Friday, April 01, 2011

Gaddafi exchanging tanks for civilian trucks to mingle with the rebels

Live feed: Libya and Mid-East crisis

Despite CIA in Libya and Moussa Koussa's defection the slaughter continues. When I first heard Gaddafi had changed tactics getting rid of his tanks and putting his fighters in civilian vehicles I was concerned for the rebels and the CIA and that is a real concern in many instances I am sure. That said, with the defection of Kaddafi's foreign Minister Kaddafi may be experiencing a partial unraveling.

Profile: Moussa Koussa

Libya shrugs off foreign minister defection

What Qaddafi loses with Moussa Koussa's defection

CIA Operatives Gathering Intelligence In Libya

Simpson: Army adopts rebel tactics

LIBYAN rebels fought running street battles today for the eastern town of Brega, with forces loyal to Gaddafi driving and shooting at people.

Challenges facing coalition

US 'backs covert rebel aid'

Nothing has changed:

We are looking at arming these rebels who turn around and run at the drop of a hat it seems. What is the guarantee that they are going to stand their ground and fight for their lives? Also that would mean clothing feeding and paying them. Are we willing to spend another trillion dollars? I say we because I am sure we would get stuck with that too as well as the training which would make Obama a liar as he said there would be no boots on the ground.

We can't do this again. So far I am on Obama's side, I think he has done the right thing. He did not wait during a year of slaughter as Clinton did in the Balkans, He did not go full bore and unilaterally as Bush did. It is already obvious that the no fly zone is a failure without the US running it. We can not get dragged in further. We must get out now and the rebels must fight the good fight or die. We can not do this for them!

Any way you look at it Kaddafi is no Mubarak and Egypt's army is not the army of blood thirsty mercenaries Kaddafi's Billions buys. They aren't going to be able to take out Gaddafi. He is going to keep slaughtering the "rats" The no fly stopped working when we handed it to the Brits and French.

They want to arm the rebels now which means feed, pay, and training, and boots on the ground making Obama a liar. We already have 2 one trillion dollar Muslim wars going. We can not do a third and neither can Britain. France wants to recognize the rebels they should be the ground force it will be needed at the very least. We came to France's rescue in WW1, WW2, and Vietnam, I say three strikes you're out and let them do or die.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think you missed something here Jim. This is about Americas' War Inc. We don't have to send our boots on the ground. Just send in the likes of Blackwater. And I'm sure Haliburton is just licking its' chops for the oil fields even if they may be small. This isn't about principle. Though you'd figured that one out by now. And I hear the rebels are willing to pay.

an average patriot said...

That is boots on the ground to me and them too I am sure. I understand Saif is looking to replace his Father but I don't know how that will go over plus those jumping ship will never work ofr him nor will he ask them. The sons are more ruthless than Moamar.