Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Recovering Gabby May Run for Senate, Giffords' Office Releases Plans For Shuttle Launch Visit

Giffords' Office Releases Plans For Shuttle Launch Visit I am psyched!

Although Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is still recovering from the infamous gunshot to the head that nearly took her life, supporters and staff are busy murmuring that they are hopeful that she will rehabilitate in time to run for the seat that Senator Jon Kyl, a Republican, is vacating next year, The New York Times reports.

Meanwhile, other prospective Democratic candidates are playing it cool. “I’m in but only if she’s not,” one prospective Democratic candidate told the Times. He spoke of his deliberations but insisted that he not be named. “A Democrat running against her would be doomed.” Giffords had expressed interest in running for the Senate before a gunman opened fire at one of her “Congress on Your Corner” events in Tucson, Ariz.

“We are all rooting for Gabby to recover and run,” said Don Bivens, a former party chairman who himself is interested in the Senate seat. “She would be a great senator for Arizona. But we also need a Plan B.”

Supplementing the rumors and speculation, friends and allies of Giffords are making moves that indicate a possible run for Kyl’s seat, holding a fund-raiser for her on March 15 in Washington. Anything that goes in her Congressional campaign war chest, however, could be tapped for the Senate race.

I am so psyched and impressed with Gabby "Gabrielle Gifford's" survival and her up to now miraculous recovery we all expect and pray will continue. There were 3 others shot in the head that day when Loughner killed 6 and wounded 12. You would normally when hearing someone was shot in the head expect them to have died or at best to have some major impediments for the remainder of their lives.

It has been a little more than two months since the Tucson shooting spree that killed six people and injured 12, and the news on Gabby just keeps getting better. Now Gabby who survived being shot through the brain and the head is finding her voice through song.

Since Gifford's was transferred to Houston where her husband is training to Command the space shuttle in April there are now reports of her singing "Happy Birthday" for husband Mark Kelly and Don McLean's "American Pie" signaling what some have called a miraculous recovery. The brain we know can heal itself through repetition lots of consistency but this is just amazing. Music Therapy Helps Gabrielle Giffords Find Her Voice After Tucson Shooting

Mark Kelly will be commanding space shuttle Endeavor's mission, set to blast off April 19. According to one of the doctors who saved her life in Tucson, there's "no reason not to" believe she can continue her remarkable recovery and witness that moment. I remember about 2 weeks after she was shot and was in the hospital in Tucson I thought it a bit optimistic for Mark to say that he had no doubt she would be there. .

I really had my doubts but I expect her to be there now. It is a very lofty goal and that is what is needed to recover from something like this and to hope for a miracle like the one we are watching. I want to see her there and to watch her face and hear the cheers from the people all around the world. What a victory lap! Giffords may be present when husband blasts off

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

If this gal run's for Senate, she'll have a good chance of a landslide victory, or at least that's where I would place my bet, folk's love heroic stories. I didnt know or read much about the incident ... except whenever they showed this shooter on the news, they alway's showed him with a big smile, where he look's like the average happy go lucky guy at the corner store that say's good morning everytime you see him ... kind of odd. But as far as the medical stuff I dont know much, I hear it was a 9mil ... I mean ... did the bullet lodge? Did they get it out? Was there an exit point? It just must have been one of them odd shot's to let her survive and recover so well. I only took a smaller caliber in upper thigh, so I dont know, which was nothing, didnt even feel it to be frank. But when my buddy Jimmy was gunned down in South Central Dallas, (he was involved with moving dope/ coke year's back, he basically got targeted by a group of kid's that killed about 15 or so before they caught them, once a familia of 6 all execution style who also dealt/ moved supply ... he wasnt a street "slinger", he moved large quantities. But they would execute the dealer's/ mover's then rob their stash and cash). But Jimmy took two tap's to the chest, then one to the skull after he was downed, but I was there at the morgue to ID him with his wife, the skull shot (a 9) had a very bad exit wound, it took alot out with it, it appeared (I took Carmen/his wife out of the room after she broke down then came back to question and examine Jimmy a lil further). He had no money/ wallet on him, and no product(dope) ... yet the cop's found his piece in his back waste (Jimmy carried a chrome 380, ivory looking grip, he loved, really looked nice too), which told me what happened before the cop's even knew, they(thug's) were on a schedule and knew what they were after, they wasted no time. I knew he wouldnt even be in that neighborhood, only on business to make a drop, they made the hit before the drop basically. Enough said, good post though.

an average patriot said...

Don't pay to play with dope deals I had some close calls myself, sorry about your friend.

Loughner is an obvious psycho, not normal looking at all. Some tried to warn and it is beyond me how he was not pulled off the street.

He shot her point blank, in the forehead through the brain and out the back of the head. Her aid saved her life by immediately sitting her up holding the wound and talking to her.

Dave Dubya said...

I had a job in Music therapy back in the '70's. It is an amazing tool. As we know, music can trigger memories, emotions and languagea as well as physical functions.

an average patriot said...

Hey Dave! Yeah like something else it triggers memories, soothes, and makes you think. Did you ever do anything with your music? Anyway Gabby really has me rooting for her. Everything lined up for her and she has to be a one time thing.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm putting a band together for some active gigs.

S.W. Anderson said...

From everything I've seen and read about her, Giffords is a fine woman and representative. What a good and fitting thing it would be, to replace a fact-challenged liar and arrogant, overbearing sack of silage like Kyl with a gem like her.

an average patriot said...

Alright Dave, do it up and have fun. I remember when you use to put some of your stuff on. Very good!

an average patriot said...

Somebody else mentioned it but if she runs the seat is hers and to me even if she needs help for a while.