Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schwarzenegger proposes Mexican jails take US inmates and they may, it’s a start!

Mexico 'could take US inmates'

I think sending Prisoners to be housed in American built prisons is a great idea! I know California has severe financial difficulties and thus think it is a great idea to build Prisons in Mexico and house the estimated 20,000 Mexican illegal immigrants being housed in California's prisons alone. With an estimated cost of $45,000 per prisoner and 20,000 prisoners we are talking a sizable saving with housing them in Mexico being half the cost. Mexico 'could take US inmates'
I have to wonder how it is in other states with Education and Prison budgets but it seems to me that Arnold is right and we should be spending more on Education than to keep our failures in prison. Thirty years ago 10 percent of the general fund went to higher education and 3 percent went to prisons as Arnold points out and today almost 11 percent goes to prisons and only 7½ percent goes to higher education.

Spending 45 percent more on prisons than universities is no way to proceed into the future. 45% more on prisons, that should be against the Constitution not, not giving your prisoners enough room to live and enough mental health care. Schwarzenegger wants a constitutional amendment to prevent California lawmakers from ever spending more on prisons than on higher education. I think it is sick that you have to try to pass an amendment to do what is only right! Calitics:: What Does it Mean to Spend More on Prisons than Higher ...

I remember when California's judges last year ordered the release of tens of thousands of California's prison inmates to relieve overcrowding that amongst other things was ravaging prison medical and mental health care saying it had to be done to bring California prison's up to Constitutional standards. I didn't know the constitution had standards for prisons. As far as I'm concerned they are no longer protected by the Constitution as they at the very least violated others constitutional rights and the Constitution.

California's 33 prisons hold nearly 160,000 inmates, about twice their designed capacity and that is okay with me. Take their TV's too! The judges said they were prepared to impose a limit of between 120 and 145 percent of capacity, which would require 37,000 to 58,000 prisoners to be released back into the economy prematurely posing a significant threat to public safety. Of course the Schwarzenegger administration immediately announced plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and I have yet to hear where that stands. It must still be pending or Mexico would not have been put into play. Judges tell state to free thousands of inmates - SFGate

California has got to get their priorities back in order! Housing illegal immigrants in Mexico would be a win win saving California money and putting Mexican's to work. It is the right thing to do as long as Mexico can keep them secure! Mexico can start with her own citizens and we may have a lucrative import export prison business here. After California we can incorporate the other States.We make them they hold them. Sounds like a deal!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

The problem is a bit more complicated than what first appears. You have people from Mexico trying to escape a bad economic situation there. Their government is corrupt. So with no alternative who wouldn't try to get the heck out of there.
The other problem is that we have detention centers for people from other countries that need to be deported who can be kept for years. Our authorities wait until they have a plane load from any country until they get a flight out.

an average patriot said...

If we can build prisons in Mexico cutting the cost of keeping their citizens in half by having Mexico run the prisons I think it is a great idea!