Friday, April 15, 2011

Libya Conflict Spotlights Qatar's Growing Influence but I disagree that the writing is on the wall for Gaddafi as US gets in deeper

US planes still bombing Libya: Pentagon I should have known. Not that I disagree with it but as usual we worked it so we appeased the dove crowd and finagled it to please the hawks by putting the planes under NATO. I also think it is good that Gaddafi knows we are still over his head. I know they respect and fear the US more than the rest of NATO.

Arab League Meets With UN, World Leaders On Libya, calls for immediate cease fire That'll never happen!

Libya: US urged to return to front line

Libya Conflict Spotlights Qatar's Growing Influence

Libyan rebels find support boost at Doha summit

Allies Agree on Plan to Finance Libyan Rebels

I reiterate:
Rebels are selling their oil now,let them use the oil money. Secure more areas, more money for more sounds like motivation for the rebels to fight and retain, not to expect us to do it. Sounds like a win win to me.

Nothing has changed and it will not unless thy whoever they are start hitting Tripoli the heart of the problem, the AU gets serious about getting rid of their benefactor Gaddafi, the Arabs get more involved, and the French get involved on the ground if they care so much because Britain won't do it and we can not.

We are looking at arming these rebels who turn around and run at the drop of a hat it seems. What is the guarantee that they are going to stand their ground and fight for their lives? They seem more like cry babies blaming everything on NATO and the west. They want us to do their fighting for them. They know the ruthless killer that is Gaddafi, they should have known he would not step down and they would have to fight to the death as he slaughtered their people.

We can't do this again. So far I am on Obama's side, I think he, NATO, the Arabian's and the AU have done the right thing. They did not wait during a year of slaughter as Clinton did in the Balkans, Obama did not go full bore and unilaterally as Bush did. It is already obvious that the no fly zone is a failure without the US running it. We can not get dragged into this further. We must get out now and the rebels must fight the good fight or die. We can not do this for them and Gaddafi is never going to step aside nor will his sons give up what they think is theirs.

Any way you look at it Kaddafi is no Mubarak and Egypt's army is not the army of blood thirsty mercenaries Kaddafi's Billions buys. They aren't going to be able to take out Gaddafi. He is going to keep slaughtering the "rats" The no fly zone stopped working when we handed it to the Brits and French though they seem to be doing better now the Bgabgo is capture and they can focus on Libya though I understand Gaddafi's forces are still flying and killing rebels.

I just see no way in hell that Moamar, Saif, or any of the Gaddafi men are going to go anywhere. I believe we screwed up again unless France takes control on the ground.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Guy! .... First of all ... Thanx for the update on this "non- existent" war going on, because I havent bothered to read one other news clip on this. Now you see "why" I wrote such a tongue in cheek sarcastic posting on this when it first started, in other word's ... I seen this shit coming. :) On one hand, because of my view's/ opinion's ... many on the "right" will think I'm a "wuss" for not wanting to go to war ... many on the "left" will think I'm a racist or anti- human for not jumping to the rescue of any group abroad who cant get their shit together. I say "right/ left" because that is about the limited thought span of many folk's and the media's. It isnt that I have any problem with even dropping bomb's on any country who "actually" screw's with us .... first place Guy ... having associated with so many folk's who fought in some of these war's, I dont even like the approach we take to fighting war's (I tried to enlist when I was 17 in the Navy Seabees, which I had dreamed of since around 12, I failed my written test barely, and was told to come back a couple month's later to re- test, but when the time came to retest, I was in Dade County jail in Miami later, with a detainer, that made it also so I couldnt make bond even, because of bench warrant's in New York State) so I have problemo nada with war. But I'll be damned if every damn time I send our men and women to fight, if I'm going to tie one hand behind their back's, stuff a bloody rule book in their waist band of how to be "nice" to the enemy or other horseshit, and whine/ cry every time there's a casualty ... war is war ... it HAS "CASUALTIES", period. And it's been like this for year's Guy, regardless of what all the media's may say. I have a buddy, Russ Mason (a few year's older than I) for instance ... a few mision's in Nam, he was everything from a gunner in a chopper to a Master Sgt (USMC retired, over 20 year's service) .. he would tell me some stories of how they were required to ask paper's/ ID's and all kind's of research before engaging sometime's ... while lil kid's parent's of the opposition would line their kid's waste band's with grenade's or such to approach the quarter's of them, pull up their shirt's their pinned to, so they will go off, etc, etc. We have soldier's constantly under pressure to engage in every incident in a politically correct manner, and I feel it is sometime's hard to engage that way in combat, and be perfect ... I know damn well it is on the street's having gotten in conflict's on them, and those situation's are magnified 10X times over. I didnt mean to get off subject from Libya ... but since this is about combat/ war ... I just popped that in.

No ... I am sick frankly of paying for these bloody conflict's, especially in some of these rat shit nation's that love to fight like we love to wake up to a bowl of Cheerio's, while we are told in our country we need to "sacrifice" more, make more cut's, from infrastructure need's to every other bloody thing. I am sick of sending our finest trained in with a hand tied behind their back's, I am sick of the constant claim's that we should worry about bin Laden, when they had him in site's and ready to engage year's ago, then at the last minute special forces were told to abort the mission with no explanation after, as to "why". I'm just sick of all the BS Guy.

Thanx ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Maybe I would be more "nice" or "understanding" perhap's if I actually been in some of these war's ... but I havent, so I am just going on what I see and talked about with bother's who had been in them.

an average patriot said...

I am sick oif it too RC primarily because we know it is all a lie. We have been in ine trumped up war or another since our founding. I have all the links if you want them but I was stunned when I saw all the facts and no longer trust why we fight.

It is sick to watch us fuck the poor while Repugs say the $trillion they just gave the super wealthy is off the table. I remember when Romney was stumping for McCain and he said not terrorism but Dems are our biggest enemy because they want to help all the poor and elderly.

They just took Wic away! That helped the most vulnerable of the vulnerable, the babies but Repugs insist we must help the super wealthy meanwhile we we keep borrowing for these FF'ing wars. WTF?

an average patriot said...

A couple of my sons just got back from Afghanistan and another is trying like hell to get back before he gets so much rank they won't let him lead troops in combat.

I just wish this shit would end but that nut plans on going back to lead EOD combat troops as a civilian when he retire. I wish he would be happy staying home with his wife and kids!