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North American Union Real? With the cold war heating up on our Northern Border? What's it all mean to the U.S.!

North American Union Real? With the cold war heating up on our Northern Border? What's it mean to the United States?
I have one person in the blogosphere that inevitably seems to be on the same wave length as myself. Anyway I have been writing of late about how we have returned to the cold war and keeping up to date as to developing situations. On yesterday's post I received a link telling me to check out the latest as to the North American Union. I don't know if it was intended or just that this person knows I am interested in keeping abreast of this too but it made me put it in context putting two and two together as to the cold war developing in the Arctic and the clandestine efforts for a North American Union.
First, it needed brush up on developments. I had written a story in Regards to the Super highway being built from Mexico right through the heart of Texas and that it was just the beginning of a monstrous system being built connecting Mexico the United States and Canada in one monstrosity of pipe lines communications and various modes of transportation. This is well worth the read if this is new to you!

Then the following day in response to the many helpful and knowledgeable comments besides the usual smattering by the blind of accusations of tin foil hat I did a follow up story on it because it was more far reaching than I had realized, having gotten comments about Mexico and from Canada and one really has to think about the big picture as to all of this. This was in regards to Russia Building Venezuela Refineries, China building Mexican Ports, North American Union, and the myriad of problems in our own backyard.

Then yesterday I was sent this story updating events and thoughts on the North American Union on my post about the cold war on our Northern Border? It was a bit graphic too me but thought provoking. In a nutshell both sides of the debate on the clandestine NAU efforts were given so you can think for yourself but it said when completed the massive highway system will stretch from Mexico City to Toronto making a monstrous swarth through our Heartland.

It brought to light how massive this system is going to be and it is already being fought in Texas and other States but it will be four football fields wide, an expansive gully of concrete, noise and exhaust, swelled with cars, trucks, trains and pipelines carrying water, wires and God knows what else through towns large and small it will run plowing under family farms, subdevelopments, and acres of wilderness. It will be Equipped with high-tech electronic customs monitors, freight from China, offloaded into nonunionized Mexican ports, and it will travel north, crossing the border bound for Kansas City where the cheap goods manufactured in booming Far East factories will embark on the final leg of their journey into the nation's Wal-Marts.
And this NAFTA Superhighway, as it is called, is just the beginning, the first stage of a long, silent coup aimed at supplanting the sovereign United States with a multinational North American Union. Even as this plot unfolds in slow motion, the mainstream media are silent and politicians are in denial yet word is getting out. Info about the highway has circulated in niche media platforms old and new, on right-wing websites like WorldNetDaily, in the pages of low-circulation magazines like the John Birch Society's The New American and increasingly on the letters to the editor page of local newspapers.

Supposedly Spain will own most of the toll roads that connect to the superhighway, Mexico will own and operate the Kansas City Smart Port, And NAFTA tribunal, not the U.S. Supreme Court, will have the final word in trade disputes. Public debate has begun Prompted by angry phone calls and e-mail from their constituents, local legislators are beginning to take action. The Montana State Legislature amongst others has already begun to take action and Republican Presidential candidates are facing hostile questions. there are nay sayers to all of this but the evidence to me is irrefutable and I recommend reading the whole story.

Anyway I remember Bush mentioning this in 2005 and went underground with it when it was not well received. Think about the reality of this with the recent developments in the Arctic. Now in response to Russia's recent claims The scramble for the Arctic gathered pace yesterday as Denmark prepared to challenge Russia's bid for the North Pole and Canada vowed to defend its "sovereignty" over the region's frozen waters.
Boy are they getting desperate! Over the next month they will seek evidence that the Lomonosov Ridge, a 1,200-mile, underwater mountain range running close to the Pole, is a geographical extension of Greenland, a Danish possession. The mission will strain relations between Denmark and Russia, which claims to have found evidence linking the ridge to Siberia. Both countries will seek adjudication from a United Nations commission in the next few years that could award a large swathe of Arctic territory to the country with the most compelling case. On topp of these still unfolding developments the US and others still claim it to be International.

Personally I believe Bush's initial desire in 2005 to be true and that the NAFTA Super Highway and the North American Union efforts are real but whether you think it is or not will directly influence your thoughts as to what is happening in the Arctic today. just what will the developments in the Arctic mean to America and how will we react?

James Joinwer
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...


