Thursday, April 07, 2011

Libya rebels slam NATO for abandoning them as they attack the Ivory Coast: They pledge to save Libyan's

Live feed: Ivory Coast crisis

Ivory Coast: United Nations launch air strikes on Laurent Gbagbo I was wondering when they were going to get around to this. I guess this answers the rebels question of What happened to the UN?

NATO, accused of mission failure by Libya's rebels, vowed Wednesday to do all to protect civilians in Misrata as France pledged to open a sea corridor to the besieged Mediterranean city.

UN action in Ivory Coast an 'assassination bid'

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's elected President Alassane Ouattara stormed the residence of his rival Laurent Gbagbo Wednesday, an Ouattara spokeswoman said, potentially heralding the end of a bloody conflict in the West African country.

World must stay the course in Libya: Rudd Not the one they are currently on!

Libya rebels slam NATO, regime wants talks

US Defense Chief in Saudi Arabia to Discuss Mideast Unrest

I understand the Middle East and Africa is exploding but firmly believe our interference over the course of over a century is why. We are responsible for all this and at this point I really do not understand what NATO and the US is doing. They are panicking , floundering, misdirected, and trying to take on more than they can handle. This has all taken on a life of its own and is beyond our control. This entire breakdown is still barely beginning.


Ranch Chimp said...

I actually AGREE! :)

an average patriot said...

I'm telling ya, I don't know what the hell we are doing. I am listening to Trump right now and I agree with him on Iraq saying as soon as we leave the oil is going to Iran and as for Libya I agree that China gets the oil and if we are going to be there we should get the oil and the rebels comprise Al Qaeda and those who fought us in Iran. What a frigging mess.This is so convoluted and sadly just a small part of the lie we live today. Oh man!

Ranch Chimp said...

The LIES(?) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... the lie that we live in today guy is more than I ever fantasized that we would get too. It has become so common in everything, that's it's almost absurd as well as a rare to hear truth. One of the biggest scam's and lies that I have also found was after researching all the copper and mineral contracting that I covered in my journal as far as China (granted to them back around 2005 or so), the railroad their building into Afghanistan for it, etc ... all of course pushed for the continuous occupation of Afghanistan, and the new global market playing field. What frusrated me only on this, is that the Chinese dont supply any forces/ military for this security and/ or battle, yet them and the largest market's player's of the globe will be the only one's that benefit from this, with the exception of the other big global player to come, India. At the same time ... the corporation's behind this are pushing China to open up new coal plant's and such weekly, then turning around presenting themselves through high dollar prime time ad's as being all green, clean, people conscous, and a schlew of other nauseating cliches, also putting us more in debt on new car loan's to buy these piece of crap overpriced hybrid's, that I know we can do much better at, and also I buy this about as much as I buy the idea that we cant build even a vehicle that can get 80/ 90 miles to a gallon .. it is endless.

an average patriot said...

RC this total lie we are living today is all pervasive, sickening, and debilitating. Anyway I covered the copper mines pretty extensively too and the thing that caught my eye was that they were allowed to build the railroad right through the thick of Taliban country without incident and it is finished now.

Do you remember when the Taliban were at the WH and in Crawford for secret meetings with Cheney and Bush?

They would not give their okay for a pipe line through Afghanistan despite a threat by Bush to attack them. What a coincidence we ignored warnings by one of them that planes were going to be used on us and it all happened a couple days later.

I can give you the link or you can Google it but did you ever read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan? Everything makes you want to scream!

Ranch Chimp said...

Geeeezzz ... NO ... I didnt recall anything on the Taliban in Crawford or the WH, but thanx for the info, I will look forward to viewing that too. Tell you the truth AP ... I can barely keep up with half the crap these dayz that's going on. Today I'm lucky and get alot of online time, tomorrow, back on the road to hustle to my client's ... I'm inde/ self employed and sell, so I have to drive quite a bit on weekend's in Texas and Oklahoma usually. I did remember sseing clip's of Saudi's at the ranch in Crawford, but didnt think much of it, since the Bush's were old friend's with the Saudi's for year's actually. I know when daddy Bush Sr was "unofficial" ambassador to China, W was also hanging in China (a teen then) and I figured that was the big trade gig they been working on for decade's, also to get big businesses foot in the door of China. I'm certainly not against the Chinese being more pro business, however ... China will soon realize that they will be played by the corpoarte market's as well. For instance ... the Chinese gvmnt a year or so ago had to hold a quick special meeting to try to regulate all the real estate in China these folk's (foreign investment's) was buying all up like a half price yard sale.