Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama to Republicans: 'You think we're stupid?' Well since you asked...

In one of three political fund-raisers for his re-election campaign, Obama spoke candidly to supporters about the closed-door White House conversations that led to a deal that barely avoided a shutdown of the U.S. Government. President Obama said he challenged Republicans to try to repeal his landmark health care reform in private budget talks last week, taunting his opponents with a question: "You think we're stupid?" Obama to Republicans: 'You think we're stupid?'

Democrats have been tit on a bull since Bush's Presidency. They had a majority and got nothing done. Reid and Pelosi along with the rest of them have proven they have no spine. Republicans have been having their way with the Democrats for ten years and it only got worse when the tea party came on board. Why shouldn't they think Democrats are stupid? Look at their track rerecord!

I say "be careful what you ask for" you may get it in this case you will. I have been totally disappointed with Reid, Pelosi, and all Democrats since Bush's reign. It was sickening to watch as Democrats bent to every whim of G W. We said Democrats must learn how to stand up to Republicans and their my way or the highway terrorist tactics.

With the advent of Obama I thought we had the person to do it. I saw his being a community organizer as a plus also his eloquence. Republicans have wanted nothing but his failure and defeat not caring that it meant failure and defeat for us and our America. As a result we have seen Obama do a pretty good job "in my mind" around the world However he has been a total failure at home.

Obama and the Democrats have shown they are stupid. They have a proven track record of letting the Republicans ride roughshod over them. It is very debilitating to watch. The only thing they can look at and call a victory is the health care Bill but most of us do not look at it as a victory because Democrats allowed it to be whittled down by the ever powerful tea partiers, lobbyists, and main stream Republicans in their pocket.

Obama is quite an orator but I wouldn't be looking for a fight with Republicans as he has proven he can not handle a fight. I can not remember one thing he has accomplished for the benefit of the average American can you? I absolutely want to see him reelected because the alternative is worse, He is right now trying to regain the youth vote the helped get him elected but what has he done for them?

Obama said social security, Medicaid, and Medicare were on the table then when he started his reelection campaign he wanted the elderly vote so he told them he is on their side and will fight to protect Medicaid and Medicare. It should be protected but I do not see it happening. I hate to say it but everything does have to be on the table including ending the tax cuts for the super wealthy.

I do not see that happening because Republicans said it is off the table and if there is any compromise since the last election they wrongly think gave them a mandate by the people do undo everything FDR and Democrats have ever accomplished. I hope they pay next election and believe they will but time will have to tell. I for one have to say to the affirmative that yes we think you are stupid. If you aren't "prove it"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I'm really beginning to question the motives of our Prez. He's caved on so many issues I'm beginning to think the rethuglicons have him on a leash. The last item after he caved on the Bush tax cuts was not standing up for the union workers of Wisconsin when during the election he stated he'd walk the picket lines with them.
So will he cave yet again with the "emergency" national debt and budget "crisis"? (Note how everything becomes a crisis needing immediate attention when the republicans do things). No time to think things out jet give us your vote and we'll take care of the rest. Humm the Patriot Act, Drug plan with a doughnut hole, extending Shrubs' tax cuts at the expense of the 99ers comes to mind. You see a pattern here Jim?

an average patriot said...

Yeah Demeur I do and it really sucks. When I caught on early on people said give him some time. He has had enough time to see he is a community organizer and the R's are taking advantage of it.

I remember after the last election R's said they had a mandate and if there is going to be any compromising it will come from Dems and Obama and it is.

Weaseldog said...

You know my position on this, Obama hasn't changed since he first became Senator. He was a liar and Ringer as Senator, he's the same as President.

The media shaped a false image of him, to help his election. They fooled millions of Americans.

He's never caved. He never intended to win those battles.

an average patriot said...

They fooled me Wease I had big hopes but they were instantly dashed and it continues. He says Health care if his major success but it was ripped apart and survival looks bleak.

Ranch Chimp said...

First of all the HCR I wrote plenty about as well ... while all these folk's were writing about a PO and our chances of getting it being great, I was writing that it will be a miracle if we get it, I was writing a few year's ago about our SSI being attacked and the motive and objective's, how the dem's will also be bought and paid for ... how much each Congress and Senate member was paid prior to the HCR reform talk's ... and how the bill is a bill twice the size of the bible and full of pork and how the stupid masses think they got something when frankly the insurer's and pharma companies get billion's in gvmnt subsideies to the people and old and are going to even get more rich off this HCR and we will get much more cattle herd type inferior service at higher premium price's ... it was all bullshit, it was clear as day and almost everybody on both these nauseating two polarizing side's were buying it.

an average patriot said...

RC the gullibility and inaction of most Americans is our downfall. They are so easy to placate it is sickening. That health care bill sucks but WTF? It pisses me off but the average American and our America is a mere inconvenience and we do not matter only the parties and their interest do. The two party system is our biggest enemy.