Check out this great post and an exceptional blog. I'll be back to comment on your post.

America Weeps

Larry said...

As you probably know Lou Dobbs has weekly segments on the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway.

I believe it to be absolutely true, that it is an arm of the 1970's creation of the Tri-Lateral Commission, and the ending results of all these, plus the crumbling economy will inevitably lead to the New World Order.

Good post!

Larry said...


I also think the writer of the Nation article is in belief of these events, his article at times seemed to me like posing pros and cons of the debate.

sumo said...

OMG! I've got some reading to catch up on it seems! Thanks for this.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Larry
I will check that out. I believe that is anons and i commented on the last one he had a few days ago but I haven't seen a new one of late so I will check it out.
What do you do? Have a list of Blogs that you go through, check out, and comment on?

an average patriot said...

That is the one I commented on. Sadly he is 100% right as we have both reiterated many times and he is not done yet.
They will stupidly give him more power to abuse, and he will make things a lot worse here, in the middle east, and around the world, as he has his plan for new order on the fast track as he tries to accomplish as much damage as ppossible before his time runs out.
I believe we agree but I am afraid he will take all the time he wants and man are we and the world in trouble. It will not be turned around period.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Larry
I remember catching one of L D's reports but I wasn't aware he did regular updates. I will have to pay attention to them. You sent me the latest link and it made me wonder in regards to the NAU what the cold war in the Arctic will mean to us.

an average patriot said...

You know, the author of that article had me convinced he felt as we do until I got near the end and did see the cons and then you aare able to put it together yourself. I like that! With the actions already under way in the Senate and the quesitoning of Repub Pres candidates this is not tin foil hat.
Sadly like everything else with Bush it does not matter what we think, see, and know, he will proceed and do what he wants.

an average patriot said...

Thank you! Yes things are moving rapidly on all fronts and it is impossible to keep up with it all.
With the cold war ramping up and at our northern door it made me wonder what it will mean to us as Bush prosecutes his NAU? What do you think? Just more future reasons for war to me!

John Wallace said...


The term FREE TRADE is usually defined as the absence of tariffs, quotas, or other governmental barriers to international trade. There is no doubt that some recent free trade agreements have not been very good for the American worker. On the other hand, the agreements have been great for the large multinational corporations, particularly those that have moved their manufacturing plants from the United States to China, Mexico and other low-wage countries where they can hire people there for a few dollars a week. These corporations can now produce their products without worrying about the costs of meeting OSHA requirements, providing employee health care or pensions for its workers and then they can bring their products back into the USA to sell. These products oftentimes are not made to the same quality standards as when they were produced in America and as recents incidents involving Chineese imports have shown, these products can pose health hazards to Americans as well.

The supporters of many free trade agreements, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), have always promised increased exports, better jobs and better wages. Under many of these free trade agreements, however, just the opposite has occurred. Under NAFTA, for example, the U.S. trade deficit has soared and now averages $55-65 Billion dollars per month; the U.S. has lost over a million manufacturing jobs and real wages in both the U.S. and Mexico have fallen significantly. In short, NAFTA has not been a friend to the citizenry of either the United States or Mexico.

In 2005, a new mechanism was created to speed the further expansion of the NAFTA free trade agreement into a North American Union. It is called the Strategic and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)’ The SPP is designed to facilitate the establishment of a North America Union through the “economic integration” of the US, Mexico and Canada. The most important feature of the SPP is that it does not require congressional ratification or the passage of any federal legislation by the congress of the United States. This design places the negotiation fully within the authority of the executive branch in the United States. How else would Mexican truckers be able to begin operating in the USA over the objections of Congress, American truckers and most of the American people?

The people and their elected representatives in congress no longer seem to have a voice when it comes to international trade. This is definitely a national sovereignty issue. International trade issues that affect 300+ million Americans should be made by the people’s representatives in Congress, not by a handful of government bureaucrats and corporate elites who use their government connections to bypass congress and ignore our Constitution, which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade.
The goal of these international trade elite is to create an integrated North American Union, complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the proposed Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the destruction of our national sovereignty. A free America, with limited, constitutional government, would just be a memory.

Not all free trade agreements are bad, but I believe that the United States of America must withdraw from any international agreements that infringe upon the freedom, sovereignty and independence of the American people.

Candidate for Congress
New York’s 20th Congressional District