Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last weeks joke about Russia claiming the Arctic Sea Bottom is suddenly not so funny!

Just one quick side note! I heard Bush bragging about his economy and tax cuts and he reiterated that since he got into office we went to hell in a hand basket. No just kidding. He lyingly bragged that the economy has grown by $1.9 trillion since he took office. He neglected to mention at $2 trillion he created more debt than every President combined almost since our founding. Also that he forgot to include that in his figures because we conveniently won't start paying on it until he is gone so he doesn't have to include it in his figures and once again he is able to lie and mislead.

Anyay, I wanted to discuss that last week when Russia declared that it had successfully planted their flag at the bottom of the Artic caiming it as Russian territory Russia was disturbed that Canada the US and others dismissed it as a joke saying that is worthless in the 21st Century. Myself I wasn't so sure as it seems like a scary ratchetting up of the race for future resources and world domination. Well attitudes are changing when recent events are taken into account.
IN RECENT weeks it has been noted that Russian nostalgia for past greatness has been seen stretching from the North Pole to the Mediterranean via the Caucasus. First the Russians planted a flag on the bottom of the Arctic. Then they promised to return to the Mediterranean. For good measure, a Russian-made bomb fell (but did not explode) into a vegetable field in Georgia. That the three events came close together may be a coincidence. That they all testify to Russia's new assertiveness is not. Then there are the ongoing threats of retargetting missiles, and dropping existing arms treaties because of Bush insisting on putting the missile shield in Poland and Chezhoslovakia.
The incident in Georgia may be the most serious with Georgia vying to join NATO which would really heat up the region. I am talking about the bomb dropped in Georgia. Of course no one did it and the Georgian's are blaming the Russians while the Russians are blaming the Georgians themselve, of course America has cautiously called the strike a "provocation" and the European Union urged all sides to show restraint.
This latest row with Georgia is not the only source of anxiety for its neighbours. A few days ago Russia's naval commander proposed "to restore its permanent presence" in the Mediterranean, using the Baltic and Black Sea fleets. For years a Russian naval base in Syria has been standing empty. The return of their ships to Syria is a dream of Russia's admirals and a nightmare for Israel, which fears renewed Russian co-operation with Syria.

I heard last week that Russian ships were off the coast of Syria and one has to be concerned about that knowing what Bush is doing in the middle east. However in my mind Russia's Mediterranean plans pale in comparison with its audacious foray into the Arctic where they collected soil samples and planted the Russian flag two and a half miles below the sea. The official purpose of this first-ever manned mission was "to prove that the North Pole is an extension of the Russian coastal shelf." Geologists say the region could have big oil, gas and mineral reserves.

Knowing that the Artic features prominently in Russian Imperial mythology and the rising desire for Russia to regain prominance as a world power you have to be very concerned about this and Canada now is. Canada's prime minister has begun a three-day trip to the Arctic in an effort to assert sovereignty over the region a week after Russia symbolically staked a claim to the North Pole by sending submarines.
Five countries -- Canada, Russia, the United States, Norway and Denmark -- are competing to secure subsurface rights to the Arctic seabed. One study by the U.S. Geological Survey estimates the Arctic has as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and gas. PM Harper, who has pledged to spend billions defending Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic, is expected to announce the location of a planned military deep water port later in the week.

"Economic development -- unleashing the resource-based potential of the North, environmental protection -- protecting the unique Northern environment, national sovereignty -- protecting our land, airspace and territorial waters." Last month, Harper announced that six to eight new patrol ships will be built to guard the Northwest Passage sea route in the Arctic, which the United States insists does not belong to Canada. Canadian PM vows to defend Arctic -*
U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins has criticized Harper's promise to defend the Arctic, calling the Northwest Passage "neutral waters." This is all very troubling as we watch the ratchetting up of tensions around the world as we try to move into the future. The increased militanism around the world is tenuous but throw all the recent developments in with what is shaping up to be a fight over the Arctic and its resources which will only serve to ecologically destroy another very important part of the Ocean's and world's ecosystem in what is increasingly appearing

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


two crows said...

seems to me we're all barreling down the smoothly paved road to hell -- and our brakes have gone out.

'Knowing that the Artic features prominently in Russian Imperial mythology and the rising desire for Russia to regain prominance as a world power you have to be very concerned about this and Canada now is.'

and we need to be.
Hitler led just such a 'rising desire . . . to regain prominance as a world power.' and he used German mythology to seduce the people, too.

this post, along with others I've read recently, leads me to the alarming conclusion that WWIII is on the horizon.

then, today, I saw a TV documentary that outlined the fact that the Inca's predicted the end of the world in December, 2012.
scientists now say that on the date in question, the sun, the tilt of this planet and the center of the galaxy will all be in alignment. how did the Incas know that several centuries ago?
maybe they knew what they were talking about?

Larry said...

Bush is talking about 1.9 trillion barrels of illegally obtained oil, for he and his buddies.

