Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama was right during Alito nomination: Alito is paying Obama back!

Justice Alito's "you lie moment"

Joe Biden Talks Congress Reaction

He know what that indecision did: As you know, President Obama lambasted the Supreme court injustices for handing a huge victory to special interests and their lobbyists as the so called conservative led Supreme court lifted restrictions on campaign funding by corporations and unions. No kidding! What a coincidence huh? With mid terms approaching the corporations and unions can now lead the way in bringing down the Democrats and their agenda.

Blatant lying and fear mongering using radio and TV advertisements is what those scum are getting away with calling freedom of speech? Now we will just see the asinine lies used in the Health care debates used to bring down the Democrats only now the lying ads will be on steroids as they take the lead in defeating Obama's agenda and the Democrats.

Alito blatantly defending that move to subvert our Democracy mouthing "Not true, not true" while sitting in the front row during President Obama first state of the union address which was in fact a State of Disunion address" was dead wrong, shows there will be no coming together to solve we the people's growing problems, and led me to look at why Alito is so anti Obama!

However it was true! If then Senator Obama had been listened to Alito would not even have been in the chambers. As a senator, he voted against Alito's confirmation. He said President George W. Bush's second nominee to the court was a man of "great character" which is definitely now in question and that he was an accomplished jurist which I now doubt 100%.

"But it is too bad he was ignored because he was dead on when he said "when you look at his record when it comes to his understanding of the Constitution I have found that in almost every case he consistently sides on behalf of the powerful against the powerless; on behalf of a strong government or corporation against upholding American's individual rights. Man what else is there to say. As they say it is too late and the proof is in the pudding. History plays a role in Obama-Alito flap

* Now Obama is hoping Congress can get together, both sides of the aisle as the super majority is gone and I doubt it 100% as the Republicans see their much worked for defeat of President Obama and his ours and the Democrats Waterloo. They are giddy but knowing the election of independent Scott Brown was a vote against them too they most likely are creating their own Waterloo!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

That had to be embarrassing to the 5 nazi supremes. But when you don't have a heart----

morb320 said...

Thanks, James. I saw the clip where then Senator Obama showed that he had done a thorough vetting of Alito, and he was dead on in his assessment of him, and it is too bad that he wasn't taken seriously because what Obama said has turned out to be reality in the Citizens United SC decision. Conservatives were so concerned about Ms. Sotomayor's "judicial activism" during her hearings, but they've said nothing about the judicial activism of the conservatives on the SC. It would seem that John McCain would be upset enough to speak out because the decision overturned existing campaign finance reform that he had worked on. His unwillingness to speak up tells me all I need to know about his honor. He'd rather ignore an injustice and win reelection just to keep the title senator in his name. He had an opportunity to shine after Obama won the presidential election but decided to become a bitter partisan politician. I now believe what some people who have known McCain for years were saying in 2008 when they said that McCain is not a man of honor. What man of honor leaves his first wife after she had had a devastating and disfiguring accident to chase after a beer heiress? What man of honor puts a nation he says he loves in danger by choosing Palin as a VP candidate? What man of honor doesn't speak up when one of his own principles/beliefs have been overturned by a partisan SC decision? Answer: A man who doesn't have any honor.

an average patriot said...

For Alito it was payback as Obama hit it on the head as a Senator and voted against him but it damn well should still be embarrassing!

an average patriot said...

Hi morb welcome! He sure did hit it on the head! That scum Alito and the rest of the so called conservatives just want the corporations to do the dirty work for them. I do not like it at all!

Holte Ender said...

I bet Chief Justice Roberts told Alito to "do what I do, stay tight lipped." Those self righteous prats. Did you notice how Justice Sonya Sotomayor looked embarrassed when Obama was chastising them. Poor woman having deal with those people.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte!
Yeah she just sat there and stared, There was not the time to say something but that was definitely against our Constitution and I refuse to believe that was not loudly pointed out starting last year when they were thinking of revisiting it.

Also I could care less about the career and or service excuse. Put your job on the line for principle and let the people be the judge down the line. Out these idiots for what they are.

You stand up for principle and lose your job on that level and I guarantee you someone will pick you up and eventually you will be more powerful!