Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SCOTUS BS ruling was so industry could sink Obama's agenda!

Obama attacks US Supreme Court election ruling

America is a Corporatocracy! I can't believe the SCOTUS just took it upon themselves to kill our Democracy altogether. 5-4 that's a so called conservative court for you! I am quite stunned actually that supposed educated so called legal minds can equate buying what you want in politics as freedom of speech. Obama Turns Up Heat Over Ruling on Campaign Spending

President Obama lambasted the Supreme court injustices for handing a huge victory to special interests and their lobbyists as the so called conservative led Supreme court lifted restrictions on campaign funding by corporations and unions. No kidding! What a coincidence huh? With mid terms approaching the corporations and unions can now lead the way in bringing down the Democrats and their agenda.

Blatant lying and fear mongering using radio and TV advertisements is what those scum are getting away with calling freedom of speech? Now we will just see the asinine lies used in the Health care debates used to bring down the Democrats only now the lying ads will be on steroids as they take the lead in defeating Obama's agenda and the Democrats. I do not like this!

Our so called Democracy has been subverted by a Corpratocracy sanctioned and legalized by SCOTUS! Republicans are ecstatic while while Democrats are disappointed as we all should be. This does not strike at Democracy as President Obama says. To start with this is not a Democracy and has not been since the last Administration. This is not a Democracy this is a facade of a Democracy only used to Pursue a hidden agenda.

* Democracy is Dead! Obama thinks he is going to get a bipartisan panel to work on ways to try and stop this? Forget it! Republicans are ecstatic. They smell blood! Brown and then this. They see the beginning of the end of Obama his agenda and the dominance of the Democratic party and their agenda whatever that was. The Republican five declared a victory for the first Amendment and freedom of speech. My eye! It was a defeat of our Democracy and a victory for Republican Corporatocracy!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

What else is new? Isn't this how things usually work?

have you seen my last comment yesterday?
because I do NOT live in the cellar! I live outside...! ha ha!

And now I'd better get my ass out into the snow to do some garden work! But we've never had so many weeks of snow before!!!

an average patriot said...

I just got it. What do you do in the winter for garden work? We are frozen solid here, no working gardens!

One Fly said...

It's a form of a coup. Obama talks tough so what. We didn't get that ruling and we won't get the next either. It's over as things sit right now. You're right!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

We're also frozen solid and that is why garden work is fun!!!
We have lots of bushes to cut back, trailers full of branches and other stuff to cut back, getting the weeds out between the fences and it's really nice doing it in deep snow. it's almost as good as being on a skiing holiday. Garden work in spring is boring.

We actually have 4 chimneys in our house, one fireplace, one stove installed and another one which we're going to install.
they give very nice heat. I like it very hot in some rooms and in others rather cold. I just like that wilderness-feeling and I always freeze with central heating, while at the same time I find it too hot...
But it's a big house and we can only do that because we have a LOT of insulation everywhere. We are aiming for a 0-energy house, meaning we should hardly need any heating at all. But we're not done building yet. I think things will change a lot once the 1st floor is renovated and fully insulated. everything should be really warm then without much heating at all.

an average patriot said...

Hi Tom! I am sick with not what they just did but what has been going on for the last ten years. We said under Bush this was not a Democracy and they are deepening that even as the minority!

an average patriot said...

You are pretty handy and your husband must be too! Okay, you were talking horticulture. It is just my interpretation but gardening to me is for eating. You want a treat eat a rose and the flavor varies with color. You know rose hips (vitamin c) Real rose hips are the center of the rose. Not tasty but pure vitamin c.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yes, we have rose hips, too. But i don't have the time to make jam out of them etc.

But we have lots of bushes with berries and fruit trees. they re wonderful!

I'm not doing the stupid flower-thingy. It's more an architectonical matter: the grounds have to have a shape which looks okay, you have to be able to keep grass and weeds down with the tractor and all the crab which the Polish have left has to be removed.

And then: We will plant more fruit trees etc. yep, all that eating stuff! But I never grow veggies, even though I find it so wonderful when someone does that!!! But I don't have the time. it just takes far too much time and dedication, in order to get a decent result and i don't have that. But fruit trees take care of themselves and bushes with berries, but strawberries: too much work and too time consuming and also what would my neighbour say if I wouldn't come onto her fields anymore? She's gotta live as well!