That's all the economic growth Bush is interested in.

an average patriot said...

two crows
I know I sent it to you but you never did tell me if you read my manifesto to the world. Anyway if you did you know from reading me and many others now that there is a very long Bush connection with Nazism.
You know two crows? You are entirely right about Russia but Bush is also doing the same thing but the entire world is following course to the demise of all of us.
It absolutely stinks that we know what is happening but
we do not matter and will be the victims of this extreme Nationalism that Bush initiated. It will not be controlled now.
Anyway what I was getting at in reference to the Manifesto was Nostradamus gave us 2 roads to travel into the future. One to success and one to world war and destruction and we are on the latter. It will not be turned around now and I believe it has already started.
I can't remember who right now but another of the worlds great thinkers of old also called for the end in 2012. I expect things to explode much sooner but I do not see total destruction but a very reduced society somewhere that will start over.
However what they all fail to realize is that this planet is already overwhelmed ecologically and they are preparing to worsen it exponentially. It has to be able to support life somewhere. Argh!

an average patriot said...

I missed that. I have been trying to learn a new computer and carrier so I haven't gotten around much lately but I'm getting there.
That illegaly obtained oil you mention, where does it come from? Iraq, the middle east, or worse?
Thinking of that if you read it I am very concerned about the race to control Arctic resources. They expect quite a bit to be there. This is all getting worse and as you know will only end one way.

two crows said...

hey, AAP --
yes, I read a good deal of it -- then my life caught up with me [as you saw on my blog] and I haven't gotten back to it. I will when things settle down here -- I'm still backed up on family-business.
as to WWIII -- it looks to me that both the US and Russia are acting very Nationalistic right now. and we all know what happened when Germany and Japan did that. they allied with each other. can you see the US and Russia allying? if we did the world would [rightly] rise up to stop us. we won't tho. we'll go at each other and, we could drag the rest of the world into choosing sides.

on the 'big picture' side -- I do believe in reincarnation and I've read that almost all the souls associated with this planet opted to get on
board for a major shift in consciousness of the population as a whole that happened in 1987.
we knew when we did it that the planet couldn't support the numbers of people being born for very long. AND we knew that war would result -- so we may have come to the planet knowing full well what we were kicking into gear.
so the planet will rid itself of the surplus people and things will settle down again.
acourse, things like war look very different from the astral plane than they do from the physical plane -- from THIS perspective, we're in for a very scary ride.
on a personal level,I keep telling myself [for all the good it does] that I have a fairly easy out -- I can simply stop taking my bp medication and, given today's climate, my heart will simply give out before things get too much worse. I haven't done it yet -- but I do consider it to be my golden parachute.

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
I hear you about your life catching up to you. I am there off and on continuously. Right now I have pretty much shut everything off and am trying to concentrate on learning this new computer and verizon while trying to keep up with the news and some of you.
I do look forward to hearing what you have to say about my Manifesto whenever you do finish it. Hold onto it. I may have to ask you for a copy since I switched computers.
Funny you mention that about Russia and US increased Nationalism and being allies maybe. This increased nationalism is occuring around the entire world and it isn't all faith based but is primarily a result of Bush's push.
Also I did a story once on the thought that with the missile shield and russia's portrayed anger over it and the fact that it could be a set up for China who is also in the path and that the plan all along could be to join and go after the start up China.
Sharing power with the US would be Russia's best chance at getting back to the top but what next and who knows?
I would love to talk to you about reincarnation. Myself I believe this is Purgatory and my real role and life starts after this. We are all tied into this planet and universe and my role in it is just beginning.
Now you keep taking those pils. You're lucky I don't know where you live. You will be fine I can tell from tlking to you. Whetever happens if you are around you will play a role.

two crows said...

wow, AAP--
thanks for your vote of confidence. I sure don't feel as if I'm playing a role or making any difference whatsoever.
I DO keep meditating on world peace and unity -- and you see how much good THAT'S doing!
it's about as effective as my walmart boycott. :(

as to being tied to the planet. that is my understanding. once we choose whether to take on the physical route [more difficult than the purely spiritual method -- but we get through it more quickly --kind of like accelerated classes in high school] we pretty much stick with it till we're done.
and the physical plane is the 1st step along the way back. after that, it's smoother sailing [so I've read] because the rest of the way is all on spiritual planes where we have a more encompassing viewpoint. AND we don't have to go through the birth-aging-dying process over and over.

I HOPE it's true that this is the toughest challenge we will face. I'd hate to think things can get harder than _this_.
my current life has been far easier than most -- like Rwanda, f'rinstance. and Congo. and the middle east. etc. etc. etc.
still -- I sure wish I'd opted for Iceland or Denmark or Holland this time around. I'm pulling for one of those for my next lifetime -- assuming they're similar to what they are now in a couple of hundred years when I come back.

an average patriot said...

two crows
You know, you have good things to say and an opinion that matter, I have to laugh, at least to us who do not matter, You care, I wish Bush cared about our America and us but he doesn't.
We can't affect the outcome of what is developing but we can shore ourselves up and help good people like yourself through this. We are not important to Bush but we are important to each other.
I like your outlook. This is the hard part. From here for most it just ends but for some who have a future role in this world thie is necessary for your most important role. Popes aren't the only ones with a future after death you know. They just had to prove their worth and some do not. My life was predetermined. I am the same as the day I was born.
Anyway you could have done a lot worse as you noted. Denmark and Holland wouldn't have been good either. Remember the hell they went through with the Nazi's in WW2 if not during other times. Chin up!