Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nato: Libyans use 'human shields and want us to go home'

Nato: Libyans use 'human shields' Rebels rescue taxi driver hit by loyalist yank fire. I refuse to believe these scum are killing their people, laughing, enjoying it and getting away with it. WTF?

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has appealed directly to President Barack Obama to halt what the Libyan leader called "an unjust war," and wished Obama good luck in his bid for re-election next year. It really peeves me that the scum Gaddafi is slaughtering as many citizens as he can and using them as human shields while asking Obama to give him the room to do it. Good luck indeed, this scum is enjoying this. Good luck indeed!

ZAWIYAH, Libya — In the second-floor office of a burned-out police station here, the photographs strewn across the floor spun out the stories of the unlucky prisoners who fell into the custody of the brutal government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

NATO Ramps Up Libyan Airstrikes

RAF jets join attack

I heard mentioned that Gaddafi may step down if Saife was given the reins with no mention of the murderous son and his Battalion of murderers, There is no way that will be tolerated or taking seriously.

The gig is up! The rebels propositioned for a cease fire saying they wanted a regime change, they wanted all attacks to stop, they wanted the snipers gone, and demanded all Gaddafi forces to leave the cities to protect the Libyan citizens. I doubt if any of that will happen yet but believe the tide is with the rebels and they will eventually hold sway but believe they will have to fight all the way. I will just never stop worrying about that mustard gas, other WMD, and those mad men still in control.

Officials say talks with Saudi ruler to focus on political change across the region, progress on $60 billion arms deal, missile defense U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in Saudi Arabia to meet King Abdullah for talks on the recent unrest sweeping the Middle East and North Africa.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning AP! Thanx for the looksy on this. You know ... I was trying to be optimistic and hope that this bloody event wouldnt even get this deep or go this far. I done a couple posting's the first couple dayz as this was going down as a response to Tim and Melissa Waters over at "Scared Stiff", but what I wrote was done with a tad tongue in cheek and satire to point out the BS of how we are told what is war or not war, saying that whether we go to war or not, no one will call it war, and making joke's about how American politician's will tell us we will have no part in combat, we wont foot the bill, Ghadaffi's compound is destroyed, it's other countries paying and doing everything, etc, etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... basically they will call it anything but "war", whether they call it "Odyssey Dawn", "Good Morning Libya", or even "Ronald McDonald's Charity Mission" ... just not "war". I was telling folk's a decade or so ago that this character was a dictator, who I wouldnt frankly give a dime to, when folk's were jumping and cheering with pop culture delight about "Supporting Brother Momar", while even some of our own politician's took photo op's with this vermin, basically built him up, supported him, and made him a multi millionaire ... now they all act like they didnt know what he was ... that's the hilarious part to me ... we live in a nation full of shit basically, as far as the BS were told daily.

an average patriot said...

Morning man! I must admit I never paid much attention to what was going on around the world and the scum we call Politicians until Rove Cheney, Bush and the gang stole the country. What a frigging mess the world and our politics is today. I am disgusted and this entir3e package will only keep getting much worse.

You know, when we grew up we picked and chose where we wanted to go and the nature we wanted to enjoy. I see my sons and grandchildren's choices rapidly diminishing and I feel so bad it is happening on our watch and the fucking politician's just keep playing. It sucks!