Saturday, April 09, 2011

Prospects of rebel takeover in Libya dying

Notice her middle finger? Who do you think that is for?

Libyan government forces tried to storm into the besieged city of Misrata on Friday as NATO generals acknowledged their air power was not enough to help insurgents remove Muammar Gaddafi by force alone.

Eyewitness: Whispers in Tripoli

Rebels flee Ajdabiya strike Rebels fled after more deaths from a NATO strike. I am sorry but they are proving to be their own worse enemy. They forgot to tell NATO they had tanks, Duhh! Gaddafi probably gave them to them and is having a good laugh.

Nato refuses to apologize for an air strike that hit anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya, saying it had not been aware rebels had tanks.

In pictures: Rebels hit

Gaddafi's staying power

Nothing has changed:

We are looking at arming these rebels who turn around and run at the drop of a hat it seems. What is the guarantee that they are going to stand their ground and fight for their lives? They seem more like cry babies blaming everything on NATO and the west. They want us to do their fighting for them. They know the ruthless killer that is Gaddafi, they should have known he would not step down and they would have to fight to the death as he slaughtered their people.

We can't do this again. So far I am on Obama's side, I think he has done the right thing. He did not wait during a year of slaughter as Clinton did in the Balkans, He did not go full bore and unilaterally as Bush did. It is already obvious that the no fly zone is a failure without the US running it. We can not get dragged in further. We must get out now and the rebels must fight the good fight or die. We can not do this for them but I do think NATO should be concentrating on Libya and then the Ivory Coast if that has not been resolved yet.!

Any way you look at it Kaddafi is no Mubarak and Egypt's army is not the army of blood thirsty mercenaries Kaddafi's Billions buys. They aren't going to be able to take out Gaddafi. He is going to keep slaughtering the "rats" The no fly zone stopped working when we handed it to the Brits and French and I understand Gaddafi's forces are still flying and killing rebels.

I just see no way in hell that Moamar, Saif, or any of the Gaddafi men are going to go anywhere. I believe we screwed up again.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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