Friday, January 29, 2010

Divide and Conquer are not new Democratic tactics but old Republican tactics!

Divide and conquer are Rove taught Bush tactics he used not only on the Democrats but in the Middle East and around the world. I called it 3D Politics (divisive, deceptive, deceitful, politics) designed to create a problem where there is none to divide and conquer. Think back as to how often and regularly that was done.

If there was no issue Bush created on and put Democrats on the other side so he could divide and conquer “get his way” It was painful to watch it being done around the world but worse here and see the Democrats powerless to fight it, recognize it, or realize they better play the game too or they are done.

It may be too late but primarily because they are stupid enough to advertise it not do it and deny it as Republicans do! I just noticed this is a fox news story, it figures!
Senate Dems Unfurl New Electoral Strategy: Divide and Conquer GOP

I have to say that I am from Massachusetts and a proud constituent of Kennedy’s, that said Brown's victory was not a stinging defeat fro Democrats. Last weeks election in Massachusetts is being called a mandate against a party, a mandate against the Obama agenda, a Revolution against a party "the Democratic party" WRONG! Wake up and think about what just happened.

What Scott Brown just did should not be misinterpreted by the Republican Party as a denial of Obama, his agenda, or the Democratic Party. It was not! It should be a wake up call to both party's that we the people are sick of the games, sick of the partisanship, sick of the concern being for the Party's not we the people. It is a Revolution however it is not a revolution against 'a party" It better serve as a wake up call to both party's. We the people want to matter!

The party’s are our biggest problem not the so called terrorists. They only care about themselves not we the people! The games must stop; they must stop acting like spoiled brats while we go down the tubes. Obama is on his own that is why nothing has gotten done. I use to say Bush is the only person I know that can talk out of both sides of his mouth while his foot is in it, sh@t eating smirk on it all the time. Sadly that has become status quo and the face of politics today.

Remember Brown never once mentioned the Republican Party but instead ran as an independent. He promised he would work for the people not as Republicans do but as Ed Kennedy did and to make him proud. It is not a revolution against a party it is just the people wanting we the people that was removed during the last Administration put back in the equation. It is a move against incumbents "all incumbents"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Lisa Allender said...

Hi Patriot! Hope you're feeling well.
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Holte Ender said...

Although Brown was welcomed by the Congressional Republicans, he might not be the friend they'd hoped for. A bit of a rogue maybe. As long as he doesn't just do the Teabagger's will and concentrate on all the people he represents, I'm all for him.

Karen said...

Here - Here... Holte!!

an average patriot said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you! Are we facebook friends? If so I will publish it at facebook on the media site I write on, I generally don't because I do not want to bother my friends with politics!

an average patriot said...

Holte I have hope for him. He will vote against health care but he told Republicans with him it is people first not party and sometimes he would side with Democrats. About Damn time!

That already bore fruit when Obama stepped into the lions Den at their retreat and made them all eat their words. It was great and I am glad to see the dam break!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen! yhep if he stays true to form we are looking at a President!

an average patriot said...

Hey Lisa I just read it to see what I said and that sounds pretty good. I think I hit a home run and what do you know, no steroids!