. only tested tosatisfy the legal system. I am not an engineer but I want to do things right and be honest. It seems only common sense to ask relevant questions and build something that withstands a worse case4 scenario. It seems that over time that scenario very often comes up.

The bridge failure in Minneapolis is bound to be repeated due to rampant lack of attention, money, and concern as is the mining disaster. I am stunned at the money grubbing failures allowed because of lack of planning or concern for average Americans and our America. our entire infrastructure is failing and it has purposely been allowed to happen as saving money has consistently been put ahead of saving lives.
We have purposely built in failure by uncaring, unthinking, selfish, so called experts. To top it off just think about this! I also ran into this story on the missile defense System failure designed supposedly to protect our failing infrastrusture. I must admit, this entire part of this system was unknown to me and I guess purposely so.
Anyway, The military's $900 million, 28-story-tall missile defense radar is Designed to keep an eye out for rogue missiles flying toward the United States, the SBX had been scheduled to report for duty in Alaska in early 2006, but a series of structural repairs and upgrades have kept it in warmer waters. For over a year, the nine-story radar that sits atop a self-propelled Norwegian oil platform has been coming and going from Pearl Harbor for fixes and test a delay critics see as symptomatic of an agency under pressure to deliver a national missile defense system that is still more fiction than fact.

The 280-foot high, $900 million gizmo will soon be scanning the horizon for enemy threats, joining the growing suite of land-, sea- and space-based technologies that the MDA claims is the nation's first functional national missile defense system. Shortly after arriving in Hawaii, the MDA ordered an assessment of the radar's rig, which resulted in a $27-million to-do list before it could be declared operational.
Improvements include everything from rethinking the platform's ballast system to installing anti-slip surfaces on its decks. When you read that report, you have to wonder what the people who designed the thing where thinking,"
The MDA claims the SBX is powerful enough to spot a flying baseball in San Francisco from New York, and more importantly, to tell the difference between a real missile heading for America and a decoy.
A Giant 'Golfball' for Missile Defense*

I just do not understand the American penchant today to be inadequate at the expense of us and "our America. We do not even know if this thing works and Russia and China are again holding joint military manuevers and both warning us about our east Asia ventures. Not only is our failing infrastructure cathing up with us but our failing Government and policies from the top down is too. Somebody has to wake up and quick. Corporations and Government have got to start doing the right thing and putting the people and America first or we are in serious trouble. What will it take for them to realize we are in trouble and it will get worse.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dusty said...

I have only heard bits and pieces about the Big Dig in Boston. Its horrible and heads better friggin roll over it.

Our state, local and federal representatives for the most part would rather spend money on their favorite big corporations that our infrastructure. Take the MN infrastructure problem. The Governor vetoed a bill that would of financed fixing many of their roads, bridges, etc. But he signed a bill that would allow for buying a new Stadium for the MN. Twins whose owner is a rich s.o.b..

makes sense right? I think not..

Anonymous said...

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an average patriot said...

Hi Dusty
Yes, the Big dig debacle is the most expensive construction project in the history ofr the country. At just short of 15 Billion and problems cropping up daily it will get a lot more expensive.
I just heard this morning that the States railroad bridges are in the same states as the roads, tunnels, and bridges, and what about the tracks themselvers?
I am disgusted. What the hell are all those idiots being paid for? When you own something you take care of it. I can see 1% propblems bucause of regular upkeep then you fix it but not 18 or 23% or whatever it is.
This is downright gisgusting, uncalled for, inexcusable, and heads should roll but as usual they will not.

Larry said...

Things are falling apart and we are the ones who will suffer for it, with our small remaining treasure and our rights as citizens.

This outfit is worse than anything predicted in Orwell's writing, and as the nation continues to fall apart, those in power continue to lay low.

an average patriot said...

It just blows me away. Everything seems to have purposely been allowed to disintegrate while we were falsely placated into tthinking we were being taken care of. Everything that is happening here and around the world is mind boggling.
We seem to have purposely been raced down the road of the Roman Empire while individual concern was all that mattered. Stupid me, I thought it was all about America.
I woke this morning to hear that railroad bridges are in the same order as tunnels and bridges. I am stupified that all these years I thought normal maintenance was being made. We have been let down on every friggen level.
And Bush wants to fight wars and create new order. What about our order. I am shaking my head again. Someone has got to get things going and quickly. Did you see the comment here yesterday by enigma? It was in part to you. I would like to hear your response too.

enigma4ever said...

ahhh so I came over and I love what you said about order...our is extinct...gone...