Sunday, January 10, 2010

US military intervention could strengthen Qaeda: Yemen Of course it will, haven't we learned anything?

When are we going to realize that so called terrorism is the head of the Hydra? You cut one off and many spring up in its place. No one in their right mind can really think they will quit. I have said it to many times but we are winning nothing. This is still barely beginning, will keep growing, and will equal all past great Religious wars. As you know, Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest!

Yemen fertile ground for terror groups

US military intervention could strengthen Qaeda: Yemen

Despite 2 insurgencies and Al Qaeda Yemen is already in trouble. They are running out of water! Wells are down 65 feet per year, many wells have dried up and they can not grow food. They are rapidly running out of water and that problem too is now. Yemen water woes in the poorest Arab Nation

With our air raids in the East, civil war looming in the north, pro-independence protests in the south and al-Qaeda in the background threatening a wave of attacks on America, Yemen is today’s war. To top it off Yemen is running out of water! There is more Al Qaeda there than in Afghanistan why are we in Afghanistan and not Yemen?

Somalia will be the next war as those Al Qaeda who did not flee the existing wars to help in Yemen have gone to Somalia! Al Qaeda has always been in Yemen but it has now become Al Qaeda central. Their principle targets are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the US, allies and allies in this so called war on terror.

The Saudi and Yemen branches of Al Qaeda have joined forces and many outsiders are moving in to join the fight. We must act in kind! Yemen is on the verge of being a failed state as you already know especially if you have been following my story line. Yemen is on the Abyss and we must help them for own good!

Ya think they have been preoccupied? They have been dealing with terrorism and insurgencies for years! They are not a failed state but well on their way! Their attention has been on survival as a country.

Al Shabab in Somalia and Al Qaeda in Yemen are both reinforced by those fleeing the fight in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Somalia is a failed State and Yemen is rapidly headed towards being a failed State. They are perfect havens for Al Qaeda to set up new training camps in lawless regions.

Yemen has stepped up its efforts to go after Al Qaeda where they live and train. Yemeni Al Qaeda previously sent arms and help to Al Shabab in their fight in Somalia. Al Shabab is reciprocating sending fighters to Yemen to help Yemeni Al Qaeda.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Yemen Battle Intensifies


Dave Dubya said...

It is a religious war to the Islamic terorists. It is a war for corporate profit/political power for the corpo-terrorists.

Corpo-terrorism, America's number one business.

Demeur said...

Actually they're fighting three wars there. A civil war in the north and south and the terrorist threats around the country. The people don't want to see U.S. troops on the ground there. With little water, no resources and rampant corruption this will be Afghanistan east.
Lastly I'd say that the Al Qaeda plan is working quite well. Their mission is to have us throw resources at any area where they use terror tactics and thereby bankrupt us just as they did the Soviet Union. Looks like we're falling for it. That's basic military strategy, divide and concur.
You think maybe it's time for an exit strategy?

an average patriot said...

Yeaah Dave with Bush it was on both sides. Now it will only take one as they will not relent and now we must just react as they are in control whether we like it or not!

an average patriot said...

i know, the North the south and Al Qaeda. They are fighting a secessionist war in the south and the IRG and the Houthi in the north but that is secessionist too as they want it for the Shiite then they will go after Saudi Arabia!