Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti: the final solution!

First we are not repairing this Nation we are going to have to build it and from the rubble of a major earthquake. On a good day Haiti had no infrastructure Governmental or societal to satisfy the basic human needs. We keep hearing we are not in the Nation building business. Afghanistan and Iraq aside we certainly are now! Secretary Clinton said we have a chance not to repair and patch up the destruction but to build a Nation, build a new Haiti.

Haiti is a 4th world Nation of to 10 million people 70% living on $1 per day. 3 million now injured and or homeless. Do you realize the monumental task of just trying to care for and feed 3 million people let alone clear the rubble and build a Nation to be proud of? I can not see it happening but I hope the world tries to make it a reality and not having fatigue set in and have it left to the US.

You know I just discussed the very real possibility of a Haitian boat lift as the situation worsens especially since Napolitano gave temporary immigration status supposedly only to those already in the US. The death rate will continue to climb as there are many areas yet visited everything else aside. Estimates are 150,000 now and violence is mounting. We can negate the possibility of a boat lift but it is going to take a concerted effort, sacrifice by legal Haitian Americans, and sacrifices from all Americans. I have to agree with General Honore!

I see riots breaking out and Government buildings being burned. I said from the beginning this will dwarf the Tsunami and it will. knowing that I would hope it would be a temporary arrangement but I agree with General Honore that we must begin a mass exodus of the sick injured and elderly to the US and set them up in camps. During the interim we can concentrate on logistical planning, getting food and care to those that need it, and security, security, security!

The solution for Haiti! There are said to be 530,897 Haitian Americans. I expect that number to be much higher and know there are currently 30,000 facing deportation who just got a temporary stay from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Anyway Haitian Americans that have the talents Haiti is going to need to build a better Haiti should return to Haiti to build the Government and societal infrastructure that has never existed. Now is their chance if they Love Haiti!

Every day can, will, and is getting better! However this is going to take an innovative and concerted effort. I have been hearing the fact that the USS Carl Vinson is in Haiti criticized. However, our military made the difference during Katrina and the Tsunami, and they are making the difference here. There is a new role for the military of the 21st century and we will discuss it again soon. The Carl Vinzon is is critical right now and recovery efforts are being coordinated from her decks. She also has the ability to make the much needed potable water.

There are so far 10,000 US troops slated to help in Haiti and thousands are already there. They are mission enablers in order to clear the way to supply and rebuild a better Haiti. I understand what some say in that you do not feed the hungry at gun point. However as people get desperate and attempts to feed the sick, elderly, children, and women, are sometimes blocked by desperate men sometimes wielding machetes so security is critical for a successful mission.

I agree with General Honore that despite criticism from some right wing radio hosts that Obama responded too quick because Haitians were black that the response was too slow. Also that the military experienced with rapid deployment should be in charge of the efforts in Haiti not the Agency for International Development "AID" as it is too slow and confused.

He is right! we should be paying Haitians to help distribute food and water to their compatriots. Get General Honore out of retirement! He was the white knight of New Orleans during Katrina. We need him once again to coordinate efforts in Haiti. With 37 years experience he is the man and an asset we can not waste and need now. Retired general: U.S. aid effort too slow -

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

General Honore made a massive difference in New Orleans, when he stepped up and ran the relief effort. He said some blunt things to people, but he got results and results are what's needed right now.

an average patriot said...

Holte I have been listening to him. He is a no nonsense get things done in charge guy. They should bring him back just for this. I was listening to what he would do and we need a central authority and he is the man.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Heard that a friend of a friend didn't even know if her kids were still alive... really horrible!

But let's keep drilling for oil and that sort of thing - to make our planet as vulnerable as possible!

have you heard from your youngest son yet, Jim?
It's om, right? or am I getting the names mixed up again?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

uhm, meant to write: Tom...



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Check this out...

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an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah long time no hear, hope you are well! We know someone lost there right now too. It is unbelievable. I have not heard from Tom in about 5 weeks nor has anyone else. I am going to have to chew him out and make him call every so often!

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna! Darn, the message said the item has been removed. Hmm I wonder why!

BRockyC said...

Haiti, the Final Solution

The Haitian problem starts after president Monroe, Franklin Roosevelt tried his best while he was "in the Navy", to fix the problem. The problem? Answer: that is another writing.

Haiti had an earthquake, X # of people died in the earthquake.
Y # of people died because they could not be dug out in time.
Z # of people died for lack of food and water.
C # of people died from exposure to the elements.
B # of people died waiting for medical help.
D # of people died by violence.

X+Y+Z+C+B+D = ? too little too late? Let's just wait and see?

Let us put this in historical perspective:

The Berlin Airlift: The Union of Soviet Social Republic blockaded West Berlin. They tried to starve West Berlin into submission. Within hours, the United States of America, Britain, and other allies were flying around the clock, to save the 2.5 million people of Berlin. The airplanes were piston power, slow flying, and cargo capacity was small, by today's standards. The Airlift lasted for about one year. About 5000 tons were flown in every day.

In-contrast, Haiti has 9 million people with 40% of the population under 16 years of age. Haiti is less than one hour by airplane off the coast of Florida. The white house made a statement: "... if we do air drops..... it will cause riots...". A riot as opposed to what? Here is a hint: It is the mechanism the makes evolution work. It is a 5 letter word that starts with the letter "D" and ends with the letter, "H". The president's wife made a commercial with the message, "Give to the Red Cross.". Does the Red Cross have the logistic to handle this? The answer is: Only the military has the logistic to handle this; just like Berlin.

So what is going on? (1.) U.S. military is spread so thin that it can't replicate the success of the Berlin Airlift. (2.) The U. S. is so broke that we can only give a token effort. (3.) The White House has a plan. "who controls the white house?"

Islands are micro-prisms into the earths future. Islands have limited resources. Human population growth is exponential. The end result is: Easter Island. Easter Island suffered an ecosystem collapse caused by over-population. Easter Island has never recovered. Perhaps the plan is to save the planet, by 'thinning the herd'.

So which is it? A plan? or incompetence? Are you OK with this? How many tons a day are arriving in Haiti? Remember drama is often used to hide the truth.

Writing at Random.............. Rocky Cassiano

an average patriot said...

Brocky how did you do that? I thought I saw this at all voices but here is the answer I left you there in case you didn't get it.

It is both a plan and incompetence. This is man! It is an incompetent plan. We will do what we can but the corrupt Haitian Government will take what they can and do not care about the people.

Haiti is too big and will fail! Average citizens of the world are powerless and do not matter. They are on their own. Only the party's and ruling Governments matter.

I wrote a pamphlet during Bush's mess titled the horrible plan for the future. From beginning to end I detailed how we and Bush got where we were and how it will end.

It was right on then and will be to the end regardless of who is in power. I only gave that out on request because it is not easy for the mind. Anyway you can see what is going on here and around the world.

In the end there will be a Government and a military to start over somewhere. They have what they need, If we survive so be it but that is not part of the plan.

Any way you look at it someone has to be able to live on this planet that will not be life sustaining as we know and need it but they do not care.

When I was in College I said give man a right and he will make it a wrong. Anything that is reliant upon man for survival is doomed as man can not even manage himself and sadly it is us. Take care!