Well, my parents build one house and renovated another, that's how i learned. But i would like to say, I do a much better job than they did.
I'm the handy one and first of all my hubby was the worst disaster ever. he couldn't do anything at all. Sports was fine, but no physical work at all and as an academic he also felt he didn't have to. But then he realized that you can actually sell a house for a whole lot more if you only fix it up a tiny bit, where as his career
was a little bit like what you describe in the article above: you couldn't get anything at all to go through and the corrupt one always won. and next surprise: he actually enjoyed doing woodwork.
I do bricklaying, plastering, painting, tiles etc...
Mark learned everything from me and from a friend who was an electrician and Keith told him about woodwork.
So basically it's Mark and me and David gets all the materials, cuts wood etc. So we're always busy. But I tell you it's really funny when you say, keith must be a handyman, because he used to be the complete opposite!!!

an average patriot said...

Sarah It's a guy thing I guess. Here it is usually the guy who has that kind of knowledge' I see some on TV that are handy, You certainly are and my hat is off too you I am not. My specialty was always farming of every kind.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

well, you see and that's what I admire, I really don't have green fingers at all! But it would be so wonderful with organic veggies...!

an average patriot said...

Swiss Chard is my favorite thing to grow because it keeps coming back and it has a long growing season! There is really nothing to growing veggies you just feed them and they grow themselves. I always grow organic and companion plant. Carrots love tomatoes you know but some plants throw out pheromones to keep certain things away from them.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yeah, heard about companion plants as well...
that there's nothing to growing veggies - I really wouldn't say that!
First you have to prepare the ground - what do you do when you have 10.000m2 really nasty weeds that have been there for a century?! We don't have that kind of machinery to get rid of them efficiently and the manpower has to be used elsewhere.

And then you've said it: you need to feed them and water them!
Our fruit garden is so far away from the house that we would need an outside water pipe installed and perhaps as sprinkling system - that is really expensive!

And then: the fruit garden doesn't really have too much sun... and do i feel like doing all that compost crap? No thanks!
Our compost is just one big hole in the ground and we fill it up with fruit/veggie-peal and ashes from the fires. and then we cover it up. everything else is just too time demanding. as I said , I need the manpower elsewhere... the first floor needs to be renovated, the gallery and we need a new roof on the barns, those things are more urgent and more crucial to our survival!

But there is nothing better than fresh organic veggies which are homegrown!
Like John Denver used to sing: Only 2 things that money can't buy; that's true love and homegrown tomatoes...! and I really admire people who have got the nerve and the time and the love to do it.

something else: what do you think about Ron Paul?
ended up signing up on Facebook by accident, but it's interesting what he's got going...
But he's a republican... mark says there's nothing wrong with the basic idea of the party. the only problem is that it's full of sick people who mess it up!

an average patriot said...

I like Ron Paul! He says some off the wall things but all in all I agree with his direction.

I really like your idea of composting works for me. Drop a couple of plants in it they will grow like weeds.

I use to have a 75 foot by 25 foot garden. a five in one dwarf apple tree a three4 in one cherry tree a three in one pear tree two different kinds of seedless grapes 40 kinds of veggies and dug a root cellar to winter a lot of it. Now I just do a few things because my son likes the memories I think! I do love gardening!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

put where do you find the time to do the gardening???

yep, you're right, everything grows in that compost, also potatoes...
but i also throw sprayed peals into it, like oranges, pine apples and then we have a LOT of nails etc. in the wood we burn, so I wouldn't consider it safe to eat.

Does Bill live close to you?

an average patriot said...

I wouldn't worry about the nails they won't bother the veggies. Bill lives down the street and is here most every day. We are two peas in a pod. He is a hoot and we have a lot of fun together. All four of my sons are best friends. We like to mess around with each other.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I'm really glad you feel like that with your sons! It's the same here!

an average patriot said...

Great! It is funny people say you can't be you child's friend and raise them right. To me they are part and parcel to raising great leader, workers, and parents, and above all have great time along the way. Lead by example!