Saturday, April 02, 2011

Egypt and American special forces arming and training rebels, they have a chance now

Battles rage in Libya amid defections as Moammar Gadhafi's inner circle showed possible signs of cracking today, but heavily armed forces loyal to the Libyan leader continued pounding major cities.

Following Mr Koussa's unexpected arrival in the UK on Wednesday, there were unconfirmed reports that other senior Libyans were defecting.

Libyan rebels have penned a deal with Qatar to market their crude oil abroad in exchange for food, medicine and -- it hopes -- weapons, a top official in the transitional government said on Friday. "The Qatar government agreed, the agreement is signed" Libya rebels pen oil deal with Qatar

The offer came as the rebels showed signs of increased organization as they battled Gaddafi's forces in eastern Libya, and appeared to have more weapons and communications equipment such as radios and satellite phones, and were working in more organized units, in which military defectors were each leading six or seven volunteers. Libyan rebels offer cease-fire. Does Qaddafi have the upper hand? Not this time and they can thank Qatar!

The key Libyans who have defected - and those who still support Gaddafi

I was listening to General Honore talking about the rebels calling for a cease fire. He said the rebels are looking for a cease fire from a point of weakness as they have been losing ground. I respect him but beg to differ. The front is fluid and he has not been keeping abreast of it. The rebels have more than a few things going for them of late. One is the viciousness of all the Gaddafi's.

I watched an interview of a family fleeing from Misrata and they were saying the houses around them were flattened by tanks and Gaddafi's forces were killing at will and en masse. I also noticed that Qatar has stepped up They must have recognized the rebels as they have struck a deal for oil in exchange they would supply arms, training and food and medical supplies.

It was evident on the battle field as the volunteers were in groups of 7 or 8 with a leader instructing them and the discipline and equipment to fight with. With the increasing defections and the ever increasing amount of support I think the rebels are in a good position to look for a cease fire if the Gaddafi's were sane but they are not.

I heard mentioned that Gaddafi may step down if Saife was given the reins with no mention of the murderous son and his Battalion of murderers, There is no way that will be tolerated or taking seriously.

The gig is up! The rebels propositioned for a cease fire saying they wanted a regime change, they wanted all attacks to stop, they wanted the snipers gone, and demanded all Gaddafi forces to leave the cities to protect the Libyan citizens. I doubt if any of that will happen yet but believe the tide is with the rebels and they will eventually hold sway but believe they will have to fight all the way. I will just never stop worry about that mustard gas, other WMD, and those mad men still in control.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I'm just wondering who these rebels are? They seem to be well educated and have some money. The problem is that they have little in the way of arms or training to defeat Gaddafi.

Also keep you eye on the following countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan as they may be next.

an average patriot said...

Supposedly there are a lot of Al Qaeda. You are right about those countries and I can't say it will be interesting to watch. It is all going to suck I'm sure!